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ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for HTC One M8 - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC One M8 with this blue ArmourDillo Case, comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact resistant exoskeleton.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44560
$17.86 inc. VAT
 4.9 stars from 53 customers

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The product is of quality design
Hello mobile fun! I have ordered from you before but I just wanted this chance to say thank you for the order. It came in a great time and the product is of quality design.

I also purchased a charger too which was also very useful (:

I will be ordering from you again as the service was friendly and informative.

Many regards and don't forget to stay awesome!
Good protection
Bought this case just to make the phone last a little bit longer before upgrading the M8. Offers good protection and is a snug fit so shouldn't fall off when dropped and is tactile in the hand so is fairly non slip in the hand. The flip out stand on the back is a bonus for viewing videos etc. To be honest should have had this case from when the phone was new as it may have stopped all the scuffs and scratches associated with the physical job I do.
Good quality product
Good quality and a tight fit, provides adequate protection and the rear stand is a nice touch for viewing videos.
Five stars.
Very happy with the purchase. Excellent quality. Fast shipping.
Perfect case
I love this phone case. Feels very sturdy and looks good too. I had a lovely surprise when the case arrived as I wasn't aware that on the back, there's a small a piece which folds out to make a stand so you can watch a film or follow a recipe without having to hold the phone. Genius!
Hasn't fallen yet!
Exactly what I wanted. The colour and durable cover is perfect. Haven't dropped it yet which is testament to the non-slip cover factor. The screen is still open to damage but I'm hoping it won't fall or the hard outer shell will bear the brunt of the impact.
Chunky and funky and great colour red.
Has passed the toddler test so far too!!
Case Review
Really pleased with the product - looks great and protects my phone from my kids and any damage. Saw cheaper items on Amazon however theye were a cheaper copy and I reckon wouldn't provide the same quality.
4th Time I have used Mobile Fun - for me pretty good and responded to my email when I asked where my product was. Would recommend product and Mobile Fun. In fact I have, my work mate bought the same thing as me whilst I was showing off.(even got the same colour - Baa Sheep!)
My wife needed a robust protector case because she often breaks her phones due to rough use and use by the kids. This case stands up to the treatment.
Love the case, very protective, and the stand is very useful.
Best Case Ever !!!
This is the best case ever. Fits phone perfectly and does exactly what it is meant to. I also have one on my son's Galaxy, which gets dropped on a regular basis and the phone is 100% fine. For the price you can't buy better. Outstanding !!!!!
Very pleased with the product .
Iam very pleased with the product I purchased
Great case
I love this case, it's sturdy and feels good. Only critique I have is the volume buttons really need to be pushed in to activate
Great value and sturdy
Brilliant case,rugged feel and phone feels very safe. The stand does require a bit of force to unlock on mine.
the case didn't fit
The mobile case we ordered didn't fit the phone, which was dissappointing.
I have been in contact with the customer service people and can say I am very impressed with the way the whole has been handled.
We have been given a full refund with no hassles.
+ The ridges on the case provide excellent grip, so it's virtually impossible for the phone to slip out of your hand. + The case is thick and sturdy, so your phone is adequately protected if dropped, yet still not overly cumbersome.
+ The kickstand is very stable and super useful for all those times you want to put the phone down and get on with other things, whilst still listening to music or watching a video.

