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ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Sony Xperia Z2 - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Sony Xperia Z2 with this red ArmourDillo Hybrid Case, comprised of an inner TPU shell and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44515
$17.24 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 84 customers

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Great product
Easy to order, easy to apply and feels shock resistant and great value for money
ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case
I already had a case bought previously. It did the job very well but was worn and needed renewing. The new case doesn't appear to be as strong around the opening used for recharging. It looks as if it may snap easily.
good stuff
It came in a bit late (after 2 weeks), but we did not realise it had to come all the way from Europe! Besides that, good stuff!
Fantastic value for money
Got this for my son he was delighted with his phone case thanks to mobile fun thank you
Well made, fits perfectly.
It has a strong solid feel generally. The thin piece above the USB/SIM card slot feels a little fragile, but otherwise great protection for the phone.
Since having such a large screen with full HD display I thought a good case would be ideal.
First impressions of this case are very good with built-in stand that's very sturdy and pivots at just the right angle for watching movies or hands free video chat on a desktop.
Build quality are very good with a good grip.
If you don't want the stand attached it can be removed by simply unclipping each corner which saves a bit of pocket space. I would recommend this for price and quality.
Fits well, corners..of phone are well protected allusions and camera functions are easily accessible and a good grip on the case
It was well explain making the decision to buy easy
Nothing special
The cover looks much more robust on pics than in real life....I would not buy it again. It is useful, but looks much better than is and i don't know what the other reviewers were on about, this really is nothing special. My old spiegel transparent plastic is just as tough.
armadillo phone case
The case is very good, the only thing I can say I don't like is the flimsy around the cut out hole for the charging port. Also I has to buy an additional screen glass protector, so it could be better if it had a screen cover flap
. Otherwise I'm very happy with the case.
I got my favorite colour, it's very cool looking, extremely strong & long lasting hybrid proctective case!
Smart and rugged
A vast improvement over another cover i bought. Straight of the box, this is one feels like it will do the job of protecting my phone from drops. And it looks really good too. Easy to fit, it has cut outs in all the right places. And interestingly, it has raised bits that go over the on/off and volume buttons. The other cover i had had cut outs there which made the buttons hard to reach. Though leaves up volume and off button quite close together but soon get used to that. The cut out for the cable cover is a bit thin in front, feels like might tear in time but expect the phone will go before that happens.
So far, three weeks in, all good. Im a bit fumble fingered, so dropped several times with no issues. The texture on back has stopped me dropping more often, as its really solid and easy to hold and use. Haven't used the little pull out stand on the back, but can see it would be handy if you like to prop up your phone to use. Otherwise you'd never know it's there (and i didnt until someome pointed it out). Overall, given the lack of covers for this phone, I'm happy with this one and its worth spending more than the shoddy plain cover i first bought elsewhere. I secretly really like the lime green colour and how smart and rugged it looks on my phone. Oh and dont be put off by rugged - its doesnt add much bulk, it still slips easily into my running pouch.
Buying from mobile fun was easy and hassle free.
Very nice
It's like a two in one case as you can remove the black cover with the stand at the back anytime that gives you a little different look. The delivery time just took abit long but I would say it is a perfect fit for my phone and I'm glad I had it!
Just what I wanted
This is a tight fitting robust two piece cover, I feel the stand option is overkill but doesn't detract from the overall function of this case
Brilliant prevents damage, as previous case fell to pieces when dropped on to carpet.(did protect the phone but case was destroyed) and had to be replaced by the ArmourDillo case, as within days I was glad I replaced it with the AmourDillo case as my phone fell out of my coat pocket on to concrete as I was getting into the car.
This prevented damage to the phone and the case was unmarked.
Exactly what I wanted
Fits perfectly, looks the part, very strong, all the buttons and ports line up and work. Note that this doesn't cover the screen so you will need a screen protector as well. Mine already had a tempered glass protector fitted. Would say I will be buying another but I suspect this one will last longer than the phone
Happy Overall
The case is very sturdy and highly protective.

