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BizLink MHL Adapter microUSB to HDMI TV-Out - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect your MHL-equipped mobile phone or tablet to your HDMI TV for HD playback of videos stored on your device with the BizLink MHL to HDMI adapter.

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 4.7 stars from 129 customers

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great bit of kit dont bother with the cheaper version
Does what it says
I bought this to attach an HTC one s to the tv and stream from a media server. It was basically plug n play. Nice quality construction, no adapters needed and does the job with no fuss. Recommended.
Did The Job For what I wanted
I wanted this so that i could watch films on my TV that I have downloaded to my Galaxy S2. It was easy to setup simply plug the cable in to the phone power socket and the HDMI cabe then goes into that, there is even a power socket on the adapter which is great. I can now watch films from my S2 on the big TV. Only issue I have is the connection to the phone is a bit lose and it would be difficult to play games holding the phone as the cable would come out but as I only use it for watching films and the phone is on the site it's perfect for my needs.
Cofirmed working with -
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Note
Archos 80 G9

In effect, if your device supports MHL, then it should work with this device. It usually will NOT work unless you plug in the charger. Also, if you plug the charger into your USB port on a computer, this may not supply enough to drive the MHL adaptor.

I found it's best to plug the charger into the mains outlet and then into the MHL adaptor. While using your device to show full HD on HDMI, your device most likely will not charge even though the charger is plugged into MHL adaptor - in fact it might lose a little battery slowly. All in all a great product that does what it says and can be re-used between different devices. I carry it and a short HDMI cable with me in my laptop bag so I can easily show my phone on monitors / TVs that have HDMI. Before you ask, Sky Go will NOT work if you plug this adaptor in.
Watch movies and play games on the TV straight from your Phone
I originally bought this adapter to allow me to watch my video podcasts and movies on the TV rather tan te phone.

The quality of the videos on the TV is clear and audio is also good.

When playing video clips and movies, i was pleasantly surprised to see the video controls on the phone to skip, etc didnt get displayed on the TV which meant my partner wasn`t annoyed with me.

It should be noted that while this worked fine on my Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note... It didn't work with the Galaxy S3 which is an MHL 2.0 connection and the adapter is an MHL 1 compliant device.

You will also need to connect the usb cable from the computer or power supply as the MHL adapter does not function without.
This adapter works!
Well, as I have said in the title of the review I can confirm that this cable does its job - and very well indeed too. The setup of this device merely involves plugging the Samsung power supply into the adapter, and the adapter into the phone and TV - Easy! One done, the phones screen is immediately duplicated on the TV.

My reasons for purchasing this device were to enable retro video game emulation directly from my phone to the TV via HDMI - which works a treat. Coupled with Bluetooth game pads this is surely the pinnacle of modern entertainment!! Of course not that my wife is in the least bit impressed by this technological splendor, but the 12 year old in me is overjoyed. 2 player games on TV at a moments notice off my phone!

This can obviously be used for movies too and the quality of the representation of the moving video image is great. I would give 5 stars for the picture, but audio is less impressive, and therefore I have lowered by overall score to a 4. If the audio was more impressive this would doubtless have been 5 stars overall.
Does the job but a little rough around the edges
My experience with the BizLink MHL Adapter connected to my Galaxy S2 (ICS) fell a little below my expectations. Initially I connected it to an older TV set but it failed to sync properly resulting in a completely green screen. Things were a lot happier on connecting it to my newer Sony LCD, giving me a lovely large picture of my Android homescreen (minus the top and bottom edges as the output was slightly too large).
Viewing pictures is great, as is watching videos and internet-streamed content. The problems occur when switching between applications - the output intermittantly comes and goes when changing between applications. Sometimes I would have to reboot the phone to get the output back - I'm not sure whether this is an issue with the phone or the cable or a loose connection somewhere, but I have been unable to get a constantly stable output when interacting with the phone.
This product is fine for the occasional use but I couldn't recommend it as a solution for connecting your TV to the Internet.
An accessory that worked
I thoght it would be great if I could show photos, videos,documents, drawings, presentations etc on a large screen without carting my lap top around. Now I can show items from my Samsung Galaxy SII using the HDMI converter lead without a problem. Very useful.
Good product
Exellent service and delivered on time,very easy to set up even for me.only problem was that had to keep rebooting the htc sensation to get it to first no sound then it just came on after third reboot picture quality average on Samsung 51" plasma, but fine on 26" screen tv,but that could be the phone will update later after using for a while. Has anyone else had same problems.thats the reason for the four star rating
It works !
This device works perfectly depending if your T.V. can handle it.
My phone is an HTC Sensation XE.
My T.V. is a Sony KDL-22EX302 ( Software version m 8.053 ), it’s about 12 months old.
The image is displayed as 1080/24p.
The sound works, I can’t confirm if it comes through as stereo.

