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Araree Bonnet Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G Wallet Stand Case - Ash Blue Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G with the Araree Bonnet Stand Case. With premium synthetic leather, this case provides all round 360° protection for the front and back of your device with the added convenience of a viewing stand.
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Protect your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G with the Araree Bonnet Stand Case. With premium synthetic leather, this case provides all round 360° protection for the front and back of your device with the added convenience of a viewing stand.
 4.5 stars from 50 customers

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Does the job
And very nicely
Good enough
I believe it gives good protection especially for the front smaller screen. I was just wondering if they can punch a hole on the front part of the cover, so when you foldback the cover it will still be possible to take a selfie using the back camera while having a preview on the smaller screen because it won't cover up the big camera.

Basically when it's completely closed the front will have a square or rectangular hole that's symmetrical to the back.
Probably the best case for galaxy Z fold 2, offering all round protection. Phone feels safe.
Best case for my Z Fold 2 5G
Great fit; very secure; great protection for both screens; looks & feels good
Value for money
Solid case that easy to fit and protects my galaxy fold. Also cost was very competitive. Very satisfied
Best case for Zfold2 by far
Z fold 2 is already quite bulky when it is folded and it is very hard to find the best yet stylish case unlike iphone with so many to choose from. I got the most expensive tempered glass protection cover for the front cover so I needed to cover it because even the expensive and also darn hard to apply protection is quite easily shattered or cracked... due to ths protection glass thickness the cover doesn't completely close but it still does provide some protection and privacy as well.
I wish they have more color options and solutions to attach handle s. I bought a leather loop handle, so the fit overall isn't quite well but I do think loop handle prevent phone from slipping off my hand.
Overall the quality of case is awesome, very well made, looking expensive and less damage to the phone from wearing the case on and off.
Except for a few improvements or add-ons I think this case is the best choice for Z fold 2.
Works well with my phone.
My phone sits snug in the case. I'm amazed there was a cover to actually work with the folding of the phone. I wish there were more colors. I hate black.i wouldn't say it has full protection when dropped, but it does protect it.
Nice case
Good Cases for the Z fold 2 are few and far Between. This is a nice case with good protection and it doesn’t add any bulk to the phone. I wish it came in more colours and finishes.
Never arrived, and weren't able to give track or trace
Excellent product
Great product. Well made and a very good fit. Highly recommended.
Best case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
This is the best case available in the market for the fold 2, it is an excellent fit and is made in Korea brand.
phone case for samsung galaxy Z fold 2 5g
Great cover fits perfectly, made well. Arrived very quickly. Just wish they had more colors.
Very good product!
Perfect ????
The description of the leader skin which is lovely.
5 star case
What can i say, it fits and grips the phone perfectly.
Well designed case but more for looks than protection
Nice that it provides some protection for the hinge and it does look great in person. The magnet that holds it on when closed is very weak and can't be counted on to stay on. Also there is very limited protection for the inside. This looks sharp but other than the back don't rely on it for protection.
Great Product
This is a very good product. It offers great protection all around your phone... It gives me comfort that my phone is protected all around. You will not be disappointed. I have two other covers and was just a bunch of cheap plastic with dents in them, which offer no protection all around. I am happy with this case, I use it all the's the only case I trust... Wish they had more colors..????????
Good wallet case
Great case the only down fall it isn't really a stand case. It slips too easy. But a good all round case
I love this case because it protects the front screen
I love this case because it protects the from screen
Gr8 quality
Good quality
A perfect fit.
I have just had the case for almost over two weeks, and I can't complain. It fit my phone perfectly, and it's worth the price. The good thing about it is that it covers the phone. Perfectly well, this means the front and the back of my phone has 100% protection. So far, so good. No regrets I would highly recommend it
Where is my order
Still haven't received order
Best folio case you could buy
I usually hate folio cases but because of the zfold 2 design its almost impossible to get adequate protection. I took a shot and ordered this case and I must admit its very nice, fit finish and quality. It says its leather but it seems synthetic. It is made very well and gives you the best protection you can get on your $2000 phone.
Best case
I bought this case for my new fold it is amazing the best case out there gives protection to the front screen as well as the back
Great case... No tracking from company
Takes about a month to receive with Zero tracking information provided by the company. I was surprised that it actually arrived. Would buy the case again but not from MobileFun.
Best bang for your buck
Decent case for what's available on the market currently. Most of the other cases are made of thin plastic that don't offer much in protection. If you need a case immediately which I strongly suggest with a phone this expensive then this is the one to get until something better is offered.
Great fit, very sturdy and looks nice.
Very nice case and very protective. It fits perfectly.
So glad I got this!
A phone like the Fold 2 demands adequate protection. It also demands class - this case achieves both, and the feel of the material not only shows its superior quality, it's also very good to the touch.
Perfect protection
Fantastic case - looks great, snug fit and extremely well made - a must, if like me your Z fold 2 is constantly being pushed and pulled in and out of your pockets 5*+
The Araree case , its pretty good
Z fold 2 cases are thin on the ground, some only cover the back. I wanted one that protects back and font, and also the hinge, this case does that. So I'm fairly happy with it so far, good price as well.
Great case at a good price
Will the case give good protection to all areas of the phone
All rounder
This case is prehaps one of the best looking case to keep your Samsung Z fold 2 safe and sound, as well as very well designed with quality built materials and craftsmanship.
Great quality case!
Dispatched and arrived quickly in a well packaged box.
Case quality is fantastic. It fits the Z Fold 2 excellently and is easy to slip on and off.
Highly recommended.
Great Case but no card slot?
Samsung and android don't work with Barclays unfortunately, therefore I need to carry my bank cards. I purchased this otherwise excellent case. The case arrived with no card slot?!?
false advertising
it is not Magnetic Closure. its friction clasp which it does not close well. cover keeps popping open.

