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ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with this black ArmourDillo Case, comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact resistant exoskeleton.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41320

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 4.6 stars from 72 customers

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Sturdy Robust Case for Samsung Note 3
This case is excellent value and truly protects your phone should you drop it. It has a pull-out stand which is very useful when viewing a video. I can definitely recommend this case and reckon it is the best on the market. I received it within a very short time of ordering it online by ordinary post.
Not fit for purpose
Don't buy it if you were after a smug fit
Looks the business
For what I paid I expected a sleek fit around my phone but have found that the left hand edge just doesn't fit properly. Other than the unsnug fit the material is indeed protective and looks the business
Awesome phone case
The case is great protection. The outer shell can be removed to just leave the inner rubber casing. The outer shell offers a stand for watching videos on the train or at work etc, as well as additional protection. Bought this as I've cancelled my insurance and for the low price of this case it protects it well as I have a tendency of accidently dropping my phone.
Brilliant Case
Bought this case as needed a some protection without the hassle of a flip case.
Case is in 2 parts and encloses the phone very nicely.
Strong and secure.
Would highly recommend
I am very happy with my purchase
I needed something to protect my phone and also to make it look good the case as done both it not only looks good but I can stand it up with the little devise at the back also the price was good altogether I am very happy with my purchase I ordered it and was delivered right away no waiting couldn't be happier thank you...
Robust protective case ,very useful for the more difficult sized phone that is more easily dropped Good choice of colours & speedy delivery aided choice of supplier.
Armidillo phone cover
Everything was exactly as described. I was very happy with the product. Fits my phone like a glove. Great protection. Mobile Fun let me know when it shipped and when it would get to my house. It came exactly on time! Thank you Mobile Fun for a great ordering experience! I would recommend anybody and would gladly use your site again.
good value for money
Good quick service, came nicely packed and not damaged.
Value for money
Received my cover today. Have to say I am very happy with it. With is this cover it makes it less likely to slip our of your hand. I have a history of dropping phones out of pockets while getting out of the car feel confident that this case will save it
Very pleased with my new Armoudillo Hybrid protective Case.
An excellent piece of kit as recommended by a friend who uses one on his Windows phone.
Great service and very prompt once the item was in stock.
Armour for my mobile
This protection armourdillo covers my mobile phone and gives me added assurance it will survive any little knocks and bumps that life can throw my way. It is great when outside walking the dog and it is raining. I am confident that it will stay intact and the bright colours make it easier to find if I sit it down and it rings or get a notification of an text or email. I feel ready to meet the demands of everyday life with this brilliant cover on my phone.
great product
This product comes in 2 parts a soft rubber backing then a hard solid armour type that fits over the top i feel my phone is safe n well protected n would buy again the only negative is the kick stand has no clasp n keeps flopping open i found this annoying and have glued it shut.
Finally I can drop my phone
I counted days until this case arrived as I kept dropping the phone every now and then. It was love at first sight: perfect fit, all connectors and buttons work normally and has built-in not even noticeable kickstand. A wider choice of colours would be nice as my phone looks like a kids toy now and not as a serious expensive machine it really is. If durability matches functionality a new love is born.
ArmourDillo case
The case works wells and is as described. I thought it came with a screen protector but can get one on the side
Protective phone case
Our son loves it. Hopefully, no more broken screens. We took a while to put it on the phone- no directions for idiots!! Works great and red & black colour fits well.
just what i needed
easy to fit gives good protection and built in stand is great and a great price.
Great case
I bought this case for my note on an impulse buy, and it was the best decision I made. It doesn't make the phone terribly bulky like an Otter box. The kick stand is a little flimsy but other than that the case is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone.
I went to the local phone shop to find a case for the note 3, there were all the flip-flop book type cover which i deteste. I found this cover on the site and ordered it, it strong and protects the phone with a back flip to act as a stand too. It does make the phone bigger but thats just part and parcel of the phone and the case... conclusions... great case..
Great Case -- Attractive, Sturdy, Functional
I have had several cases for the Note 2 and now 3. Of all the cases I have purchased for these devices over the last three years, this is by far the best. Excellent quality, attractive, sturdy and I recommend buying this. In fact, I have to activate my old Note 2 for work, and I am going to buy one of these if available for that phone.
Best case I have had
After using various cases ranging in price, I went for this case as my 7 year old is constantly playing with my phone. The protection is excellent and the built in stand allows for great viewing. Watching Netflix on the train was brilliant.
Note 3
Excellent quality inexpensive cover with style back surface. Color red is bit darker and mobile on photo is Note 2 not 3, there's no color around camera (sad)
The Best Mobile Phone Case Ever!
I bought this case for my very fussy 15 year old son's Note 3 and it is easily the best 'phone case I've ever bought. It's even passed the "cool" test with his friends!

