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ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Google Nexus 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Nexus 4 with this black ArmourDillo Case, comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact resistant exoskeleton.
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 4.5 stars from 131 customers

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Highly recommend it.
A quality product that suits the phone to a T. Solid feel, giving excellent protection and the addition of a built in stand makes it even better.
Highly recommend it.
A quality product that suits the phone to a T. Solid feel, giving excellent protection and the addition of a built in stand makes it even better.
Got this phone case a few days ago...
it's pretty good! Sturdy. I've dropped my phone once since having it and, it didn't break.
So I guess the phone case is doing what it's supposed to do.
Looks nice but does it perform?!
I like this case, it looks awesome and chunky, and I also like the kick stand. However, I feel like it's too brittle. The back looks as though it should be soft and rubberised, but it's solid and the phone slips off things far more easily than with my previous £1.99 silicone case (which by the by allowed my phone to survive many a drop including down my uncarpeted stairs and onto my tiled living room floor). I feel like there wouldn't be much bounce or impact absorption if seriously dropped, despite the 2-layer casing. Time will tell I'm sure - I am not the most careful of characters.
Wonderful case, although...
My girlfriend must be some kind of a prophet, who foresaw the delivery date of the untrackable DHL standard international shipping, and managed to shatter her phone screen just a day before that...
hard to review something that you do not have yet but i am looking forward to getting it soon stop
Great protection
the armourdillo case is solid and tough and i am really pleased with it
Cheap and nasty
The product is very cheap and of poor quality. The kick-stand is a good angle and works, but makes your entire phone bend when you try to release it because it's so poorly cut from cheap plastic. I wouldn't bother, to be honest.
As I suspectected my nexus 4 Armadillo case arrived today which was 5 business days. Pretty impressive. I also got it for the price a quarter of the retailer I quoted at our local mall. With you. I got what I wanted in a timely fashion. Most stores here in Penticton BC weren't getting any sent and stopped ordering them. Then one store wouldn't take my payment even though u did that same evening. Thank -you for making me a happy customer. I have already reffered your business to several friends.
Happy with protection it gives.Doesn't feel like it's going to break its back in my pocket.Haven't done a drop test yet. The kickstand is a bit hard to open,it will probably loosen in time.
Does What It Says On The Tin
Couldn't recommend this case more. I bought it because I had another, softer case, and despite it my case was damaged when dropped. I bought this to prevent further damage and I'm 100% confident this case is strong enough to survive the worst of the day-to-day knocks and scrapes.
What you see is what you get. Delivery was fast, 5 days in my case. It comes on a cheap plastic packaging, but id doesn't really matter. The Armourdillo casing really fits my Nexus 4 real good. Material used looks good and sturdy. It made my phone a little bit bulkier but looks "hard". If only it comes in 100% matte black finish then I would really be satisfied rather than the shiny black rubber on the sides.
Functional and tactile
A good functional and tactile case. All ports are accessible. The case is well built and sturdy. The fillable stand at the back is solid.

Only one thing to note, my screen protector came undone when using this case, this might be due to my inefficient application of the screen protector!
Very happy with it
Just the case for me! I didn't want a siliconey skin that attracts dust, this is tough and low-key.
My only gripe is that I nearly break my thumbnail trying to get the kickstand out. Maybe it will loosen with time.
Does what it says on the tin...
Fabulous case for my beloved Nexus - I'd searched & looked at lots of cases, covers, bumpers etc & couldn't decide which to buy. I came to MobileFun to buy another case (cheaper than elsewhere) but spotted the ArmourDillo & was impressed when I read the reviews. I was even more impressed when I received it - love it and in addition to its protective qualities, I love the pull-out stand at the back. I thought it was more of a gimmick, but I've found it extremely useful. Some reviews I read said the case made it too big for their hand, but I haven't found this at all. Love it, love it - & it's purple too - what more could a busy (& sometimes clumsy!) girl want?
Nexus 4 Armourdillo Case
This is a great case - firm fit, with rubberised inner & second plated outer brace. Keeps face off surfaces to protect screen. Haven't had the case for long, but so far, so good! Like other reviews, the kick stand is upside down!! But for this price, I don't care - I bought this case for protection, not a kick stand!
great and quick
Damn good case
Bought case and Nexus 4 a while back,
Thought the case was pretty awesome,
Involved in motorbike accident today,

Damage report: both knees ruined, shoulder dislocated, left foot badly injured, helmet compromised, jeans shredded

