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Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount Reviews

This innovative holder will fit any 7" - 12" tablet allowing easy positioning of tablets in order to watch movies or play games while sitting comfortably in the back seat.
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This innovative holder will fit any 7" - 12" tablet allowing easy positioning of tablets in order to watch movies or play games while sitting comfortably in the back seat.
 4.8 stars from 224 customers

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It stopped lots of arguments on the long drive to Scotland. Thank you.
It stopped lots if arguments on the long drive to Scotland. Thank you.
Good piece of kit
Solid build and comes with a load of different size fittings.
Great product
Very speedy delivery post ordering. Very easy to assemble. Secure holding for tablet. Really recommend buying this.
Good functional product
Product as described. Sturdy quality, holds tablet firmly. Easily adjustable. I would recommend this product if you need to share a tablet between two/three kids in the backseat of your vehicle.
Good idea
The idea for the design is good, but l've found you have to really tighten it so it doesn't tilt. On our rough roads it shakes and comes loose.
Excellent product
Don’t hesitate to buy this product, it is extremely easy to set up and fit into the car. I use it between 2 vehicles and it takes no time at all to swap it over.
Functional and Sturdy
Quite pleased with the product. After 3 weeks of usage it's firm and seems to be good quality. I wpuld recommend it.

Couple of things I'd like to see improved:
- the arm can make rattling noise depending on how much its pulled out. I find it does not make the noise when fully pulled out and fully pushed in, but it does in between

- it would be good if the rotating arm could rotate more so that people on the front seat vould see thr screen and change the movie for example. As it is now, the tablet needs to be removed amd put back in.
Good choice
Very solid and stable.
very good and solid product
100% perfect
Awesome delivery and product
Perfect for the Switch
I haven't tried this in the car yet, but it was easy to assemble and fits the Nintendo Switch which was the reason for my purchase.
Great product
Great headrest mount. Sturdy and secure.
Well made, good value for price
I was a bit daunted when this arrived in pieces (of course it was, I don't know why I expected otherwise), but it was easy to assemble and install and is well-made and sturdy.
Solid as a rock
When you're putting a tablet costing hundreds onto a mount like this - you want it to work and it certainly does.

I've deducted one star simply because the way in which this mount holds the device is that the four "arms and feet" are basically variable lengths of plastic. The good part of that is that, not being spring loaded, they hold the tablet well once you've worked out what size you need. The bad part is that you'll probably pop one of them out when you remove the tablet, which is no big deal as you just pick it up and put it back in place.
This device helped three children under 10 have entertainment on a drive to France and back, and helped the driver keep his cool ! so well worth the money.
Good product!
I am happy with my purchase. Easy to install. My kids ages 6 and 3 years old twin boy can able to watch kids movies nicely at the back seat.
Excellent product
Excellent product, strong material and best in market. Don't be tricked with cheap one in market. This one is absolutely stunning.
Good quality
Good quality and easy to use. I like that position of the tablet is in the midle of back seats. The only point I did not realize before buy is that when we but our 6month years old sun on middle seat I cannot use it.
Exactly why I was looking for for my x2 toddlers .
Everything that it says on the tin
Everything that it says on the tin it does this is a great holder for the ipad pro and makes my long car journey a dream for the girls as it keeps them entertainted.

It is well build and does not move when its fixed in place would deffo recommend this to others looking for the same.
Does exactly what it says on the tin!!
Easy to put together and attach to the headrest, holds the new large ipad pro in a case no problem. Love the flexibility of positioning with the extendable arm and swivel feature you can get the best viewing position.
Excellent solution for keeping kids entertained
This mount looks doubtful hanging off the bars of one headrest suspending your valuable tablet over thin air, but I needn't have worried. The locking mehanism onto the headrest bars is very strong and hold the tablet perfectly horizontal right where you need it. My iPad Pro sits in the bracket solidly and keeps all three kids entertained on long journeys. Top top is to mount iron the drivers headrest rather than the passengers as indicated in the instructions. Mounting on the passenger side puts pressure on the bracket so it works its way loose, mounting the other way up on the drivers side just makes the mount sit more securely as it pushes the clamps together.
Final tip, the iPad is held firmly for hours if the bracketbisnlevel or tilted slightly backwards, yolt the screen forward the vehicle movement and gravity mean the top will work its way free - but hey, that's gravity for you - sat level is perfect even for small children, so there is really no need to tilt forward so shouldn't be an issue.
Excellent product. Ideal for our baby who loves to try reach for the tablet.. highly recommend this product
This mount is perfect for entertaining the twins on long journeys
The original headrest mount was missing a small part so could not be used. This was returned and a new one arrived very quickly. This mount is perfect for entertaining the twins on long journeys because they can both watch Stickman or their current favourite and no one needs to hold the tablet.
tablet holder
it is perfect tablet mount east to fit and remove.its make all family happy :)
Bought this for my disabled daughter to use in rear of our vehicle . Its perfect to position her iPad mini for her to view movies but not in her reach so she can't knock it. It holds it perfectly still and is very stable and I don't have to worry about it falling out. It solved the problem of entertaining her on long journeys.. I would recommend this product for safety and stability and was very pleased at the speed of delivery
Excellent in every way
An excellent buy.Value for money and should be way more expensive.We use for the iPad which is very secure and the clips to the headrest are very secure too - can't see it ever coming off.Extending arm and tilt great.When not in use not intrusive at all.Highly recommend.
Highly recommended
After doing some research about the different types of mounts, I finally decided to purchase the Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount. The reviews on Mobilefun where very positive, but the only slight concern was if I could attached the mount to the back headrest, rather than the front.