The case is light but strong and has raised bevels on the front which gives good screen protection for those inevitable face-down drop moments.

The kick-stand on the back adds excellent functionality although I can see this quickly becoming loose and rattly with use.

The only problem I have with this case is that I desperately want one for my Nexus 7 but they don't make one!

To sum up, highly recommended!
Really well designed
Looks cool, offers protection, does not interfere with operating the device.

Only slight criticism is that the hole around the 3.5mm audio jack is a bit small - normal sized jack plugs foul. You need slim plus (like the ones that come with many earpieces).
Brilliant case
This case is one of the best cases i have ever brought for a phone.

Being a protective case i was hesitant at buying as i hate bulky phones but this case keeps the phone thin and lightweight.

There are two ways you can use this case if you are an indecisive individual like me! One way is to use it with only the soft green silicone layer on the phone or alternatively with both the soft green silicone overlapped by the hard black plastic which has a handy flip out stand which gives a great viewing angle almost every time.

Overall this case is outstanding value for money and is a must buy if your looking to protect your note 3 in a stylish case.
Great price
Ok so I ordered this case it took 10 Business days to arrive here in Cali. I love this case it makes your phone look good and it's pretty sturdy, great price for it too. 20$ you can't beat that best buy was going to charge me 30 for some cheap plastic case. I love this case you won't regret it :)
Awesome Note 3 case
I've already purchased two other cases and was looking for something protective but without a screen cover. I also wanted a stand to watch movies on my note 3.
This case has it all...as an added bonus I also have a wireless charging adaptor inside the standard back. With the Armourdillo case on I still am able to wirelessly charge!
The Armourdillo Hybrid Case is amazing,I havent taken it off since I put it on.I dropped my phone last night for the first time since I had my case and I'm glad I had my case cause I know I wouldn't have a phone right now.
This case is Beautiful,Sturdy and just so amazing that I'm glad I have, It caught my eye when I first saw it and I knew that's the case I wanted
Thanks So Much For Making Such An Amazing Product,Keep Up The Good Work:)
Great Item
At first glance I thought , for the price it will make a spare cover/case for my phone ( because it appeared to be cheap)
I have it installed on my phone now, it fits well in my amazon purchased leather pouch- and when my otter arrives ( THE OTTERBOX) is gonna be the Spare case.
I am very pleased with the look and feel of this case and the price is good too. Awesome deal!!!
Outstanding Product and Service
I purchased ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Red from this website, and the product I received was exact and upto the expectation infact I would say beyond expectation, I would recommend this website if you anyone want to buy any accessories/mobile.
Thank you very much for your support and the best deal which you have offered me >:-)

I've no words to express myself for the produch I received.
ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case - Perfect
I thought about this case and whether it would make my new note 3 too bulky. Arrived promptly from Mobile fun and was fitted easily. It adds a little of depth to the phone but not as much as I was thinking. Also looks great. Several people have commented on the look of the phone now. No-one did before
Better than Spigen
Although this case may look less elegant than the Spigen case, it offers better grip and the flip-out stand is very handy too.
Nice Case/Bad To fit!!
I received the case last friday. It took me till 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning to get it properly fitted to the phone. I had to use a desert fork to get it properly fitted all the way around the phone!! A heads up would have been nice. Apart from this gripe an awesome case!! I love the stand & how neatly it folds back into the case.
Very happy
Excellent product, very happy from this deal.
Good on you guys.
Although I take really good precautions with my electronics, the Note III is not a small bit of kit to work in and out of pockets, which means that there's always the chance that the mobile phone will slip out of your mitts. The texture of the ArmourDillo adds some bulk to it, but that is outweighed by the protection it offers. The bonus is the little built in stand on the back. Perfect angle for viewing. Although its not priced as high as some of the others, I wouldn't discount its effectiveness at its job. All the ports are accessible and the S-Pen is easy to get to. As always, delivery was spot on.
Just what I needed
Very Good :-)
surprisingly nice
This case was brought with the mind it would do for a while. But I have had the case on now for over a week and love it. It was very easy to put on and not that you need to but very easy to take of,not in a way that you would worry about ether. the hole for the spen is the perfect size And the color choose was really good not just plain old Black like a lot of them. the back has a curved shape so sits in your hand quite well and the stand is very useful. I would recommend it. . As the cost is not that bad ether.

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