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Arkon Slim-Grip SM514 Universal Windshield & Dash In Car Mount Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to work with almost any smartphone, even with a case, the Arkon Slim-Grip SM514 is a low profile and versatile windscreen & dash mount.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35798
$26.54 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 27 customers

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Steady viewing on the move
This product is robust and steady even in a HGV vehicle. Others we have tried have moved too much within the cab during deliveries.
Only Just Fits
I bought this to go with my Xperia Z1 Compact. It is a good quality bit of kit and I am very happy with it. However it only just fits my 'compact' smartphone and, with the spring-loaded legs fully extended, I still had to gently flex the chassis to get the phone in. If your phone is longer than a Z1 compact, even by a couple of millimeters, this will not fit.
Pretty good so far!
I've only been using it for a few days, but it's pretty solidly made (for something made mostly from molded plastic).

It grips the phone well, and the dash-mount disc grips the dash well.

You can adjust the positions of the grips so it doesn't interfere with any buttons, and it can cope with large or small phones.
Not suitable for Nexus 4 with case
Too small for a Nexus 4 & case. You have to open to max width to include Nexus phone with even a slim case. Grips broke off after a month or two.
Grips also rattle about when a phone is not clamped in place.
Best quality winscreen mount I found so far
I already had one of these mounts, but it was too small for iPhone 5, so had to buy a new one. I have bought cheap mounts for other devices, but they always fail because the disk inside the suction cup which connects to the device holder breaks, probably due to being cheap plastic. The Arkon looks to be much more substantial and looks like metal, so less prone to breaking. Now I want one for my TOMTOM.
Effective solution
It provides a firm hold of the phone to the windshield, without annoying movements and good (adjustable) viewing angles. It's a simple yet effective and versatile clamping system that I suppose will fit any phone (I use it with and xperia SP). Only time will tell about its durability, but for now I don't see any reason to worry about. I would give it five stars if it came with some sort of power cable tie.
Well, it holds the phone firmly, just a shame it won't stick to the windscreen.
Just what I needed.
This item is brilliant fixes buy means of sticky pad or suction and is not to big,I've tried others in the past but this is defiantly the best one yet.and will fit almost all phones.
just the job
this is perfect,my xperia z1 has buttons on the side so i had to have top and bottom holding it is spring loaded and works brilliantly the suction is solid as well.very secure and option to mount on side,really can't rate this high enough i tried loads but this just DOES THE JOB
I have tried several varieties which seem to be flimsy and fragile.

this item is sturdy,fixed to windscreen with ease and holds the phone still. some others have had a tendency to wobble with the motion of the car.
Just the job
My wife wanted a car mount which didn't interfere with the side buttons her Nokia Lumia 520 and this one fitted the bill. She is able to attach it to the windscreen, as well as the dash, and so far it has fallen off.
Good product
Ideal for Nokia Lumia which has the switches on the side, holds it well and no problems with the suction pad, seems to be fine. Good product.
Will not hold in place
Just like the first review, sticks well to the screen for about 1 minute then falls off even without a phone in the craddle, not fit for purpose sorry.
Suctions a let down for me
The structure is a strong great design but unfortunately the suction seems to be the weakest link for me. I put my nexus 4 in it (holds the phone very well) but fell of the window twice during a hour drive (because of poor suction), the funny part is if you put it on and pull at it to make sure its stuck it seems very strong.

Now I have no confidence in it, phones are not cheap and you don't want them falling off the window.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
ticked all the boxes
If you put your phone in a case this is the only cradle you will ever need. Stylish strong and user friendly.....top product.
Fit my needs perfectly
I bought a Lumia 900 a few months back. I needed a car holder for it but was not able to find one that fitted well. The problem with many was that the grips were on the sides covering the Lumia buttons. The Arkon SM514 works very well with the Lumia and the grips are at the top and bottom. I am very happy with it and recommend it to Lumia 900 owners.

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