Phone in jeans pocket 100% unphased. This product literally saved me $300. Good investment. I should by two more for knee pads.
Fits perfectly, protects well, cool design and multi-use
A snug tight fit that protects your phone, but at the same time is easier to remove.
A robust design, that still fits in most trouser pockets (although not so much for ladies'). It protects the phone from surfaces and therefore strategies as well as light bumps and drops at least it has so far.
A funky design that has been catching people's eye. It makes your phone stand out on any table avoiding mix ups with friends and colleagues. It can even match outfits.
It's kickstand is super sturdy and very useful.
Considering the price compared with similar robust cases this one seems to tick more boxes and is relatively cheaper and better value.
Suprisingly good
I was quite suprised by how good quality this case is - the packaging is very plain and not well printed and I thought before I opened it that it was a dud product... but it really is *very* well constructed, fits the Nexus 4 perfectly and is good solid protection.

Really suprised how good it is.
Excellent - robust, protective and great price
Really pleased with this - makes the phone safe, easier to hold and the stand is useful and improves the sound with films and music. Very happy
Great case
Ordered two of these in black and going from the more expensive OEM Google bumper to this has been a treat. The phone is snug, a little thicker and definitely more expensive looking with this case on. I stream from my home server and the built in kickstand allows me to use this phone as a media player around the house so that is a nice feature. The build quality overall is great and although the screens is not covered it does have a nice bumper raised lip to protect from scuffs and some drops. Bottom line if you looking for a case for this phone then this is it...
Great Product - Customer Service and Shipping SUX
The product itself is great and a HUGE deal buying them online...customer service sucks and would not order from Mobile Fun again
ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Google Nexus 4 - Blue
Protection from normal life's accidents. Easy to apply to phone. Back stand is handier than I could have imagined. Allows me to catch up on wireless video content more easily so I am encouraged to use it more.
The phone really feels unbreakable (or atleast no sense of it being delicate/fragile any more).
Volume rocker under phone when stand used but the trollers who think this is somehow a "big problem" are just lazy reviewers with misguided ergonomic industrial design awareness. Accessing rocker requires almost same grip of phone as if it was oriented the other direction. And if it was designed the other way then trollers would say the power button should be accessible too!
Swiping/texting is uninterrupted by the bevel on the face of the cover.
My only comment of concern is that the product makes a classy phone look less sleek/classy - not ugly, just less classy. But my priority is practicality.
My two cents worth.
Great case
After trying many cheap and nasty covers for my nexus 4, I finally found my perfect cover. The black stand is detachale if you just want a blue case, and its very tough.

