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Auraglow Proximity Sensor Drawer & Cupboard LED Lights - Twin pack Reviews

These fantastic lights make it easier to see into the dark recesses of your drawers or cupboards. Using an ingenious proximity sensor, the bright LED comes on automatically, so you don’t have to fumble around looking for your items.
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£9.99 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 13 customers

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Needs a stronger magnet
A good idea and brilliant strong light but the magnet doesn’t feel quite strong enough.
Does the job
Gives off fantastic light wherever you decide to stick them but only stay on for no more than 5 minutes which most of the time would be all you need.
Pack says 1 hour charge,really only takes about 35 minutes.
Great little gadget.
easy to fit,one charge seems to last forever.perfect for those dark corners of your cupboards ect..
Excellent device.
Smaller than I realised, but therefore unobtrusive. A better device than I might have anticipated. Relatively good light output, especially considering the modest size. Perfect light for drinks cabinet, kitchen store cupboard.
Small but effective
These are great little lights. Work perfectly in our coat cupboard giving plenty of light.
Slim, bright and very useful
Great product. Very easy to fit and works a treat.
Functional and Stylish
I bought these hoping they would shed light in the corner cupboards in my kitchen - and they do this brilliantly. Easy to fit (place near to the first door to open in a 2-door cupboard) and so good that I ordered several more. They also look very stylish. The on/off function works perfectly and haven't needed charging for several weeks now.
Needs improvement
A compact light that gives off a reasonable amount of light for its size.
The problem I have with them is that they are not responsive as they should be as the proximity sensor is not very sensitive and we have to fiddle about with the light to get it to come on.
Brilliant little rechargeable lights
Brilliant little rechargeable lights with magnetic mounting via self adhesive metal strips. Rechargeable via supplied USB cable with twin micro plugs for connecting to the lights. These lights are perfect for any dark cupboard or drawer and so easy to fit. A superb product at a bargain price.
I have bought lights for cupboards before, but they were all motion sensor type ones - they stay on when you shut the door so your forever buying batteries. These ones here go off when you shut the door. Great items and well worth the money.
Very useful
Bright light beam and good price. Simple to add to cupboards or loft hatches.
Brighter than my fridge light
Stuck like the proverbial to the inside of my car boot. Was delivered in good time too. Perfect for the darker nights when I go shopping and the tesco car park is not well lit. Would recommend 100%

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