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Discover new worlds through your smartphone with the Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Headset. This sturdy, immersive headset comes with an adjustable head strap and a Bluetooth remote control.
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Great for the price
This is a great little so far I've not really tried much but it's really good with watching YouTube videos.

The only thing I don't like is it seems a bit final in terms of what your viewing (tbf this is my first time using /owning a vr so maybe it's the same on all models) so even whilst using the control there's no option for a quick switch swap apps or videos etc, it seems you watch that video then take off swap and then restart
Doesn't work for me
Don't be put off totally by my experience but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for me and my Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I've got the classic double vision syndrome and whatever I try (changing resolution etc) I can't get it to work. I've not given up yet though. I hope I find a solution, but make no mistake, value for money given its got a Bluetooth remote is definitely a big plus.
VR set
Fun and easy to use
Great product, well wirth money
The product is just as described. Works really well, quite good fun and enjoyable.
Thumbs up
Overall very good.
looks a good product but
this was purchased for a drone but they need to operate on the same frequency and this was not made clear both in the drone instructions or the headset .. Might be obvious to some but could be explained more for non nerds. I am sure it is a very good product and good value for money but no good to me.. Casn you swap it for another???.
Not a bad piece of kit for the price.
I would have liked to have known that only twin eyed videos
can be used with this.
Phone won't fit
Having specifically selected accessories for my phone, I expected the phone to fit in the holder...... but it doesn't. Thus there is no chance of getting the phone central to allow VR viewing. Also, the holder appears to be too shallow since my phone is now sporting several scratches from inserting the holder into the headset. Very unimpressed and returned the item for full refund, and I expect some response from you.
Fun once set up
Have to chase UPC codes down and download apps to use this item. Apps easy to find UPC code not so easy to find and you have to have all this to play some games. Would recommend this item to someone. Works great once it is all set up its is fun to use.
Good first VR set
Wanted to try VR, so it is perfect firs set for beginning.Newer tried insanely expensive VR sets before, but this one does the job for me.Lens adjustment isn't very precise and easy to adjust,phone holder too stiff, my nose is a bit on the way(notch too small).
Overall comfort to wear 4 out of 5..
Can you deliver this product to Australia
Great customer service
There is a limited number of applications that work with VR headset and some of them don't work well. As far as the headset is concerned it's of good quality and the phone fits inside well. The customer service worked very well, it takes a day or two for them to review and respond. Much appreciated, thanks
Comfort, fit and quality
VR is good value for money, Paired with a Nokia 6.1 phone it is a good lower end unit. It is comfortable to wear and use.
I expect to get many hours of enjoyment from this headset. Very well made and comfortable to wear. Thoroughly enjoying the experience so far.
Good deal
The price is worth it. It's not the best by size adjusting. I don't use the controller because games cost and I'm not really interested in the games they have. So if you a gamer you might want to pass. I loved what you can watch. It sure will take you on a roller coaster.
ok vr set

im happy does what I want it to
My nose gets in the way
My phone is a Galaxy A3 which is quite small compared to the largest phone the unit can carry.
The lenses do not adjust close together enough (for me) and I cannot achieve decent focus unless I hold the set about 10mm away from my face, which suits me as the hard nose bridge becomes very painful after about 20 nano seconds.

I need to wear my spectacles too; something the designers might have considered, so I wear an old (narrower) pair and still have to hold the unit away from my face.

The remote handset does nothing for me as I have yet to find an app or game that uses it.
It WOULD be nice if the headset suggested a test app so I could determine if the remote is paired properly with my phone.
I would need a third arm to use the remote or some additional padding to keep the unit distanced from my face.

Pairing is tricky as, without any button action, seems to go to sleep faster than my phone takes to find it, so the pairing process was somewhat frustrating.

All in all, the headset seems designed for a nose less species of homo sapiens.
The remote may work fine but without an app that uses it, I have no positive comment.

I bought this unit in preference to a cheaper 9 quid version.. I really feel the 9 quid options would have been better value for money

Disappointing optical performance for what is a plastic box of plastic optics.

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