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Avantree Oasis Long Range Bluetooth Audio Adapter Reviews

The Oasis is an all-in-one Bluetooth Audio transmitter & receiver, allowing Bluetooth compatible devices to stream music & audio to your TV or stereo. With AptX support, you can enjoy high quality audio through your headphones via your tv, or your stereo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62195
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 3 stars from 2 customers

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A Curates Egg ... Good in Parts
This is a good long range Bluetooth tool, and it works well at incredible distances, but what they don't tell you in the blurb is that it is NOT a rechargeable item. All the pictures show it with no wires, so I assumed it was rechargeable. It's not. It needs plugging in to a USB source, which is a shame because the music source I want to use it with has no USB port ! Big downside for me ! But if your source has a USB port .... it is a superb bit of kit.
Looks good, will try later.
Looks good, will try later. looking for long range and to communicate with speaker or headphones.

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