Easy Stand Function? zero way to fold case for a stand function.

wireless charging does work.
Araree z fold 2 case, Excellent, first class case quality product 100% protection for your phone, another quality service from mobile fun
The best case for Samsung fold 2
After searching for a week for a case, for my new Samsung fold 2 there wasn't one available even from Samsung official store where I bought the phone from. Then I managed to find this Araree case on the internet which was available and not pre order. I ordered it on a standard delivery expecting at least 5 days waiting. And to my surprise came the day after I placed my order from mobile fun. The case fits perfectly and looks very smart while giving full protection. Unlike Samsung official case which only covers the back and cost a fortune.
A good option for all round protection
Firstly I don't accept this is genuine leather, it looks and feels synthetic. But it's still an attractive case and very high quality and fits the phone perfectly. Sadly it does not feature a credit card slot as advertised, which is a shame. The clasp seems less durable as it relies on friction. But overall this is a very good case and one of the few that will protect the outer screen and the hinge. I am very happy with this purchase.
Not as Advertised but OK
Not as advertised as no card slot but fits well. Leather feels more plasticy than the official Samsung case but the lack of choice in cases means that this might be the best one with an external screen cover available. Hard corners will definitely aid in bump/drop protection and the back camera is well protected. Unlike some cases I have had before, the clip seems strong enough to not flap open and expose the screen when dropped. The "stand" feature protects the front screen when you have the phone partially folded and resting on it but isn't really an active stand.
Good all round protection
Although the case is of high quality and fits the phone perfectly, it does not appear to be made from genuine leather. It has a synthetic look and feel but is still very attractive. It also does not contain a credit card slot as described unfortunately. The clasp holds well but I am not sure how durable it will be over time.

But if you are looking for a case that completely wraps around the phone, protecting the glass and the metal hinge, then this is pretty much the only case on the market that can do this.
Great quality case
Love the case looks really stylish and the quality is alot better than the ones Samsung makes and its real leather protects both screens which is a bonus
Best case so far but...
Best case I've tried so far on the Fold2 (I've tried 3).

My only issue is that the case was advertised as a WALLET case with 1 credit card slot (which I'm unable to locate unless it doesn't exist ?)
Nice Fit
Got this case for my phone, its a great fit and nice quality. The reason for 4 stars is the magnetic clasp is very weak and does not hold the cover securely closed. Other than that great case that protects the phone very well.

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