- The volume-covering is quite stiff, so it requires a lot more effort to press these buttons than with the bare phone.
- It's not the prettiest case.
- I wish the kickstand worked in portrait as well as landscape mode!
armour dillo case
this is the second one of these cases ive had from this site was so happy with this that i had to get a nother one for a freinds phone.
wood recomend this to every one that wants a good case of the money.
great product/great service/great company.
Great product.Does everything it says in description.Would definitely recommend both the product and the company! Great service and Support. Anne in sales was brilliant. Very Very helpful. Overall a great company to deal with. Service with a smile and decent products at decent prices. Goods arrived next day as promised.
Great product
Bought this product based on reviews. Very impressed that it fits very well and allows easy access to all buttons on my HTC One M8. Feels great in the hand and the ribbing makes it good to hold with little fear of it sliding out of your hand.
Great product
Bought this product based on reviews. Very impressed that it fits very well and allows easy access to all buttons on my HTC One M8. Feels great in the hand and the ribbing makes it good to hold with little fear of it sliding out of your hand.
Cool, strong and useful
It is very easy to put on the phone!! It has a cool little stand on it that helps if your into watching YouTube or films and you don't really want to hold your phone!!! Also if you don't want the case on at a certain time you can take that part of the case off! I like the style of the case with all the little bumps!! It adds a certain zazz to it that makes people look at it and say "ooo that's a truly weird but quite a wonderful design" I like this product very much and I strongly recommend it!! Although it is a little pricier than a few other cases you will find on the market!!
Tough Mother
Had this case now for approx 6 months and its still going strong. 2 part case which keeps the dust away and provides excellent protection.
I'm not overtly clumsy but having 5 kids who love nothing more than nicking my phone, its been dropped more times than I'd like but not one bit of damage has been inflicted on it.
love this product
This is a brilliant case that looks great and does a good job protecting your device. I have 1 for my Lumia 630 and I purchased another for my wife's HTC M8. Unfortunately though it could not withstand the force of our car when she accidentally drove over it after it falling from her handbag!
armodilo case
Its a brillient case dose exactly what it says on sale page.
Not had a problem with the case its protected the phone when its been dropet.
The stand on the back is a brillient feacher to make it easer to see qhen placet on the side and when wacking up in morning with the alarms.
I wood recomend this to all ppl becose its very good value for money.
Highly robust, yet slimline & stylish at brilliant price!
Needed something with more armour to protect my increasingly battered HTC M8.
Other HTC One and M8 covers, although looking nice and offering a scant amount of protection, have previously let in grit or dirt particles which have grazed the rear of the phone casing. However, this Armourdillo case fits SO snugly there is no opportunity for any trapped abrasive dirt. The bumper around the screen is subtle an unobtrusive yet stops the screen making any contact when dropped. All the charging, camera and button holes are machined perfectly so that the case fits with no overlaps or obstructions.
It's heavy duty and robust without making the phone feel weighty or cumbersome. I'd definitely buy this brand again!
Plus mobilefun's service was spot on once again - amazing prices and delivery at the speed of light!
Htc case
Very good case. Exactly what I wanted.
Great product
Best phone cover I have bought. Fits perfectly, I am very comfortable dropping my phone on the ground knowing it is properly protected. It does not effect any of the controls or features.
HTC One cover
I could not find this elsewhere but Mobile Fun had stock. Dispatched it the same day and now it is in place protecting my HTC.
Great product and fab company to deal with.
Good protection for my HTC One M8 and like the flip out stand at the back. The only draw back is that it doesn't protect the openings for the earphones and charger.
Gives confidence
Gives the confidence of having/using an expensive smart phone in a challenging environment, with the knowledge that its unlikely to be damaged.
A Stand built in!! Bonus!!
When I purchased the case I didn't realise it had a built in stand so more than happy when I found it. The case itself is nice and sturdy and although I haven't tested it yet (It won't be long as I'm quite clumsy) It does seem to be quite rugged and as such I am confident that it will withstand most knocks and drops. Smart looking above all feels really comfortable to hold. I didn't realise how much I would use the stand, being a YouTube fan it gets used most days.
Armadillo Product Review
Very prompt delivery and an excellent product. The case hasn't been tested yet, but I'm sure I will drop my phone soon enough, and the case feels like it will take it and protect my phone at the same time. The stand on the back is perfect.
Solves all my problems
This solves the main problem I was having with the HTC One M8. It adds grip to your phone and stops you from dropping it and it also gives enough cushioning if you drop it on the rare occasion. It has a stand incorporated into the cover which means you can watch videos which most covers don't have, very good value for money. It won't wear away the same as those rubber covers with a design might.
cracking cover
Bought this cover to protect phone when I'm working and also cause the cover looks cool and does it's job really well. 2 days after it was put on phone it fell from my pocket and with the desighn of the cover it fell back first onto ground and bounced. Screen undamaged and phone still perfect. Highly recommended cover for any phone
Excellent case
Bought this to replace the flimsy HTC case that came with the phone when new. Fit is perfect and looks excellent on the phone. Yes it is more bulky than some others but I like the added chunkiness, it's not excessive at all IMO. The stand is perfect, I can give the phone to my 3 y/o son, pop Nextflix on with the stand out and he's happy as Larry. Get what you pay for and this is well worth the dosh ;-) 10/10
ArmourDillo Hybrid Case
This case has an air of heavy duty protection about it on five sides, leaving the screen slightly protected by means of a 2-3mm step from the flat screen to the outer edge of the case. The case itself is in two parts, a flexible rubber inner and a robust outer arm around it, reminding me of the Star Wars storm trooper uniform, with heavy ribbing and a neat built in landscape stand, allowing angled hands free viewing.
If there had been an option for a heavy duty front screen cover, it would have been perfect
There it is!
Had this case for about 2 weeks now.

Pros, kickstand works great, especially in my car where it is able to stand up behind the steering wheel for sat nav. The case has given me the grip to confidently whip the M8 whilst cycling along the cycle path and can use the volume buttons easily whilst still in the pocket.

Cons, Bulky and the hard plastic is not particularly supple to hold and doubt it would protect from a proper fall.
Perfectly Protected
Its easy to fit and easy to pop off again without scratching your unphone unlike many cases today. The m8 is heavy and slippy, but with the secure ridges on the back of the case there is no chance this is going to slip.

On the front of the case its slightly raised so if you do manage to drop it the touch screen does not hit the floor.

Excellent case, good colour and the stand at the back is an added bonus.
Excellent quality product
Excellent quality product. Robust yet lightweight. Essential for anyone with a smarthphone as the price charged for the case is much less than having to pay repair fees that are almost inevitable nowadays. Product arrived when stated in perfect condition as expected. Will definitely buy another, when my phone upgrde is due.
Great protection
Cover does a great job protecting my phone
just the job
A great solid case with a nifty little stand built in. It's perfect for watching movies and tv. A simple but great idea. Delivery was very fast will use them again.
great practical case
This case is not only good looking but also does a hell of a job. I thought as it has lots of protection it would make the phone chunky and hard to handle. This is not the case (excuse the pun) the stand at the back is brilliant and will even detach from the red part. Great for standing it up on the toilet seat and blasting music around the bathroom (great for when in shower) very much recommend. Brilliant case, simple as that.
phone cover
the ArmourDillo is a brilliant case for my phone although a little difficult to get on it does what it says on the tin,it is rugged makes it easier to hold the phone and has the added advantage of a stand on the back making watching films a lot easier
ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for HTC One M8
Great case for my brand new HTC One M8!.
Feels great in the hand and doesn't add much weight at all.
The material used is fantastic and doesn't slip at all and looks great.
The little stand works wonders and clicks back into place when you're done.
Does what it says on the tin
This is the third ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case that I've purchased from mobilefun and I can't recommend them highly enough. They offer superb protection for my phone whilst not being too bulky and the addition of a stand is the icing on the cake. Buy it, you can't get better for the price.

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