The only negative point is that there is no opening for the Sony charger, i.e. I have to charge using usb only.
Great choice
Prefect choice great cover
Fits, protects, looks good, not too bulky
Easy to fit. All ports accessible. Feels strong enough to protect my phone. Not bulky or obtrusive. Seems to be perfectly designed for its job in life. If it ever wears out I'll buy another but I dont think I'll need to for quite a while. Very pleased
Very happy with both product and supplier.. Good fit to phone. Easy to hold. Like the stand on back of cover. Looks and feels very durable. I feel confident should I drop my phone that this cover will protect it. Would recommend both the product and the supplier
Snug fit and non-slip - Great.
A great case that protects your phone from unexpected accidents while attractive to look at and versatile. It's comfortable to hold whilst using your device and can also stand on your desk with it's built-in flip stand enabling you to view your video, face-time calling or just hands free calling leaving you free to do other task with your hands.
It is also not bulky or lumpy when placed in your pocket so will not spoil the style of your suit. The best case I have ever purchased for my phone and won't be changing it soon.
Comfortable to hold and use with phone.
Comfortable to hold and easy to operate my phone. Feels very sturdy and offers good protection for those accidental falls. It is designed to absorbs those daily shocks and knocks and also great for watching videos with its built-in stand. All connection ports are accessible so no need to remove from case.
I recommend this case.
A good looking case
A good looking case, rugged enough for my purposes, without too much bulk. It is a little slippery when first fitted - my daughter picked it up my Z2 and instantly dropped it on the floor. Happy to say it survived the fall! Hopefully some of the case's slipperiness will vanish over time. The ribbed mouldings on the sides work well. I would recommend as a purchase.
Overall happy with this case
This case looks like it will protect your Z2 well. However it does not have a layer over the screen itself. Because of the raised edges, Dust and grime accumulates in the edges of the screen. The finishing of the case in the injection molding seams is not perfect and requires some trimming. Having access to the USB port is good. all of the buttons still work well. The stand on the back is handy but is a little stiff to pull out (in my case). Overall happy with this case and hope it protects my device from a fall
Thank you, very happy with product
Thank you, very happy with product
Am well pleased with this protective phone case
Am well pleased with this protective phone case as it's sturdy for it being rubber, and I had the choice of colours which is great,as I chose the red as it sets of the black phone, it's easy to find in my handbag, and it's defo worth every penny spent
Solid case
Solid case.
Great Product
Only bought a new case for my Xperia Z2 because previous one had faded and become a bit grubby. No problems with case just wanted colour change. Great product, easy to change, sturdy and keeps phone from breaking when you drop it. Recommend.
Amourdillio case for z2
The delivery was awesome. Reach me within the specific time.
Item was great. It fitted well. 1st time buying from mobile fun. Will return for more cos my side for Sony case is limited..
Much better quality than the Chinese versions. But to be expected for the price being 3x.

Decent case if you're planning on dropping the phone a lot but bulky for everyday use.
Childproof... So far!
I had bought this case as the official Sony one I had was severely showing Ware and tear... Without insurance on the phone, this didnt bode well with a 3 year old ....

So far, it has been dropped, bitten and thrown and with No damage to the phone. The stand on the back is a handy feature when out and about for YouTube videos to keep little hands out of mischief for a while. Happy days :-D
Armourdillo Covers 10/10
I've only had my Armourdillo cover for a short time and it is brilliant. Looks great, is strong yet soft, good drip, makes my Sony Xperia Z2 even more brilliant.
Good product, good service
Small tight fitting case. Robust and doesn't allow phone to flex. Groves in case allowing to be slip free.
Very cool
Very cool
Looks great and does the job
Much more protected
Amazing case!
Really pleased with my purchase. Case, looks good and protects my phone. What more could you want?
really good
Delivered promptly, great product, love the colour, I got lime green, fits perfectly round all buttons and camera, covers volume and power button but they still can be used easily, stand on back handy when watching films etc, would definitely recommend.
The best product
I bought this case for my Xperia Z2 and is the best option for the best price! Its functions are amazing, is so strong and protect every corner and the back of the phone, including the sides.
I recommend so much buy this product :)
The best product
I bought this case for my Xperia Z2 and is the best option for the best price! Its functions are amazing, is so strong and protect every corner and the back of the phone, including the sides.
I recommend so much buy this product :)
xperia z2 armourdillo case
being worried about my xperia z2 being accidentally dropped and getting scratched etc i purchased the armourdillo case from mobile fun. delivery was fast and it fits my phone perfectly, will definately use mobilefun again in the future.
I work as a car mechanic in Norway. The weather here's harsh, shifty and you'll newer know what to expect. And the fact that I also work with heavy machines in a dusty oily environment made the choice easy! I needed a protection for my device, who had a shock absorbent, flexible skin. And also good grip ( so that my device stays safe in my hand) I ordered this with a screenprotector as well, just to completely protect the device. I can recommend this, to anyone who are either very clumsy or work in extreme environments.

