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Avantree Sacool Stereo Bluetooth Headset - White / Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring high fidelity sound for music and calls, the tiny Sacool Stereo Bluetooth Headset by Avantree provides up to 5 hours of battery life.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36516
$35.84 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 12 customers

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Good Quality Headphones
To improve this product further, you could make the earbuds better quality, but since I had spare earbuds, this product works very well. Good job Avantree!
Nice headphones
Good sound and comfortable would recommend
Nice headphones
Very good for the price I got them on offer. Good sound and comfortable would recomend
Not worth the cost
Overall this product is okay. However compared to other similarly priced bluetooth stereo headsets (e.g. Rocketfish RF-MAB2), it has mediocre sound quality, a very limited range (i.e. you can't be more than a couple of feet from your phone or device), and is extremely uncomfortable to wear. I spend half the time using them repositioning them in my ears because they keep falling out. I would not recommend buying this product.
Exceptional Customer Service, Great Little Device
The headset is wonderful; I don't know why more people have yet to cut the cord, so to speak. They're nice and light and the controls are easy to learn and use, which was very important to me, since I bought this for use with my iPhone and Songza during work-outs. That said, it does cut out at every other word if you're too far from your phone (i.e. ~ 10 feet away) and/or behind too much concrete, it seems. But I suspect that's to be expected and it isn't too much of an inconvenience.

The greatest part of this experience was the customer service. When I responded to their original request to review the headset by stipulating that I had yet to receive their product, they immediately apologized for the delay and dispatched a second set, which arrived by DHL within a few short days. Then, when the second headset showed up later that week, and I notified them of its arrival, they graciously asked that I keep it as compensation for my troubles. This was not expected, and illustrates their commitment to exceptional customer service. I would not hesitate to buy from them again, with the greatest confidence.
good make BUT...
I bought these hoping my partner would like some for chiristmas, but beause of the shape of the ear piece they are not suitable, but fit my small ears ok , i cant wear them for long periods, sound quality is excellent they paired easely to my samsung galaxy s2,
Idea is great, but a few issues. Waiting on replacement
I bought this item looking at the reviews of the other customers. It looked like a great product for running or any exercise with. I thought it would be similar to my Sony NWZ W264 MP3 player. Both looking at 'wireless' audio devices. This had the added bonus of being a blutooth headset. So the idea is sound and very useful. Exactly what I was looking for.

In terms of build quality, it was not built as well as the Sony MP3 player. Seemed a bit light and cheap plastic to be honest.It did not seem very water resistant. The box itself says 'outdoors' blutooth. I'm not sure how long it would last if doing sports or etc. The rubber flap for USB seemed a bit flimsy. In general just does not feel very sturdy all in all. But does the job I suppose. Some prefer it being lighter so a trade-off for the build quality feel and the weight.

The design is good, fits in the ear nicely, minimalistic design with 3 buttons, volume and song select using same buttons and multifunction button. Easy to understand.

Sound quality is good, of course not top notch, but for the build quality I expect like a tinny sound, but I have no complaints. I have bought more expensive earphones with much worse sound. So without a doubt I agree with the others. The mics seem to pick up sound well, not used it enough to give a proper judgement.

The issue I have with the product is the blutooth connectivity. It connected well with my iPhone and when I first tested out I was very pleased with the product. However when I used it for real, I noticed that the music kept jumping. It was losing every other word. After investigating I noticed that it only did that when I had the phone a bit further away from the product. So when I had it in my trousers and the pocket with the phone was on the trailing leg I lost signal. When it moved forward I got it back again. I then moved the phone to my coat pocket, and the problem pretty much resolved itself. If I was to have my hand in my coat pocket, a slight movement would also disrupt the signal. I have contacted mobilefun to get an exchange, as I think it is just a faulty unit as on the description says 10metres and this is far less. If I can I will re-review the product once I receive the new item.

The idea of the product is perfect for me, but I think the unit is faulty. All other features seemed to be quite good and for the price it is well worth it.
Another great fruit from the Avantree
For £29.95 you expect quality and the Avantree Sacool delivers - good audio quality, an all-in-one design that saves space and a neat look. I wasn't sure how it would handle switching between music and calls but it actually worked pretty flawlessly. These headphones aren't perfect - the cable between the earpods is a bit short - but overall it's a top quality item and way better than the Earpods that came with the iPhone 5.
The best blue tooth i have had.
Great blue tooth headset that has ticked all the boxes for me. Aesthetically pleasing, which for me is a must, I was drawn straight away to the Sacool by the way it looked. Obviously I also wanted a headset that worked well - I have previously owned a Jabra and a generic headset that came with an upgraded Nokia phone I once owned, so I knew what kind of performance I was looking for. This headset is very lightweight and easy to sit in your ear without you thinking it will fall out. I used the medium sized spare earbuds in this case. The chord fits to the back of my head nicely and is not too tight and 'lop sided' like some earphones, and adjustable with an easy clip attached to the chord. So far so good. Charging took around 2 hours from straight out of the box. Pairing to my Blackberry was easy, I even managed it without looking at the instructions in the packaging! The sound quality when listening to my music or radio really is good, no tinny sounds and the bass is just about right. I haven't made a call with the headset yet, but I have taken several - each one was simple to take, the music cutting off and restarting at the same place once I had finished chatting. It was easy to find the operative button on the headset also - a problem I experienced with my old Jabra. To sum up the Sacool, I am very pleased with the design and functionality, the performance is great and I think it is robust enough to be used as much as I intend to use it - every week day when traveling or training. 5 stars.
Tiny Size, Big Sound
I love this headset - it's extremely comfortable to wear and I really like the way the headphones go around the back of my head, as no-one can see I'm wearing headphones.
They're extremely easy to pair and it's great that they double up to both play music and be hands-free, meaning I don't have to get my phone out in public.
They're really good for when I'm out and about, would definitely recommend.
Very good
I bought this bluetooth headset for my partner. It is so good that I bought myself one as well. It does everything - the bluetooth connection is simple to set up, it plays music from my S3, doesn't let in any background noise, and allows me to talk and listen clearly during telephone calls. Very good service and delivery too.

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