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BlackBerry Charging Bundle - J-Series/Y-Cable/J-M1 - ACC-38580-201 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stay powered up and prepared with these handy accessories from BlackBerry.
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$42.47 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 7 customers

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Very useful
Just the job! Love my 9900 but the battery life is hopeless, saw this option when I came here to buy a 2nd battery (1st stop for any mobile accessories, great service).

Easy charging both batteries at same time.
Good site, should have better delivery guidelines
Good product and nice site, very responsive customer support team. Delivery time frame could be improved. For e.g. the ability to track a shipment online should be available for all customers.
Charging Bundle
The kit includes a spare battery and a separate charger for this. Battery is Blackberry brand and the charger is small enough to be carried and used as necessary.
Blackberry 9900 charge retention problem - not now!
I bought the BlackBerry Charging Bundle - J-Series/Y-Cable/J-M1 - ACC-38580-201 as I was fed up with my Blackberry 9900 barely lasting the day. I had to carry a charger round with me.
With this piece of kit produced by Blackberry I have the best of both worlds - a high spec phone and the ability to carry a second charged battery in its own charger. The 'Y' cable means I can charge both phone and spare battery at the same time.
Absolutely Perfick!
This is a very good quality item, beware the ebay fakes. Always good to buy genuine batteries and chargers. Nice y cable, super slim charger and complete with genuine battery. States charge only from mains charger not usb or I presume you could overload the usb port. I don't normally use usb anyway. Good kit and fast reliable delivery.
Best battery solution
I pre-ordered this as it was so difficult to find and elsewhere the price seemed almost double. I also had a free shipping code so did well. I had it ordered to my mother's in the Uk and have just picked it up a month later. It is the best solution for the 9900 as unfortunately with this model of BB the battery seems to run out of juice in the afternoon. What appealed to me most was the fact it has a (Y) shaped cable which can charge both your phone and battery at the same time, the battery slips into a small case when it charges and then you can carry it around for you. The perfect solution.

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