The device did not work on my other T.V. which is a Sony KDL-40X305.
That T.V. ( about 5 years old ) may need a firmware upgrade.
Work very well i love this shop ,the have great produts ,nice prices
Another perfect product!
Thanks again Mobile Fun. I am now able use my Galaxy S2 to play old TV programs on my home TV. The product works perfectly. I'll be back!
very good item
Works really well with my s2. Now I can watch everything on big screen. Delivery also was good.
Does the Job Well
This lead works well on the HTC Sensation. There is some flickering on the TV when displaying the phone screen but not when viewing a film. Great value.
Fantastic piece of kit. for the galaxy s 2
Works a treat
Arrived within a couple of days much quicker than expected. It works a treat. Only drawback is that as it needs it's own power supply it means its a bit more of a mess on than simply plugging into a HDMI cable and sitting close to the power supply as I haven't got any chargers that are all that long. However I was very impressed by the immage quality from this little phone onto a 40" HD TV it was faultless. A cool gadget and worth the money.
Amazing bit of kit - Perfect - Galaxy S2
Bought this item for my samsung galaxy s2. Was a little sceptical at first but went for it. Glad I did! it's a brilliant bit of kit allowing videos, images, music, games, internet browsing, whatever. , to be viewed on the big screen. Ordered in the afternoon and arrived next morning!.
Works a treat with Samsung Galaxy S2
Plugged this into my phone, connected the micro usb charger that came with the phone, and connected a HDMI cable between the adapter and my TV. The phone's screen appeared on the TV. Simple as that. Usual great service from Mobile Fun. I placed the order at 10am on a Monday. The adapter arrived in the post on Tuesday.
BizLink MHL to HDMI TV-Out Adapter - Black.wowwww
after trailing round all the mobile phone shops in Bradford,and Manchester and not finding the TV adapter for the Samsung galaxy s2 and in two minutes on mobilefun: i find it straight away,so from now on it's straight to mobilefun and save the shoe leather, and by the way saved my cash as well half the price of eBay, now that's a winning deal.
delivered next day so i will definitely use them again
Excellent Product...
A very simple device to set-up, but needs to be powered or it won't work. Also, you'll need a good quality HDMI Cable certified to at least HDMI version 1.3b for the best results.
Big screen entertainment
Purchased this adapter as an alternative to the samsung branded one (this was half the price) I was amazed at how good my phone would look on a big screen its fantastic. Well worth purchasing
Excellent Little Gadget
Having read other reviews, I purchased this item. 30 secs to set it up on my galaxy SII and was watching movies on HD TV.
Very good product
It works almost perfectly as it promise. Very good cheap alternative to samsung one. Picture are perfect at 1080p. The only drawback is that the battery is slowly discharging in spite of being under charge. So it's better to start watching a movie with the battery not almost down.
Good Product
Very easy to set up, and works as described. The only downside, is that the output from my Samsung Galaxay S 2 phone inputed to TV Screen, the resolution isn't as good as suggested, as I thought on my HD LCD TV it would give similar HD resolution as the phone. But it's a good product nevertheless.
Best adapter
Works perfect on my htc sensation!now I can play games,wach video and photos on my tv!
i recommend!.
Does what it says...
Works well, no problems.
Have you have just spent hundreds on a new smart phone and are blown away with what it can do?
Then you need this as well,as it shows of your images and videos on the big screen for all to see.
Simple to use and I took mine on holidays with me, and it meant that I could show all my relatives in Spain,my pictures etc straight off my phone.
Its a must have,just get one
Why ain't you got one?!
Get one quick! Your smart phone ain't clever without this.
Does what it says
Very good adaptor, compact and easy to use. Enables viewing movies stored on my Galaxy SII on my TV.
Would recommend this item. Arrived on time and good value
hdmi adaptor
great to see s@ vids on big screen- works v well
Really handy gadget
It's really convenient for taking photos and videos on your S2, then showing them off on teh telly in lovely HD - without the aggravation of SD cards, running up a PC, USB, etc. Excellent gadget.
Works perfectly
This means I can use my phone to play films on other peoples TVs in 1080p. Can also play games and emulators on it on the TV as well. Works flawlessly on the Samsung S2.
Works perfect
Don't bother buying the genuine samsung one, I waited for months for it to come into stock then discovered this one instead, it works perfect mirroring my galaxy s2;s screen perfectly on my 1080p tv.
Just what I needed
OK! It works very well and it's cheaper than the official one :)
Works perfectly
Excellent item, outputs Full HD video from SGS2 to the TV, you need to have the micro USB power supply connected for it to work though.
works very well showing HD video from Galaxy S II
Initially couldn't make the adapter work; the discovered that it must have a mains powered charger connected, (usb power from a computer is no good), this was not clear on the website. When properly connected to a samsung galaxy sii it works very well indeed.
Just the job
The BizLink MHL to HDMI adapter works perfectly, so there's no point in buying the more expensive version from Samsung.

