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Apple iPhone 4S / 4 Armband Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The armband with holder specially designed for the iPhone 4S / 4 provides protection and convenience to your iPhone 4S / 4 for exercising.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25130

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$13.14 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 3 customers

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I wanted an armband to attach to my new earmuff headphones, (also from mobilezap) so I could listen to my music as I walked each evening for exercise. The armband is made from quality materials and fits my Iphone 4 perfectly. Now I don't have to worry about either having pockets or carrying my phone in my hand.
OK - does the job
Took it out of the wrapper and tried to put my iphone 4 into it - upon which part of the armband tore - without any force at all - saying that the tear has not caused any problems. The armband itself fits nicely - no issues. The clear plastic still allows me to adjust the functions if needed although obviously this is not as sensitive to the touch.

Not sure how long the case itself will last but seems OK for the price.
Designed for the incredible hulk
Armband far to big for any mere mortal

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