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Ballistic Shell Gel Case for Google Nexus 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Provide your LG Google Nexus 4 with three layers of protection with this super tough Ballistic Case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38315
$39.82 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 19 customers

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LG Google Nexus Case
Quality product.
This cover definitely lives up to expectations
Easy to fit. It looks even better than the on-line images. This has to be one of the best protective cases out there. It feels good in your hand and won’t slip out, but if it should, I have confidence that it will survive the fall. It is not too bulky and easily slips into our work pants or denim pocket.
It does seem to be a fluff-magnet, especially if you carry it in your pocket. But it’s easy to clean.

The only issue I have with it is how it covers or "frame" the front. It is raised about 2 mm which gives great protection if you put it face-down on a flat surface, and it won’t move around and slide off the table, but it also covers about 2mm of each of the vertical sides of the screen which makes activating slide-over screens and menus very awkward as it is hard to get you finger in far enough to trigger it. After using it for about 2 weeks, it is now so annoying that I’ve decided to order the Seidio cover and give that a try.
Big and Bold
Nice case. This one seems generous enough with the padding material to do a good job. Plenty of space for the proximity sensor, microphones and USB port. I guess that could be an issue if you deal with dusty environments a lot.
Solid, strong and good looking
Like: Perfect fit with sufficient protection where it counts for everyday use. Make sure you fit the 2 pieces separately - first the rubber then the hard plastic cover. It has a great feel in your hand and the rubbery edges on the screen side is raised enough to prevent screen damage should you put the phone down on its screen.

Dislike: The rubber seems to be a dust and pocket fluff magnet. Not a huge issue but it's enough to be noticed. On the screen side the rubber covers about 3mm of the screen edges which makes activating vertical slide-in menus difficult to activate as you cannot get your finger close enough to the screen edge to start the swipe action. You have to push against the rubber to get it to work and after some practise it's not really a big issue, but still annoying and sometimes may take multiple attempts to get it to work.

Besides the swipe issue it is still a great product from a protection point of view but considering the price I would probably get the cheaper Seidio if I had to buy one again.
Good Case
Good Case, do the job. Protects all the back and the sides, with the rubber bumper around and hard plastic in the back. Good grip to the hand.Recommended.
Shell Gel Case for Google Nexus 4
This arrived very quickly; top marks for speed of service. Although more expensive than some other cases, this particular one is quality,not only offering protection, but also giving a better feel to the side controls of the Nexus 4.I wish that some screen protection could be incorporated, but that might be impossible to do.
The best case you can get
This is easily the best case you can purchase for your Nexus 4 if you are a captian klutz. I have dropped thrown my phone on the ground multiple times just to see if it's as good as the manufacturer claims it is and I'd have to agree, my phone hasn't suffered any damage yet.

It's not the cheapest case but it is the best case you can get to protect your phone.
Nexus 4 Ballistic Case Review
I love it. The case is well made with all of the appropriate openings for microphones, buttons, charging cables etc lining up perfectly. The on/off buttons and volume operate normally through the moulded buttons on the side. It does add a bit of size overall to the phone but I quite enjoy the chunky feel it gives to the unit. I haven't gone to the extreme of actually dropping the phone to prove the claims made by the manufacturer but from what I can see from how it is made and how it fits I'm confident that I've done everything I can to protect my phone from accidental damage.
Pleasanty Surprised!
I was unsure about online purchases, but am pleasantly surprised about confirmation emails sent post order! I received my order within a few days in proper protective shipping packages, I will recommend your business to any friends or family searching for any items available! In a simple word "great!"
Means you can treat the phone, like a phone/Tigger
Nexus 4 is a nice phone, but too much glass makes it slippery. This case gives you confidence that the phone wont be trashed the first time you drop it, or even the second time. It fits well(though the hardshell moulding around the power switch is a little odd).

Makes phone heavier, but safer, meaning I now just get on and use the thing like a phone. It should bounce rather than shatter, a bit like a Tigger. (Best resist any reference to making a mobile fun fun fun etc)

Ordered mid Friday afternoon and arrived Saturday morning. Cant better that really.
best nexus 4 case out there
wanted a rugged nexus 4 case that looks good and actually provides useful protection. had trouble getting ballistic cases for nexus 4 here in europe. this is the real deal, adds some bulk but really is worth every cent.
Best case I could find
I was looking for a case to protect my new Nexus 4 phone. The glass back looks great but makes the phone seem fragile. The Ballistic case removes any fears I have about the phone being dropped and breaking as the rubber interior and hard shell offer great all-round protection. Inevitably, it adds bulk to the phone, but you're still able to keep it in your pocket. The rubber edges mean the phone remains steady when placed on a table. In the hand it feels like there's more to grip.

There are cut outs for the microphone, headphone jack and charger. The proximity sensor and front and rear cameras are unobscured by the case and the volume rocker is actually easier to operate.

The case doesn't cheapen the appearance of the phone. It still feels like a premium handset. Overall a an excellent purchase. Would recommend this case to all those lucky enough to own a Nexus 4.

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