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Belkin MFI Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar Adapter Cable Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The 'Made for iPhone' Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar adapter cable makes it possible to listen to Lightning Audio while charging your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus. Listen to music or talk through Lightning Audio headphones while you charge your device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61164
$52.13 inc. VAT
 4.9 stars from 12 customers

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Great Product
Love this product!!! Having 2 adaptor ports allows me to charge my phone, make/receive calls and control my music all at once. Worth the price.
Just what I wanted
Take Belkin to provide what Apple doesn't or won't
essential kit
For an Iphone 7 this is critical kit! It allows charging at the same time as making calls due to the dual plugin. On first connecting, it took a minute to hook up both at the same time - from then on it has been perfect. It solves what is (for me) a rubbish design feature from Apple on the iPhone 7.
Friendly helpful service
Friendly helpful service, well recommended
Brilliant - life saver
Unfortunately apple itself do not make or have an item similar to this - this one was the only one i found. Whilst I like the fact that there is no aux anymore - I don't have an up to date enough car for it! Meaning when I'm on long journeys I have to choose between the music and battery life - with this I don't!
Works perfect - a little expensive but cost per usage is completely worth it! So happy I found this for my new phone
It is convenient bc I like to listen to music and charge my phone at the same time and will work perfect for long car rides!!
The adapter works as described
The adapter works as described
The best Lightning Audio + Charge Adapter Cable I have ever owned
I recently ordered two Belkin MFI Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar Adapter Cables for my iPhone 7 plus. I was so impressed they arrived within two days. As soon as they arrived, I started using one of them. I used it as a charger and listened to music at the same time the whole day and the battery charge was intact. I was so delighted with this item that I recommended my nephew to get one straightaway. In future, I will buy any other accessories I need for my iPhone 7 plus from MobileFun.co.uk because this company is so reliable and trustworthy. And I would, without any hesitation, recommend my friends and family to buy from MobileFun.co.uk.
Ideal companion.
Pretty simple adapter that lets me charge play music at the same time with no issues.

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