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Apple iPhone 4S / 4 Bumper Compatible USB Cradle Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Sync and Charge your iPhone 4S / 4 with its bumper on.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25742
$23.89 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 41 customers

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Does what it needs to beautifully
This cradle is unique in acknowledging that we all want to keep our iPhones pristine for as long as possible and that to do that you need to fit a bumper! The cradle is nicely weighted with rubber feet which stop it skating about on the desk. The glossy finish adds to the quality feel. The blue power LED is subtle though the overall cradle appearance would have been improved without the logo and power symbol.

Others have commented on the stiffness of the connector and it definitely detracts from the otherwise excellent quality. Still takes me two hands to remove the phone after two weeks use, whereas if it had the same resistance as the standard iPhone connector lead you would be able to lift the phone off with one hand.

Other minor points are that I liked the fact it uses a different connection into the back of the cradle, freeing up the Apple lead. Oh, and it's outrageously over-packaged!
On the plus side the cradle arrived pretty quickly and it is as described. Locating the iPhone on to the cradle is quite stiff. Unfortunately after using it successfully about 5 times the cradle then broke whilst locating ht eiPhone onto the cradle with the socket sinking into the base. Returning the device was quite straight forward using collect+ but that was 10 days ago and I'm still waiting for the replacement
Very nice
It's a phone cradle however very nice and heavy so it doesn't wobble around and nicely ergonomic so I can hold my phone in the cradle whilst texting plus a cool blue light on the front. What's not to love!
Desk charger
This is a great bit of kit. Fits perfect for iPhones
With a case around them plus it comes with a
12 month warranty.
Big Kevs Report
I can't speak highly enough of this product it works and it works well saves taking the bumper off every time you dock the phone a little stiff at first but eases after a while ,it now goes in and out of the dock with relative ease
Big Kevs Report
I can't speak highly enough of this product it works and it works well saves taking the bumper off every time you dock the phone a little stiff at first but eases after a while ,it now goes in and out of the dock with relative ease
It Works ..!
If I am honest I was very dubious purchasing this product, I read the reviews and took over a week to finally order it. Got it this morning and it does exactly what it says on the tin!! I have a gear4 skin on my iPhone 4S and it slid in to the cradle easily, connected to the dock connection with not problems and looks great on the bedside cabinet!! Love it!! So much so that am going to place a second order for another dock for my desk in work... would reccomend to anyone!
High Quality product
By no means the cheapest IPhone 4 desk charger on the market. However this product very much is "you get what you pay for!" Its robust, great looking and my mobile sits very safely on the cradle charging! Excellent product!!
I have just received my Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Compatible USB Cradle.

I am absolutely thrilled with it. It is very neat and easy to fit into a corner in the kitchen.
I am looking forward to always finding it there rather than searching the house for my phone. That is, if I remember to put it in the dock when I come home!
Excellent quality
Not flimsy at all - rock solid on desk due to rubber 'feet'. Well made and a perfect fit for iPhone 4 with bumper protector.
Good,ideal for what I needed
The cradle is very good and a snug fit! Perfect for what I needed and can recommend it! Iv had various covers attached to my iphone4 and they all fit no problem.
Does just what it says!
I scoured the web looking for this product - ie a desk charger that I can use with the bumper on my iPhone - and this does the trick! Works very well with a 'rubbery' bumper. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks
A great product and Brilliant service
The Desk Stand does exactly what I needed; to hold the phone in place and charge it, without having to remove the bumper casing each time.

The service from MobileFun was excellent. My first order didn't actually turn up (lost by Royal Mail) but MobileFun were very proactive about the solving the problem.

I ordered a replacement (which arrived the next day!) and completed a form to confirm that the 1st order had never arrived, allowing MobileFun to refund the initial order.

If only all service was as reliable as MobileFun's !!
At last, charging the iphone without removing the
Theres been a continuing issue with apple and being able to charge its products with accessories attached. It happened with the iPad 1 where you had to take the case off and looked like repeating itself with the iPhone 4S with a bumper fitted. I wanted to avoid having to continually remove the bumper before syncing/ charging. Tried an extension to the apple dock but it was extremely unstable. This cradle works a treat and the iphone with its bumper is a snug fit in the cradle but not so snug that you have to wrestle the phone free.
Iphone cradle
An very pleased with this cradle the phone fit with out taking the bumper case off this sit on my office desk and is used daily.
Exactly as advertised
Absolutely no problems. Comfortably holds my iPhone 4 with a bumper-style case on and charges.
Great Job
Fits perfectly with the IP4 bumper on
as I read someone's post it is tough
to push on and pull off and as the dock is light weight I'm having to blue tack the dock down so it doesn't move when I remove the phone other than that

Design : Happy
Cost : Happy
Idea : About Time :)

thanks guys iv been looking for this dock for some time now
Does the job nicely
Bought this unit because I wanted to be able to recharge my IP4 while still in its protective cover. It works fine but does require a bit of force to place it in the cradle and a further use of muscle to extract it. It is getting a bit easier as time goes on. Doesn't take up too much room on my desk and isn't sn eyesore either.
iphone 4 bumper compatible stand
Works perfectly, nicely subdued indicator light, holds the phone snugly with the case on. Decent hold angle and easy to pick the phone up and type/use when in holder
Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Compatible USB Cradle
Great item, does exactly what it says it does. Find it easy to install and remove by one hand only which is a bonus!