Also great service again from mobilefun
Shame I didn't buy it before I dropped the phone
I bought this because it sounded rugged - and it seems to be. But I haven't tested it with a drop-test. (I knocked a chip off the front glass of my Nexus 4 a few weeks ago. Dammit! The ArmourDillo case nicely covers the damage, too.) It's a nice feature that the pop-out stand is detachable.
Nexus 4 case
The product was great and the shipping time was perfect...I would recommend to everyone.
Nice sturdy case
Really like this case. Fits snug. Quite textured which makes it non slip. Inbuilt stand great idea. Happy :)
Very nice
I just received my case, it's lovely, easy to install and pretty solid. Very glad of my purchase. Good choicesof colors. and i love the little stand. Very happy.
Awesome Case!!
Best case on the market for Nexus 4! Fits excellent and is easy to install. Phone fell down a set of stairs with multiple impacts and not a scratch or bruise anywhere. Wouldn't waste my money on any other case.
Sturdy and reliable
A great phone case, I don't have to worry about the naturally fragile Nexus 4 meeting an untimely demise whenever I whip it out of my pocket or use it on the train. The cover feels incredibly solid and safe, but it remains a comfortable size for the hands. Another plus is that the speaker on the back is elevated, which solves the old issue of when the speakers would get muffled if you placed the Nexus on its back.
Strong protection
I am very happy with this purchase. The case slips on easily but stays on absolutely securely. Needs a bit of force to get off. Feels very secure in the hand too and does not slip off surfaces, THE LITTLE FLIP OUT STAND IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, not only for standing, but also for ease of holding in landscape mode.
Aesthetically, it looks robust rather than elegant, and it adds considerable bulk and weight - but that is only to be expected and is the price you have to pay for the protection.
"better than I expected "
The case is much better than I expected , gives great protection , and the feel is really good , you can also take the stand part of the case away , but I have left it on as the look is great and it gives much better protection.Very hard durable plastic , so dont buy if you like soft feel cases
excellent service
Fits perfectly and seems like a sturdy case. Ordered Friday before 12 and cover arrived Saturday,excellent service.
Too early to tell
It's the second time I order from Mobile fun and I always get the review email before I get the actual merchandise, it takes a good 2-3 weeks before I get anything, so time is a bit of an issue.
Great case fits well
The Armourdillo case we bought for the Nexus 4 is surprisingly good. It actually looks very nice and with the backplate in place it fits very snuggly. There is no risk of the phone falling out. It looks well made and has a nifty and robust foldout stand in the back. I got the purple colour, which is nice and bright. I am glad I bought it.
Excellent double cover. Made to measure. Stylish. Great bargain as it is a rare phone n rarer cover.
Chunky but good!
To begin with I found my phone in this case, rather chunky, when I got used to it I was really pleased with it. The case protects the corners really well and it has already survived a drop onto concrete. The case looks good, and where the phone was previously very slippery, this case makes it much easier to handle, particularly when taking photos.
Great Case
This case is really sturdy and the stand is a great bonus. It's protected the phone falling of a table! The only downside is that dust can easily collect under the edge, but if you take it off regularly for a clean it's fine!
Good but ...
Great service, ordered on Sunday, received on Tuesday. The case itself looks good. However, I hadn't realised the two parts of it can be separated, and when I tried to fit it, it lifted up my screen protector. I don't know if the main part of the case on its own would have saved the screen protector; that'll have to wait till I've got another protector. In the meantime, I've got the outer part of the case (with the stand) fitted over a different soft case I had. It still works like that, so I'm happy with it. The case is also very good for preventing the phone sliding off smooth surfaces.
amourdillo case
Great case well built fully protects your phone also very comfy to hold great price of kit well worth the money
nice product, doesn't protect screen
Having broken both front and rear screens of my nexus 4 I wantrd to prevent this happening to its replacement.
The case has a nice feel, it looks nice and it comes with a stand, delivery was also very fast.
However, the front glass of my nexus 4 is smashed to pieces despite using this case - having been dropped on the road a week after getting it.

The areas the case covered were undamaged though.

Quite disappointed as this is an otherwise nice product
ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case score
We have two Nexus 4's in our house, we previously purchased a different case which has a much better on/off button when you compare it to the ArmourDillo. It's necessary to fiddle with the ArmourDillo's button before you can get it to operate. Apart from that the Armourdillo is fine and the delivery service from "mobilefun" was excellent.
Coolest looking case for the price
Having had an Otterbox protecting my last phone and not being able to find one for the Nexus 4 at the time I purchased it, I decided that some protection was better than none. The ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Google Nexus 4 was my choice based on looks and price. Never thought I'd make much use of the stand but found it handy at the bed side. No issues with the exterior case buttons making contact through to the phone. I'll buy another one when this one has bit the dust. Haven't found a negative thing to say about it.
If you are a clumsy person as my hubby, I would definitely recommend it. He particularly likes the kickstand which makes landscape viewing easy. The phone has survived many falls on concrete floors.
one of the best cases for Nexus 4
The case is perfect. Dual layer, good grip, the cuts are aligned perfect with the camera, microphone, jack etc. The real advantage of this case is that the second layer (the hard one ) is covering the corners of the phone...which means that in case of an impact the force of the impact will be take mostly by the case...leaving you with more chances of getting your phone in one piece. So it's not making the phone bigger, just better and good looking .

The bad part was with the customer services. When I ordered the case on the website was stated that they have it in stock...after a few days I've emailed them asking what is happening and why I haven't received a dispatch notice. And they told me that the item is not in stock and I have to wait for another two weeks.
So I reply back asking them to cancel the order. I won't be waiting for another two weeks with this slippery phone in my pocket. As you can imagine i start looking for another case from another store. One day later I received another email saying that my product was dispatched. I didn't know what to believe anymore...yesterday it wasn't in stock...today it is dispatched...but how was it dispatched if a day ago I've requested the cancelation...however they didn't really care about my request...they've sent the product almost a week later than it was supposed and they've charged me for it. Don't get me wrong...i love the case...but I almost bought another one more expensive thinking that i've cancelled an order and I won't be charged for it.
Really does what it says on the tin.
Having dropped my Nexus 4 well protected, I thought, by a smooth Boxweave aluminium case, I wasn't about to repeat the exercise. The Armourdillo case offers solid protection and, equally importantly, it just doesn't slip through your fingers.The ridged sides and slightly rubbery feel give a very good grip and inspire great confidence. The cut outs for camera etc are spot on and the stand is a very useful plus. Contrary to some reports, I have had no difficulty using the buttons which function at first press. An excellent product and very much less expensive than the Boxweave case. MobileFun had the case on my doormat in well less than 24 hours from ordering - unbeatable!
A good buy
Shipping took me around 8days, but received intact.
The case is very sturdy & definitely makes you feel secured.
The small stand at the back to keep the phone on a surface like table, is nice.
The case has 2layers, which helps in reducing weight.

