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ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with this white ArmourDillo Case, comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact resistant exoskeleton.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39158
$17.86 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 17 customers

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Good conditipn
I just received my cover. It takes a long time to reach me. Anyway it was in good condition and I enjoy it. Thank you
Read my Review, as it's the best.
I purchased this for my 11 year old son, so he has written this review.

This product,the armordillo phone cover for the Samsung galaxy s4 is extremely durable and has a sleek design and perfect fit. Also, the ports are revealed enough for your headphone cable, charger or anything else to slot in easily.
One of the best perks of having this phone cover is the stand at the back - this your hands not to strain when holding up the phone while watching videos or, playing games.

Additionally it is extremely tough, when dropped on concrete the scratch resistant skin allows it to stay undamaged.

Lastly, the off button and volume up and down are clearly visible and when pressed is exceptionally responsive.
An efficient product.

Mobilefun sent it quickly and my phone now looks a lot cooler. Thanks.
First Class Product Thank You
First Class Service First Class Product Thank You
I am really happy with my case it cam earlier than it should have which was brilliant and 2 days after receiving it I dropped my phone on a brick and it got no damage what so ever I'd recommend using this website to anyone
Great looking case, good fit, sturdy, looks great
Very snug and an accurate fit, camera and socket cutouts are generous (have had cases before that don;t allow all headphones - not this one.) Tip: as it's quite snug, when fitting partially unclip the hard outer shell before fitting the shock-absorbent inner around the phone. The design of the outer shell means it feels great in your hand, very secure, I feel less likely to drop the phone (and if I did I am sure it would absorb the impact). The side walls of the shell extend beyond the screen slightly so protecting it further. I recommand getting a decent screen protector to to supplement this case. The built-in stand is solid..when folded away it does not catch or come loose. Best case I've owned. (had it 3 weeks now)
An absolute must for perfect protection, sturdy and a perfect fit.
Recieved my Armodillo Protective Case in the mail & it fits perfectly. It's a pity they didn't have any Black/Lime Green ones. (said they were out of stock). Black one is still good
It's very robust and great in the hand
After dropping my phone and having to replace the screen which was extremely expensive I needed to buy something to do the job.
This cover certainly does that, it's very robust and great in the hand too as due to it's design you can grip your phone extremely well without it slipping or sliding around.
I only wish I'd bought it when I bought the phone. The pull out stand at the back is great too when watching anything too.
Great product.....get one.
Great product that fits my S4 excellently for a generic product, probably as good a fit as a Samsung product. Easy to fit and feels really tough and durable. Thanks mobile fun! I can thoroughly recommend this product.....If you're considering it as a purchase.......don't delay.
Ideal accessory to compliment any smart phone
I was a bit wary of how good this case would be for the price,as had other cheap ones that haven't been up to the job. I would put this on par with cases twice the price,such as Otterbox. The fold out stand is handy too for watching video,or reading e-books. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who needs adequate protection without too much bulk.
Perfect fit. Looks & feels high quality & very robust... though I draw the line at chucking my phone to find out for sure. :)
One tip: unclip the black support with stand; slip the green casing round your phone; then clip the black bit back on. That way you get it on there good & snug.
Very impressed with speed of delivery & product. Looks damn cool too.
Love it!
It is a nice case and the stand works as advertised. It looks very cool and I'm glad I ordered it.

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