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Belkin View Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the back and sides of your iPhone 5S / 5 with the Belkin View, a clear backed case with a black rubber trim.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36540
$19.90 inc VAT
 3.7 stars from 9 customers

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A perfect case
Tough, perfect fit, looks great, absolutely without doubt a superb case for this phone, I recommend 100%!
Terrible Case!
I've had this case on my phone for a while now and I took it off the over day to clean it and there is loads of tiny scratches on the back and as they are white they show up so much in the black iphone, would not recommend this case
A mixed bag!
I've been using this product for just over a week now and have mixed feelings on it, some things I love about it, but I also have some minor annoyances!

Firstly, the case is solid. The material for the outer coloured band is much stiffer & smoother than others (unlike an iPhone 4 bumper) but has enough flex to get your phone in easily. The smooth finish also makes it easier sliding your phone in and out of your pocket.

Next, the case clings very well to the chamfered edge so it doesn't cover any of the glass meaning it should work with all screen protectors. The raised rim also stops the screen from touching the surface if set face down. It also forms a tight enough seal to stop dust from entering the case. The opening for the headphones is also large enough to be used with many third party jacks.

The volume & sleep/wake buttons are covered on this case and perhaps a little harder to press because of it, but not enough that it would get annoying.

On the downside, I got the white case and it has discoloured/yellowed significantly after just a week and also picked up blue dye round the edges from my jean pockets, although I assume this would not be as noticeable on other colours of the case.

Finally, when inserting the phone into the case, unless you are very careful, you WILL scratch the inside of the clear back on the case. This is due to the angle the phone has to be inserted at to allow the volume buttons to fit in, it makes the chamfered edge rub along the inside of the case, although does no damage to the phone itself.

All in all, I got the case to protect the phone and it does a very good job of that. However I would advise anyone considering purchasing it to go for a different colour than white and be very careful inserting the phone the first time so you don't scratch the inside of the case!
great cover
great case, really protects the phone well. Being rather obsessive with protecting my phone this is the third case I've bought in as many weeks (found some negatives with the others) but this does the job really well. Don't think I'll be having to buy another. Just wish they had warned you about fitting the case. You need to think about putting the phone in the case, not just try and jam it in as its quite easy to scrath the clear backing!
Solid,rigid case that looks great
Spot on case that snugly fits the new iPhone. It's tight enough to last a good while whilst protecting the phone nicely. I wanted to avoid a softer bumper that keeps coming off and this seems very rigid.. It's clear on the back which looks great too, and is cut out for the side switch. The volume buttons too work well and the top button easy to press. Camera on rear is cut out. This case is well priced and is without doubt one of the better cases out there at the moment. Well worth a punt.
Belkin Case
Very good fitting case that matches the iphone 5 perfectly. The black rubber surround is very good quality and allows all buttons to work well. The clear plastic back means you can see the phone detail but the plastic marks very easily and almost guaranteed to scratch on the inside when putting I case on. Even so, I think the case is very good and I would buy it again.
Very nice!
Feels incredibly sturdy and durable, feels solid in-hand, and feels well-made. The volume & power buttons respond very well and the cutouts are perfectly aligned. My phone feels very well protected as a result!
Terrible case!
Do not buy this case if you care about your iPhone 5!
I put this case on my black iPhone 5, took it off next day just to clean my handset and it had a huge scratch on the top and bottom of the phone! Whats the point in that? It's supposed to protect the phone and not scratch it up!!!

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