(Not so good)
The case definitely makes the phone look larger.
Case is heavy.
The power and audio buttons of the phone get enclosed.inside the protective case & hence are a little inconvenient to be used.
Solid case but issues with pressing buttons
This is an awesome case that protects your device from falls and looks good at the same time.
Pros: Does not cover the bezel and 100% of the screen can be used without the case getting in the way.

Cons: Buttons take a lot of pressure to press, no way around that.
Not compatible with wireless chargers as its just too thick.

Also very hard to remove device from it as its extremely tight.
Good product
May not be an Otterbox but provides adequate protection to the backside only con is the stand on the back giggles/is slightly loose.
perfect for the job
ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Google Nexus 4 fitted perfectly and looks good. It feels good to the touch and is non-slip. It seems to be as tough as it looks and, although I haven't actually dropped the phone, I get the impression that it would be well protected, especially the corners.
Mobile case
Well designed case...good valuell
Just received my ArmourDillo case in the mail. It was very easy to put on the phone and seems to offer excellent protection. I don't have any problems with using the control buttons that I saw mentioned in other reviews I read. Excellent value for the money. Here in Canada there seemed to be very little available in the way of cases for the Nexus 4. It was great to research online the best options and be able to order the ArmourDillo case from MobileFun so easily.
cover that complements the black nexus screen
Yes, its the cover that not only protects but also hence the beauty of the phone by complementing wonderfully to the black screen.

I like the finish , quality and the build of the cover. It provides the added functionality of horizontal support - ideal for video watching/Skype video calls.

The backside rugged look and the side red contours makes it stand out in the crowd.
Protection in your pocket
Over many years I used a Wallet for my phones for protection. The one I bought for my Nexus 4 I Just hated. So I looked around for an alternative. My concern was having the phone in my pocket and forgetting that its there until I climb into the car or sit on a chair where cracking the screen would be easy OR dropping this while at work. A google search for hard cases lead me to MobileFun.co.uk, although there appeared to be many a good case but none to my liking until I came across ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Google Nexus 4 - Blue, although I would have preferred Yellow so I could see my phone when placing it on any table top so not to forget to pick up when leaving a room. Before purchase I also checked youtube for installation and product quality and the rest as they is history. I will also be checking back to MobileFun to see if ArmourDillo produce a high vis Yellow.........I Know! a bit garish but another colour choice for their range. All in all I will certainly recomend
The two-part case seems solid, not sure yet how the fit will last but it def protects my nexus 4
Cover for Nexus 4
I love it.

It's exactly as described. Great product
Really Satisfied
The case is solid, good quality fits perfectly and is very protective.
I was expecting to be more bulky but it is just fine :)
The stand is also a real plus
A tough case definitely worth dropping
I just changed to a Nexus 4 mobile phone and like it very much, but the reviews state it is a fragile phone. I bought the ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case and it is worth every penny. It looks stylish and is in a great colour, the back has an excellent grip and feels good in the hand. It is probably the best case that I ever purchased due to it's toughness. I am sure it will protect my phone for the life of the phone. It also has a fold up stand on the rear and makes it just perfect for watching videos on my desk. I am well impressed.
Pleased with this rugged and yet unobtrusive case.
I'm fond of this case. The grip is great and the case itself is well made. There's a feature on the back that allows one to prop the phone up for viewing media. I'm very happy with the purchase. My only regret is not getting it sooner!
Excellent quality and value
Really does provide proper protection. The stand is very useful. And it comes in bright colours. Very pleased with this.
I found my Nexus 4 was very slippery both to hold and if it was put down on a sloping surface (on a book or arm of a chair). The bumpy back bit on this looked perfect. I am sure it will protect from falls and stop scuffs and scratches too but I am not going to intentionally test this, especially as now its not so slippy I hope to have no falls.