The order went in and the mount was delivered next day (which is fantastic service) and my fears where eased as it easily attached to the back headrest. Once fixed, it was easy to attach either our Tablet or Ipad, it stayed in place and kept my two 11 month old twins quite on a 1 1/2 hour journey to the coast.

Highly recommended.
Great Device
Universal, flexible device, easy to mount.
Great customer Services
I recently purchase a Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount, prior to placing my order I did have some reservations around the movement of the ball joint under excessive movement (4 wheel driving).
I emailed customer care and received feedback within 24hrs which was very satisfying and hence moved to purchased.
I have since tested it and am very satisfied with my purchased - recommended
Good product let down by flimsy fittings
I have used this now for about 6 months on various long drives. It worked fine and the tablet is held tightly once you have worked out which combination of holders works best. My daughter thought it great she could watch Peppa Pig in the back of the car - and most importantly kept her quiet, which is priceless on a long journey.

Then I went to reattach it to my headrest and found the plastic washer would no longer tighten against one of the bars. Instead the little screw would just tighten through the washer meaning it had nothing to grip against the bars of the headrest and the tablet would now bounce around. I have returned for a replacement in case I have a duffer. Overall the product is good but let down by these cheap looking fittings.
Perfect for one ipad between two children
I love this holder. We had one that had to go behind one seat and then angled so both children could see which meant they both complained because neither could see properly and the holder didn't hold the ipad solidly and it constantly moved.

I wanted one to fit in the middle that of the two front seats that would enable both children to see easily with no complaints. This holder is perfect. It is connected on the passenger side head rest and the solid bar in and out to position exactly between the seats. We have it dead centre between the two seats so there are no complaints. Once the ipad is in place it can be lifted up down, left and right to find the exact position but the iPad doesn't move when you drive over bumps, the ball and socket joint is solid.

My two children, age 6 and 4 have not complained since and the first time we used it, it was in a hire car and my youngest said "I like this can we take it to our othet car too".

A great price and definitely worth it's money, I'm not sure who was more excited when it worked well me or the children!!! Definitely an ipad holder that works
product is very good
product is very good
product is very good
product is very good
Great Holder
Generally holders are aimed at holding the tablet immediately in front of one child. What do you do if there is more than one, this fits securely onto the headrest supports of either seat but can be extended to locate the ipad in the centre allowing several users to view easily. It sturdy, well made and holds the unit securely.
An excellent product.
This is a must if you have kids
The mount is made of metal and hard plastic, the build quality is very good.

It comes with 4 arms to grip larger tablets and 4 arms for smaller. I have tested it with and iPad2, iPad mini and galaxy tab, it holds all of them perfectly. The iPad2 was tested in it's griffin rubber case (which is quite heavy) and without.

The installation is very easy and takes about 2 minutes. 2 clamps attach to the arms of the headrest. I bought a usb extension cable and ran it from the cigarette lighter socket up the back of the passenger seat to the mount so that the iPad could be powered for the whole journey.

Once you have the mount installed you can adjust the length of the arm to move the iPad into the middle of the car. The bracket holding the iPad can be tilted up or down and left or right. We found this quite useful to stop the sunlight reflecting off the screen.

I would definitely recommend this mount. It is a bit more expensive than some of the others available but in my opinion it was well worth the money and saved me listening to 3 weeks of fighting. Two of my friends who saw mine have already purchased their own.
Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount
The best solution for families needs, to play cartoons during longterm trips. Im satisified laso with quality.
Works well
I read a lot of reviews on various products before choosing this one as many others seemed to have issues with strength and general fitness for purpose.

Easy to attach and robust. Adjusts simply to fit the Hudl as well as being able to rotate and angle as required.