Great buy and worth the cost.
Just what i was looking for....
Had an iphone 3 with a desk top charger (great) so when I had an upgrade to an iphone 4 with a bumper on (because of the signal problems) naturally I wanted another desk top charger and came across this bumper compatible one, I have to say after a lot of looking around for one it not only looks good but the fit of the iphone with bumper on is spot on. I love it and I would recommend it.
Just the Job
Does what it says. Hold the iPhone nicely with the bumper case. Will probably buy another.
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Perfect fit.
Fantastic product. Good quality and looks good with your iPhone 4. Definitely recommend.
i-Phone Cradle
Nice unit, tight fit may ease with use.
Great product
I needed a cradle that could take my phone plus bumper and this does exactly that. It's a little snug so you have to use two hands to remove but that's not much of a problem. Would recommend highly.
Great item
Had been scanning around for a while to find a cradle for my iphone 4 that you could use without having to remove the bumper each time, then came across this item which works great with the phone in a bumper!!!!
First couple of times its a bit stiff to slide on/remove etc, but it soon beds in and works great!

The added bonus with this stand is that it actually supports the rear of the phone a bit unlike most that rely purely on the connector to support the phone!
Was a bit worried that the blue LED would be too bright as have it on my bedside table but its a dim blue light so dosnt light up the room as feared.

Definately recommend one of these to anyone who has an iphone 4 with a bumper.
Perfect USB Charger for iPhone 4 with bumper fitte
If you want to charge an iPhone 4 with Apple's bumper fitted, this is the only compatible USB cradle that does just what it say. An added bonus is that it also charges my iPod Classic. This is a great bit of kit that I would highly recommend.
Good but not perfect
Yes im using an iphone 4 & the apple bumper & it does the job. However, is a pretty tight fit so requires 2 hands and now the bumper is getting a little scuffed cos of the tight fit with it on. If it was a few mm wider it'd be perfect.
Fits the Phone
Arrived in good time for Christmas and is a good fit for a bumpered iPhone4. The only drawbacks are that it doesn't have a standard mini-USB socket on the back (so you have to use the supplied cable) and the bright blue LED on the front stays on all the time even when a phone is not charging.
Perfect fit for iPhone 4 with Apple Bumper
Love this product! After the whole iPhone needing a bumper debacle I spent ages searching for a dock that would perfectly fit my phone with the bumper. The fit is perfect so I can't say whether this will fit with other 3rd party bumpers or cases, but I suspect not.
Great iPhone dock with cradle!
Purchased this dock as got bored of taking off and on bumper to recharge. This does the job very well, fits great and looks cool to.
There are only a few docks that allow an iPhone 4 to be docked when an Apple bumper is fitted, but this is by far the best looking one I found. My only complaint is its a tight fit, too tight. When taking the iPhone out of the dock you have to grip the dock and give it a good firm tug.

I would've prefered the tightness to be about the same as if you turned the dock upside down with the iPhone docked, the iPhone would almost fall out on it own, but unfortunately there's no risk of that, much to tight for that.

Also, not shown the product image, there is a ugly logo on the front of the docnk (underneath the dock connector); and an LED.
Great Docking Station
I have been looking for a docking station that would fit the iphone 4 with the bumper on it for a while. Before I got this it looked like the only option was the appple universal dock without any inserts. However this dock is half the price and does exactly the same job as apple's dock. Great product. Also it comes with a usb cable and a ac adapter.
best iPhone 4 stand
I got my iphone 4 a few months ago and bought a stand from mobilefun.co.uk it was fantastic, then the apple signal problem with the following free bumper from apple. Good you say however the phone no longer fitted in the originally bought cradle from mobilefun.co.uk. On checking mobilefun was on the ball a new stand was been devoloped, with my experience of the first stand I had no hesitation in ordering not one but two stands one for home and one for work, when the arrived I was not disappointed they are just as fantastic as the first. My advice not hesitate just buy you will not be disappointed aaa++++ to mobilefun.co.uk best supplier ever.
Fits with a bumper ... barely
I was very glad to order this cradle after reading the horror stories about the 'official' Apple iPhone4 cradle not working if the phone had a bumper. However, while you can get this cradle to work with a bumper, it is not so easy.

Because of the extra depth my free bumper adds to the back of the iPhone, I had to carefully wrench the cradle's connector outward slightly, then slowly "force" my iPhone onto it. While this has gotten less difficult to do over time, I still worry I may damage the connector on the phone.

While I am glad to have a cradle that works 'somewhat' with a bumper, it would work better if the cradle's connector were mounted slightly further out.
Great idea
I can't believe its taken so long for somebody to produce a dock that can be used with a bumper or case.

This is a very neat product which fits fine with my Apple bumper. It looks as though it should also work with a standard case but I haven't tried it. It comes with a USB cable and USB mains adaptor. The cable is about 1m long. I could have done with it a bit longer, and as it isn't a standard mini USB connection at the dock end I can't use one of my existing cables. Over all, very pleased.

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