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Protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 from bumps and scrapes with this black ArmourDillo case from Olixar. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, with a built-in viewing stand.
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Bought for son's phone
He says it's good.
Solid and robust
As it is so robust its Perfect for a tradesman.
I was very happy with my purchase. And the service was fast and efficient, so happy out ????
That it was good quality.
Just what I was looking for!
This case was just what I was looking for!I could`ve done without the stand,but that`s being picky!It`s very robust,and when I order a new Samsung phone in the future,I will be ordering another of your cases, if this one doesn`t fit.
very good case, nicely made with no cheapness
item works really well for protection and the added stand feature works so well and hasn't worn yet after 3 months of using it .
for the sake of a tenner this really saves your phone (and a gorilla screen) especially for me as im in the building trade
great comfortable grip value for money
fits well in hand rugged appearance snug fit on phone excellent product good value
Tough case
Good tough, grippy and handy case. It fits my galaxy S6 very well. The only drawback for me personally is that I use a wireless charger and it does not penetrate the case but I can live with that and just use wires.
Great Product
Being able to look at the product from all angles on the site would have been helpful, but the product came out great so no complaints on that.
Sturdy hard case protects phone brilliant
Great protection for your phone does a great job
Highly recommended
Very good product
Would recommend
Very handy case. Corresponding to its description
Realky like the folding stand at the back to hold the hands-free
Really good product fast delivery cheap price thanks
Very happy quality product, very reasonable price and shipping to new Zealand was cheap very happy thanks
I am very pleased
I am very pleased with the Samsung Galaxy cover with it purchase from mobile fun and I will recommend you to other people
Does what it says on the tin
Excellent service swift delivery does what it says on the tin. Would definitely use this service again
Fantastic product!
I had one of these cases for 2 years for my previous phone. After recently upgrading to an S6, I new immediately which case to buy. Excellent fit, light weight, provides perfect protection. Fast and efficient delivery service and value for money. Would recommend to every S6 user.
Great, protective case
I've recently upgraded phones from a Motorola to a Samsung Galaxy S6. I used to have an Armourdillo case on the Motorola and loved the incredible protection it gave. Dropped the phone several times and the case protected it no problem. So I naturally wanted the same for my new phone. Pros: the S6 Armourdillo fits like a glove, has the same pull out stand at the back, and the volume control and pOwer button are easy to operate (I had to press really hard on the controls on the Motorola Armourdillo which was a pain. Cons: it seems to be made of thinner rubber so that it doesn't feel quite as protective as the previous case and is a little more slippy to hold - perhaps this is deliberate to make the phone lighter overall as it's a big phone? But it also means the lenses aren't as well protected.
Can I see some more colors beside black
Excellent cover
This cover is an excellent fit. Looks good fitted to the phone.

It is a robust cover as I have already dropped phone a couple of times with no damage.

I like the small stand that folds flat into rear of the cover.

All I can add is the purchase was easy. Quick delivery.
Useful cover
I particularly wanted a robust case for my new phone rather than something that just looks pretty. I can grip my mobile a lot better than without the case & hopefully will be less likely to drop it. However not sure how protective it would be if I did drop it front side down first. I'm not going to test it just in case!
Product is great
. Thank you
I had a s5 and had this cover for it and never let me down so when I got my upgrade to the S6 I knew this product wouldn't let me down...
Nice solid case
As my title says it a nice & solid case & surprisingly thinish as expected it to be quite chunky,easily to grab hold from my pocket & defo helps keep my phone to stay in 1 place as most S6 owners should know how slippy this phone is as will slip off anything & kickstand definitely useful for if you want to watch videos in bed or on your armchair

Def recommend this case & worth the price too
This product is excellent A+++ it protects my phone to the max and is really comfortable to hold. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to protect their mobile phone as it is so sturdy. Brilliant!
Perfect fit and very solid
Had same case for s5. Case for s6 is equally as good. Perfect fit and very solid. Feels as if it really protects the phone.
Brilliant case
I bought this phone case for my galaxy s6 as this phone is made of glass and is very delicate, I was delighted by the armourdillo case as it keeps the phone safe when dropped because of its shock technology, I would highly recommend this case and give it a 10/10.
ArmourDillo Galaxy S6 Protective Case
ArmourDillo Galaxy S6 Protective case is really good.

The texture case is easy to grip and the foldout stand is really usefully as well!!!
ArmourDillo Galaxy S6 Protective Case
ArmourDillo Galaxy S6 Protective case is really good.

The texture case is easy to grip and the foldout stand is really usefully as well!!!
Well presented delivered on time excellent product . Like a cuprinol advert does exactly what it says on the tin . Well worth the money !!!!!

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