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Apple iPad 4 / 3 / 2 FlexiShield - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate FlexiShield protection with radial design made specifically for the Apple iPad 4 / 3 / 2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28396
$13.26 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 17 customers

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not quite the best option
This cannot be used with a Smartcover and if a screen protector is fitted it is quite difficult to get the Flexishield on without peeling off the edge of the protector. It also does not overlap the edge by much to properly seal the screen protector under the shield. Protection is good but this isn't up to the original product which it was meant to replace.
It's ok, not much more than that
I was a bit disappointed when this arrived. The silicon was thicker than I expected, yet felt cheap and poorly trimmed. And although it's my fault for not reading the description for it, I was disappointed to find the SmartCover doesn't work with this case (it's too thick for the SmartCover magnets to work).
simply a good product,dispatched and delivered quickly thanks
iPad case kit
product arrived on time and very well packed and it does as it eas advertised, it protects my iPad 3 beautifuly.
Clashes with the screen protector
Absolutely fine provided you don't also want to use a screen protector? Unlikely to protect from a fall onto a corner.
Perfect for what I needed
My husband brought me an ipad for christmas and although he also brought me a lovely wallet to keep it in I was concerned that when I picked the ipad up it would slip out of my hand so I wanted somthing that would provide a non-slip grip and that would protect the item from any little bumps. This item was a great fit, did exactly what it said it would. As it has a small lip around the edge it means you can place your ipad face down without the screen touching any surface. I would highly recommend this product to keep your ipad safe.
OK but not using for reasons stated.
I bought this item - easy to use and certainly protects the back and edges. However, it catches on my screen protector which I feel is more important. So am not at present using it.Should I risk cutting a bit off the 'finally perfectly aligned and without air bubbles screen protector'? I haven't yet decided.

However, it is only 'clear' on the edges at the front - the back is opaque, so, not really accurate description and I would not have bought it had I known it was opaque.

So, mixed comments!
Excellent product
Protects the back very well and the lip around the screen protects the screen if you put the ipad down screen down on a table. Real quality product and excellent value too.
Wow ! Perfect Fit...........
You will be very happy with the quality and the feel, its warmer to the finger tips too,the back of the ipad was always cold to touch,and slippy I just wanted to keep it simple,.
Apple ipad 2 Flexishield Black
This product looks the part and fits more accuratly than the leather cases but it has a serious flaw in that the lip lifts up the screen protector and as I will not risk my ipad screen, this prevents me from using it. 2 out of 5
ok, but not the best
Bought case for her ipad2 not brilliant quality, but ok for £10, it sags around volume controls,
will have to buy something better.
iPad FlexiShield
Easy to apply and remove. Excellent feel and protection for the back and sides of the iPad. Lip at front allows iPad to be placed face down without risking damage to screen.
A well made, sturdy cover for the back..
This shield is well made and good quality, and if left alone would require some kind of screen protector to protect the front.

The edges of the shield are made of a slightly stiffer construction, to grip the edges of the ipad when in place, which is a nice touch.

However, it also presents some other possiblities, because of this extra stiffness, you can (with care) also modify the case to work with a genuine apple Smart Cover, using no more than a CD marker pen, and a stanley knife.

Very pleased with the purchase.
FlexiShield iPad 2 Cover - excellent
This is good value - If your after keeping the thinner look of the iPad 2 then this is the cover - really pleased.

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