It fits well, was reasonably priced, and the stand is an extra bonus that I never knew I needed. All told I'm happy
Stopped me trashing my super slippery Nexus 4 phone.
My phone is so slippery that it falls off any surface that isn't 100% level so I needed something rugged, and it certainly is that. It is exactly what I needed and the stand is a real bonus. The only downside is that you need to be firmer when pushing the buttons either side. If you are after a cover that is sleek and minimal then this is probably not the cover for you but I really like the chunky, rugged look of it.
Great product.
This is a great case.The quality is good, the fit is excellent with all of the cut-outs in exactly the right place. This case gives the phone a much better feel and improves the grip no end. The stand on the back has also been quite useful for watching films or for Skype etc. Personally, I have no problem with the phone buttons in fact I actually prefer the better feel. I opted for the blue case which I think really makes the phone look and feel great. For the price, this is a great product and I would recommend that you buy it.
Solid case
No chance of the Nexus 4 getting damaged with one of these babies wrapped around it. Love the little pop-out stand built into it.
Perfect for people with active lifestyle
Yes, this protective case is very convenient and in the same time with clean, simple and beautiful design. It's perfect for people with active lifestyle, because of the extra millimetres in front which protect the screen and ofcourse the dual layer back cover which is scratch resistance. I've already tested it on a hike and I'm pleased with the result. For those who think it's too heavy or thick, I can assure them that they are wrong. So if you want beautiful case with original design and great protection for you device grab this one :)
Sturdy case
A solid good quality case which despite being easy to slip on on and take off, stays firmly in place. The stand is very useful for my desk at work and for watching films while travelling.

The one problem with this case is that it's too thick to work with the Qi wireless chargers, however if wireless charging is more of a novelty than a necessity for you then this is a great case.
Protection Level - Asian
I recently ordered for the Armour Dillo case from MobileFun for my Nexus 4, I had read really good reviews about it and was excited to be getting this case as being overtly sensitive when someone would ask me for the phone was becoming too much of a hassle. The arrival of the case itself was a big problem as the package the first time got delayed and I dint get the case even after 18 days of ordering it. But finally got another piece, after some customer support exchange and The case is really well done. It makes the phone feel sturdy, the kick stand is also very handy. Although it does feel a bit slippery, I am sure that can be rectified with a little use, wear and tear of the case. All in all I would recommend the case to people who are not afraid of a bit more bulk on their phone in return for the assurance of safety.
Just what I was looking for!
I'm typing on my Nexus wearing this case right now! It's really comfortable to hold and doesn't add a lot of mass or weight, but definitely makes the phone feel less breakable - I'm prone to being clumsy & dropping things. The case has a nice lip protecting the screen, the buttons are all perfectly usable - it's pretty much perfect! :D
Exactly what I needed
This item is just what I required it does exactly what it says on the website it fits my phone perfectly and protects my phone from Amy damage sustained.
Disappointed :-(
Disappointed with the feel of this case. It looks nice and tactile in the images with a rubbery look. In reality it is all hard and feels a bit cheap, and it slides out of your hand very easily, and doesn't seem like it would offer any shock protection at all. On top of that the flip out stand (which seemed like a nice touch) is angled so the volume buttons are at the bottom, Derr! Not worth the extra money over a standard case. would not recommend.
Sturdy and reliable
A solid two part design means I'm no longer worrying about the all glass nexus 4 breaking at the lightest knock while in my pocket.

Cutouts are in all the right places for ease of use and the plastic buttons are firm and responsive. The stand is a great addition for ease of watching movies and the grooved design means that it should hopefully be pretty hard to drop.

If you want something that feels robust without adding too much bulk then this is the case for you.
Do not use with Wireless Charging
This case is great and looks nice on the phone.
Protection is also quite an advantage it has...but...
Good value, clever design
Works surprisingly well and although its a little bit bulkier than I'd like, it feels very secure. The kick stand is handy.
I've bought otterboxes in the past as they've had a great track record for doing all sorts of protective covers but this is virtually as good and much cheaper.
Outstanding case
Comes in 2 pieces with both fitting the phone like a glove. Together they make the phone feel really good with a little added weight with making the phone feel big and bulky. People think the case is part actually part of the phone and complement how it feels in the hand. Glad I made the purchase and didn't waste my time with cheap flimsy cases that don't protect your phone.
Great Case, Feels Solid
The Nexus 4 is already a fairly well built phone. That being said, I wouldn't want to drop it and chance a nasty back-crack, so I bought this case for protection purposes. As a protective case, it's perfect. I can't see how you could get a better protective case, unless you secured the phone inside some sort of padded air-locked cell.

The button feedback from the case is fairly good. Obviously not as good as with no case, but I've had no real problem adjusting to the slight amount of force required to push the buttons. All the holes for connectors are in the right place.