Really good for my 2 year old to watch films on long journeys and holds strongly in place without bouncing around.
Perfect!!! Great product and fast delivery Just what i needed. Easy to fit. My kids will enjoy watching movies in the car while were travelling with no disturbance.
Bought this to keep my two little boys( age 3 & 6)entertained on a two hour car journey and it worked a treat. It's very sturdy and the I pad fitted in the holder still in the case which was a bonus as you don't want to be taking it in and out all the time. Really easy to fit too. Great product
Worth every penny
Ordered on Monday, arrived in Dublin on Thursday. Kept the kids quiet for 2 hours journey to Galway. Easy to fit, very secure. Just make sure you have a long enough film playing as trying to control from the front seat a bit of a challenge.
Perfect item for holidays
I wanted a holder for my daughter's iPad mini for long car journeys. Then I spotted this item. Considering there are two girls in the back of the car - this is the perfect solution, just what I was after! Really good quality product (suitable for iPad and iPad mini) - sturdy, fits well, pans, tilts, extends for perfect viewing. 5 star!
Brilliant product!
I had been looking for an iPad holder for car journeys which sits in the middle of the front car seats so that our daughters can watch films in the back.
This is the perfect product! It is sturdy, easy to fit and can be adjusted to different angles.
It has already transformed our lives....for the first time in years, my husband and I actually managed to have a conversation longer than 5 seconds in the car the other day. Our kids were plugged with their headphones and the iPad was positioned perfectly so that both of them could see the screen!!
Thank you for giving us the ability to travel in peace!!
Great unit
Just what I needed much better than the cheap ones which just break much more robust and easy to fit.
Great unit
Just what I needed much better than the cheap ones which just break much more robust and easy to fit.
my grandsons travelling cartoon show
i needed a rear seat holder to enable my grandson to see his favourite cartoons while travelling - i ordered the Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount from mobile fun and it arrived within a couple of days - easy to fit as well - recommended
Super quick
Had ordered an iPad accessory and they were super quick
Super quick
Had ordered an iPad accessory and they were super quick
Essential toddler equipment!
This was a last-minute purchase before a long drive down to Devon with our 2.5 yr old twins ... worked beautifully with the ipad mini and iplayer loaded up with cbeebies faves! The holder was fitted in seconds and was easy to position centrally in our "cosy" renault clio so everyone happy in the back seat. A bit fiddly to rotate to face front e.g. if parent is finding a new programme - you wouldn't want to do it every 5 minutes - so longer shows or playlists are advised...!
Perfect for our summer holiday
Very easy to fit and can be adjusted to find the perfect position for viewing. Fits the tablet securely and can be used to one side or centrally.
did exactly what it was supposed to
2 hours of complete silence, except giggles on the M4, both the 2 & 5 year olds glued to Disney and not annoying me (driving) or the wife (sleeping)...
Great for backseat viewing :) kids love it!!
Easy to fit on front seat headrest
Easily centered for backseat viewers
Fits ipad easily and quickly
Also swivels if only one viewer to the side
Great invention, saved us buying another iPad or DVD back of seat screens when we already had iPad
Also best price I could find. Well worth it :)
Really disappointed after reading the rave reviews
Having just purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and with a trip down to the south of England planned, I set this up in the car for the kids to watch films on. Within half a mile of home, I went over a slightly sunken drain cover in the road and my new tablet flipped out of the mount and landed on the floor, followed by gasps from the kids in the back. I pulled over and checked the fixings were tight, and set off again. Another few hundred yards up the road and the tablet fell out of the cradle yet again, all from the vibration of the car. Needless to say, I haven't used it since, and we've just resorted to playing "I spy" in the car instead!

To say I am disappointed by this cradle is an understatement. I contemplated sending it back, but seeing as though this is the only thing like it on the market, I am going to see if I can make some adaptations to the cradle so that the tablet can't just fall out at any given moment.
Best Car Accessory
My 5 year old boy was desperate to use our Samsung Tab2 10.1 on car journeys. However by either holding it in front of himself, or placing it on his lap we found after a relatively short time /distance he'd complain of a tired neck, queasiness or general fatigue. Thanks to the recommendation by a colleague we purchased one of these and hey presto! all those issues have gone. Also I'm delighted that thanks to the way in which everything adjusts the device is not only held securely but without impeding essential points like the on/off and volume controls, or the in/outputs like the charging and headphone jack. Superb bit of kit!
Just what I needed for a 500 mile journey .....
I bought this item to hold the i pad for the children to watch on our 500 mile journey to Scotland.
The children viewed Madagascar 3 The Miranda series there was silence in the back..the product did exactly what it said it would do thanks...and we only needed to stop for 1 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Just what I needed
I ordered the holder on the Monday and it arrived the next day at 11.00 does exactly what I expected it to do and arrived exactly when I wanted it.. I would buy from this company again thanks
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