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BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro USB Car Charger for BlackBerry Z10 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge two mobile devices including your BlackBerry Z10 with this premium 1.8A car charger by BlackBerry.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38105
$27.48 inc. VAT
 5 stars from 4 customers

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Best BlackBerry car charger!
Excellent charger, charges twice as fast as my old car charger. Highly recommended for anyone with a Z10, we all know how quick the battery drains......
Must have accessory for a BB10 handset
Anyone who has a Blackberry 10 smartphone, would know how much battery it consumes. Its no surprise if your phone runs out of battery every 5 hours. charging the phone to full capacity using a standard charger, takes ages, while this car charger is a mandatory accessory to have, as it charges the battery to full capacity in less than an hour. So, if you commute by car, and have the time, you should get this accessory. an added advantage, is the usb port you get for charging other devices (there will be no shortage of rating), if you decided to do so.

Go ahead and buy one today !!
Car Charger
Good quality product and it works a dream with my phone not only that but my wife can charge her phone at the same time which save having different chargers laying about the car. All in all a great little charger at a good price.

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