The case looks great on the phone. It doesn't add too much bulk - still fits in a jeans pocket. The back is easy to hold, the stand doesn't get in the way when not in use. Looks and feels rugged. Case fits over the edge of the front of the phone securely.

The stand may seem flimsy from pictures, but I've used it a few times and it doesn't seem to be prone to breaking. If used normally, I expect it would last a good few years with no issues.

Overall, great case, does everything I wanted.
very pleased
Case is a well made product and fits my nexus 4 perfectly gives good protection to the phone without to much added bulk the rear kickstand very handy to use the phone on daydream as a bedside clock
Bobby Dazzler
Initially I opted for a more expensive version of these types of case with built in kickstand but unfortunately as that model was discontinued while waiting for delivery so I went with the ArmourDillo. The case is great and hasn't added much bulk to the device. The kickstand is great on the bedside for a night clock and watching videos on the train doesn't give me arm ache anymore.
Awesome quality,it fits more than perfect at Nexus 4 and the material is not too elastic,so there is no way of being loosened in the future.5 stars
Must buy
Please read my full review, with video, at: http://reviewzle.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/nexus-4-armourdillo-case.html

It does all as described...
Its a perfect fit for my nexus 4,
although buttons could be more resposive but i have it in a couple of hours and with use they could loose a bit which isnt bad
i give it 4 stars for that only ( there isnt 4,5 stars)...
cause the case isnt have a good grip wich armour or not but thats not a bad thing cause if all of you see the video in the site you see it...
in a botton line im happy with my purchase and with your fast delivery... (dhl rocks )
i will do more shop with you, keep the good work
Practical protection
Initially wanting a leather folio or flip case, there were limited decent offerings that had reassuring features. Upon finding the Armourdillo it is a very satisfying protective case that gives an armoured shell feel to the phone and removes the 'must be super careful' approach to where the Nexus4 is left. Easy to apply, all ports and buttons are accessible and the ridged back makes it easy to identify which way round the phone is when stored in clothing (hard case outwards). The video on the website gave a very good insight into the product and the other reviewers positive feedback confirmed that it would be a good choice.
Best case ever.
Never owned a better case
excellent service
Item ordered at 3pm and arrived next day as promised. Although the phone case was faulty a replacement was sent out the very next day. The phone case is a great fit and the stand is very handy too!
How cool is this
FINALY FINALLY a case that doubles up as a handy stand to prop up the phone . brilliant to use phone as a clock at night or on the desk also how strong is the case! its really robust really strong. No way is the phone going to be damaged in here. And finally the big test, " do teenagers think it's a cool case " ?? Well I tested the opinion on my teenage daughter and friends and they were impressed. Job done !
Simply amazing!
There is little introduction needed for this cover. It's great! It adds bulk to the phone tho, but definitely a good protection.
Perfect fit
Excellent product, recommend this to anyone with a Nexus 4,case can be left on with charging dock. Excellent all round protection for phone and well worth the wait for the stock to arrive, don't be put off if you have to wait for stock, it's only because it's that good
HIghly protective
This case is far more protective over simple gel cases, but it still feels great to handle the phone with it on - it does add some bulk, but I personally like it. The case and the front lip fit perfectly around the phone, while the stand is a nice touch for using Android's 'Daydream' feature or watching a video. It's surprising how high quality this case is for the price.
ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Nexus 4
Fits very well, and actually makes using the side buttons easier to use. Shame that there isn't a matching clip front, but still a great product.
Excellent Case I Would Recommend.
Perfect fit and looks good. Personally I have found nothing to fault this product. It does not hinder any of the functionality of the phone and I feel confident that my nexus is well protected. The stand on the back is a stroke of genius. If I could have one wish it would be for a stand that could work with the phone portrait or landscape style. Excellent price, good value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to repeat purchase from mobile fun. Excellent service from start o Irish, excellent product and excellent value.
Good, sturdy case!
This is a solid, sturdy case that offers good protection to the phone, without adding too much bulk. The back stand is a little fragile for my taste but only time will show whether it will last or not.
A nice balance of protection and style
Looked like an interesting case so I went for it with the 30 days money back and so on. I am really impressed, really like the design, it fits well and offers good protection.
Great quality and fit
I bought this case after not being satisfied with a cheap one I got off the market. But this is great value for money. Fits perfectly and is thick enough to protect my phone (without makiing it bulky) the stand is pretty cool too, and you hardly notice it
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