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Avantree Clipper Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Black Reviews

Featuring high fidelity wireless sound for music and calls, the Clipper Stereo Bluetooth Headset by Avantree attaches to clothing via a stylish compact clip, and provides up to 6 hours of battery life.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51748
$39.82 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 6 customers

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Happy customer.
This is a good product with a few minor shortcomings that I can overlook for the moment. I bought this device because I got fed-up with the poor sound quality of my Sony Bluetooth headphones (SBH60). The sound quality wasn't up to scratch so I needed something that would give my Sennheiser PX 95's a wireless connection. This device does the job! I can't tell the difference between the bluetooth connection and the directline connection.

- Very light
- Clip-on
- Sound quality is indistinguishable from direct-line connection
- The volume controls are too sensitive and even a light accidental touch will change the volume
- Bluetooth connection is a bit more flaky than the SBH60 headset I was using before
- The bundled headphones are crap but I expected that I don't use them anyway.
Pleased overall.
Taking a little bit of getting used to - like remembering to turn it on! Took a few goes to get my Samsung phone to "find" the headset, but once operational certainly a lot more convenient. Good sound quality.
Great Audio, excellent Standby time.
This Bluetooth device, has great audio quality with callers even commenting that they thought I was in the office on a regular phone.
The standby time is excellent, I work 11 hour shifts and it easily lasts for 2 shifts or more, I use the phone thought the shift and have not managed to run the battery down yet! I also work outdoors and the clipper has coped well even in bad weather.
The connection is great, if I leave the phone in the car I notice it reconnects within 5 metres of me returning to the car!
The Clipper gives you a reassuring bleep in your ear when you are back in range of the phone, when you turn it on and off. Charging is easy though USB, same connection as the phone!
The audio quality in my ear is great, I have used this device with a separate earpiece to the headphones for work purposes, It looks smart, and having a larger phone like the S4 Note you don't look like a wally holding up a brick to your ear!

Really impressed with this device, I did loose it, which was my fault because its so small, but I had no hesitations in buying another straight away as it is so very good.
No longer a danger to my life!
After years of nearly choking myself to death on the wires of my headphones I decided to purchase some Bluetooth headphones. I cannot say the relief that I now have when walking about I can safely do so without catching on door handles my bag or any other item that the wire from my headphones decide to touch on to. The sound quality of these headphones is great and I love them very much thank you
Excellent product
Clear voice calls, great music clarity. This is a really good product and makes listening to music or taking calls on the go so much easier with out the mess of "wired" earphones connected to the phone.

I have used Bluetooth bud earphones (without a separate transceiver unit) and their sound was tinny and horrible and always had trouble with the microphone during calls.

No such issues with this unit and it's very comfortable to wear. Do yourself a favour and try these out.

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