Note that in common with all other versions it does need the power adapter connected before you get a picture out of it.
Excellent device
Does exactly what it says and cheaper than other similar products. Easy to use, even for an older person without much technical 'know how!'
Biz link mhl to hdmi tv outcable
Delivered on time,works on the tv great ,get a better picture on lcd screen than plasma but my plasma is 50 inch ,lcd 40inch but this wasn't an issue. Over all it works and does the job,nice bit of kit.
Does what it says on the box!
Excellent little adaptor for getting digital video out of a compatible phone.

Two things to point out -

1. You must power this - no power, no work!

2. Keep in mind that to go from this to VGA (for a projector perhaps), you will still need an HDMI to VGA converter -not just a cable, a module.
Better value than the htc brand. I have only used a few times and haven't had any problems. The cable is short so your hdmi cable needs to be longer. And does require charge cable for the phone to be plugged in into the extra slot.
pleased fast delivery
Very good product.
HTC Flyer
This adapter works perfectly with the HTC Flyer. No need to wait for the official HTC cable or pay twice as much.
Does what it says
Works perfectly although it has to be connected to the mains charger rather than a usb one. Also, I wish there was a version with a right-angled plug to help with strain relief but nevermind. The picture quality through this cable from my HTC sensation to my HD TV is superb though.
Brilliant piece of tech
small and simple to use, (when you remember to plug it into the mains) great for watching HD video you have just filmed or playing games on your phone straight onto your TV
bizzlink is the biss for watchin hd movies
Excelent does exactly what it says on the tin. Works perfect, no need now for any hd equip as phone does it all: bbc iplayer, stv player, 5player. Just a shame sky player dont work on the mobile.
just what my phone needed.
able to get full hdmi with this product.. great item with a great price..
Must have accessory for MHL compliant devices
I bought this item for my Galaxy S II in preference to the 'genuine' Samsung model. As expected the actual functionality is identical and the build quality is very good. It may not be as visually appealing as the Samsung device, but as it is almost half the price I can live with that! Truly excellent product!
Perfect for Sensation
I read the other reviews saying it worked with the Samsung Galaxy S2, and thought as the Sensation has an MHL port it should work too. Bit of a risk as I was taking Mobile Fun at their word that it was compatible, but fair play to them it worked perfectly. Now I can watch videos and play games on my TV from my phone. Best bit of kit I've bought in a long time.
MHL HDMI adapter for SGS2
Great quality. Working in both 1080i and 1080p full hd tvs. It has the possibility of charging the phone while tv out is connected, wich allows to play movies beyond the battery duration. (anyway its a shame its doesn't work without external power supply). Using intensively internet connection and tv out may overheat the phone and cause it to restart.
Works on a Samsung Galaxy S2
Got this for my Galaxy S2 to output to HDMI; works a treat. The home screen is displayed in portrait; I also tried a game (Battleheart) and played a movie. All worked a treat.

One thing to note: you need to plug something into the micro-USB port on the adapter to provide a power source otherwise nothing with show up.

I used the power adapter that came with my phone.
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