Even though this is a British page. My delivery made it to my house darn fast!
I am happy about the professionalism and good service this page had to offer. With informative emails about my order and followup custom services.
The best product
This product is hard and safe for my phone, it protects for scratches and punches for failings, perhaps, the product gives to my phones a better look and more fashion.
Z2 case
Fits phone perfect. Stand on back useful.
Does the Job.
I don't particularly like the look of this, but that's my preference. It's abit bulky but keeps your phone safe, fits well and good price.
Great case
Really worth the money, I'm so clumsy and dropped my phone 5 minutes after fitting the case on and not a scratch or dent in sight. Great colour, great price, fast delivery and doesn't make the phone to clumpy either. Buying one for my husband now too!
Excellent buy
I am writing this review because I am extremely happy with my case from Mobile Fun. It fits my phone perfect, and it looks exactly like it did on the site. The other reviews I read were spot on and I found it so easy to order and receive my case in good time. I had problems getting a case to fit my phone in all shops but from now on I will only use Mobile Fun.
Exactly what you want it to be.
When you drop your phone and it lands on its corner, you want a case that cushions the impact -- completely. This is that case.
Tough, Protective Case
This case is just what I needed to protect my phone from bumps and drops. But the best thing about it is the built in stand that is perfect for watching TV and films while on the go. It is quite chunky, but I guess it needs to be to properly protect the phone.
just what i was looking for
Been trying to get phone cover for ages but high street shops seem to concentrate on i phones so very pleased with my purchase.
This cover fits the phone perfectly
This cover fits the phone perfectly with no jiggling around to make the holes in the right places. It seems to work fine as I've dropped my phone plenty of times since putting the cover on and it hasn't broken! Looks cool, doesn't make the phone too much bigger or heavier. I'd recommend it for sure.
Well worth the money good protection and stand on back for when I watch films on my phone
Clumsy person's friend
Having been disappointed there was no otterbox for the Z2, i thought i would try this and it's just as good. Great colour, really stands out. Fabulous to hold as you don't feel like it will slip out of your hand or pocket easily. The stand is easy to use and great for the kids to watch their tv shows when you're out and about and need them to be quiet! Only slight negative is that it's looking a bit grubby from being in my bag but i'm sure it will scrub up ok when i can be bothered to clean it. Overall good purchase. Haven't dropped phone yet but i'm sure the phone will survive if and when I do!
great choice
We originally bought a cheaper case which lasted two weeks
This is a solid case, great stand, makes all volume and side buttons easier to use, all charger and earphone holes are accessible. May not be the be best looking case but it does the job very well.
Better late than never
The case for my Sony Z2 is everything and more than expected, it makes it a complete one hand none slip operation having the case fitted to the phone. Great grip none slip and all buttons and access ports easy to open if need to.
Great customer service polite and fast action recommend highly.
Tough protector.
Perfect tough case for outdoor rugged work. Protects my lifeline brilliantly.
A really good buy
After reading all the reviews about this, I'm really happy that I decided to buy it. Some reviews state how bulky it makes the phone and how it's not the most pretty cover but I would disagree. I have small hands and eyes; and this phone is perfect to give the glass backing traction and is very pleasing on the eye. It gives it a hardcore look that has more character than other plain, standard covers that I've seen. I LOVE the additional flip-out stand at the back, quite a cute addition to the cover that, so far (2/3 weeks), has protected my phone while in my bag and given me extra hand-grip traction. The cover over the power and volume keys is fine. I haven't had the problem of not being able use these keys. There is a gap for the charger and sim holder - so I don't know what another review was talking about when they said this was covered? The external SD card slot is covered though, but I can't imagine that anyone would want to take out/insert a SD card daily - so this is fine to me. All other functioning holes have been left uncovered.
Solid Case for a Solid Phone
The Armourdillo case I got was perfect, in terms of fit, function and even colour! It wraps around the Z2 snuggly and the important functions like charging and headphone jack can still be accessible. Its solid build protects the phone all around and the armadillo-like back cover gives it the extra ummph! Highly recommended for those looking for a great case!
Its ok
I have been a user of casemate for the past two phones and then i got this phone and casemate didn't do one for it so i looked around and eventually got this one. It is ok, i prefered the casemate as it was more rubbery so is less force going throught the case to the phone. Another thing is i would like it if more of the harder part of the case came round the front of the phone. It is ok and the stand is good. I work in farming and gardening so it gets beaten up so need the tuffest case arround. at the moment this is it.
Exactly as shown other Web site
It fits the 'phone well - the charging port is uncovered which is good but you have to remove the cover to change the Sd card
excellent & efficient
First time using your website - very good experience - very efficient and fast service. delighted with the product received and matched the specification on your site. Well done.
Nice Case!
Overall, I'm happy with the case. I like the materials and the construction.

