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Bitmore Fitness Calorie Step & Distance Tracker Watch - Black Reviews

Monitor your steps, distance and calories with the Bitmore Fitness Activity Tracker with Digital display. Water resistance, this wrist tracker is perfect for everyday use as it also shows the time via a clear Digital Display.

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£4.99 inc. VAT
 3.7 stars from 11 customers

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Unbelievable buy!
That it only shows imperial measurements not metric as well.
Great value
Great little gadget that works fine especially when you consider its low, low price.Doesn't last full seven days as promised but long enough to make it useful. Easy to set up and re-charge. Information basic but informative. Steps count however is probably a little optimistic! Overall well worth it.
The size and look is just FAB!
You get what you pay for
It doesn’t cost much and it turns out there’s a a reason for that!
Complete rubbish would like my money back loses Bluetooth connection
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MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Works well
Looks good and comfortable to wear. I do not have it linked to my phone as it is not needed for this but seems to be accurately tracking my steps and sleep pattern. Really good for the money.
Very useful device.
Everything I needed to know was on your website.

Once I had got used to the user instructions I found this to be very helpful in trying to increase my excercise routine in order to help my T2 Diabetes. More excercise helps to reduce my blood sugar readings, and also helps to control my blood pressure too. Fully recommend this to anyone with similar health concerns.
Amazing value for the money
Does it work? Yes it does
Does it do what was described on the box? Yes it does
Really good value
I did have a tracker before that was supposed to be compatible with IOS and turned out not to be. This one is and I'm really impressed with it. For the money I've got a clever tracker that can also act as a remote for my iPhone camera and it displays text alerts. I'm not sure about the accuracy of the sleep tracker though as I know I went to bed at 5 am and got up at 8 am yet the tracker thinks I went to sleep at midnight until 8am. Only small niggle about it. The app works with my phone and also can be linked to the built in health app on the phone.
Face to small can’t see the information way to small and can not set it up to the app ,total junk ,now residing in the bottom of the junk draw????

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