I would like it a lot better if I was able to charge my phone with the case on. They leave you access to the SD card instead of the charging location. This was a very poor decision since you need to charge everyday!

Aside from the charging issue it's good for the price.
Fantastic Cover
I bought this phone cover for my sister's new Sony mobile phone. She loves it. Great colour, protection & good grip. Loves the flip stand for landscape viewing. If you like rugged cases, this is for you!
Z 2 phone case
Armourdillo product fits really snugly andgives great protection for my new xperia Z 2
Absolutely brilliant
This case is amazing. As a builder I need rly heavy duty case. This one fit perfectly and will protect my phone rly nice. Thanks mobilefun.
Service in line with the best...
So I stumbled across this site when looking for a case to keep my brand new phone in pristine condition. I've never heard of them before, but thought I'd give it a go.

From the onset, the service was amazing. I ordered from my mobile, and the site was optimised perfectly to ensure an easy transaction. I had the option to create an account, but it wasn't a problem when I decided to order as a guest.

When I didn't receive my confirmation email (sounds negative, but hold on...) I gave the company a call using their local rate number (which is always a bonus, not having to use 0845 or something similar). There was no tedious number pressing, and I got through to a human being within the minute. The adviser I spoke to was clear, polite, knowledgable and apologetic. He offered to confirm the details of my order over the phone, and assured me the order had gone through. He was even able to tell me what stage my order was at. Perfect!

On the day my order was due to arrive, I received an email and a text confirming, and my case was waiting for me when I got home.

Possibly most importantly, the case was perfect. It was exactly as described and absolutely what I wanted.

I would genuinely recommend this site to anybody and everybody, and I'll certainly be using it for any similar needs in the future. 10/10!
Turned my Z2 into the Batphone.
I wanted a tough cover to protect my phone whilst on holiday and all that entails - sand, spills, drops, the lot. This case was exactly what I wanted AND it looked good too - made my Z2 look like Christian Bale's Batphone, like it was wearing it's own flak jacket! Bonuses were it wasn't too bulky and the stand in the back was great for watching TV and listening to music. I'll probably go back to something a bit sleeker back in blighty but if you're tough on your phone this case is perfect.
good case for the money
Overall a pretty good case, easy to hold with good grip, good protection for phone and still able to access everything including charging without any issue. Stand at back for landscape viewing is OK, just a little fiddly to stand at times. There may be better cases out there but not for this money and maybe not for a Sony either but I am happy with my purchase and if you like the rugged look you will too.
very good
Very good,and protects your phone very well.I recommend it
I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a decent case. I bought this because of the price and the looks and then realized it actually has a stand. Its so damn great!
been looking everywhere
Fantastic case for new phone handy clip at back to stand phone upright good sturdy case quality at great price demountable stand attachment for when not using it well impressed recommended my mates get shopping at mobile fun
Rugged but funky!
Having only ever used Otterbox and Casemate for my 'tough' phone cases, this was a first time out with Armourdillo, and I doubt i'll go back.
I dropped the phone from about 6 feet off the ground the first day I put the case on- there isn't even a mark on the case! It is tough, easy to put on and take off- but stays put. Whilst I appreciate new smart phones 'look nice', personally, I want to know that I'm holding the phone without risking it slipping out of my hands. The rigged outter layer on this case does just that. I also want to know that WHEN I drop it, or it falls, that it is safe. I've seen with my own eyes that this is definitely the case with this product.
As the added extra- this case has a brilliant little stand on the back to give you a perfect viewing angle for videos. The stand folds out easily, clips away firmly and is itself tougher than it looks!
For the style gurus, this looks pretty funky as well. There are a nice range of colours. I went for blue and love it.
10/10 for this product.
a cracking bit of kit
The case fits perfectly and adds very little weight to the phone. The flip Out stand on the back sits the phone at a perfect angle for viewing. Cracking Price for something that is a must nowadays for all phone users.
This case has cut outs for the connections and mic / speaker but not for the switches power, volume and camera.
For the switches the case has not so flexible plastic, however this means that you have to press very hard to use the switches and in the case of the camera button no amount of pressing was sufficient to activate the phones camera.
Also there is no cut out for the charging pins on the side of the Z2.
In summary it will probably partially protect the phone, however the phone is not totally usable when in the case phone.
Mine ArmourDillo case is on the only as a last resort shelf, while I wait for my PDair case to be shipped

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