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AnyGrip Universal Tablet Car Holder and Stand Reviews

This universal tablet in-car holder will secure your device to your car's dashboard or any other surface. With complete 360 degree movement and fully adjustable arm, you can keep the tablet out of your driving view too.
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 4.3 stars from 112 customers

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A Good Choice of a Good Product.
Having tried numerous holders with very little satisfaction I ordered the”Anygrip Holder”with an open mind,however when the holder arrived I was immediately impressed by it’s sturdy build and flexible design which allowed for choice of installation.Having selected my choice of installation I installed the holder fitted my iPad and took the car out for a test drive which proved to be a total success.Due to the robust build of the holder and the weight of the iPad the installation was rigid allowing me to see the route map screen with little vibration.
I was so surprised at the test success after so many earlier failures that I could hardly believe the fact that it did what it was intended to do with no problems,a very good decision on my part and a very good product .
Very versatile and easy to use
Liked the fact that you could place it almost anywhere and that it had a foam rest so that it didn't rattle when in or not in use
Great outcome
I bought the iPad multipurpose holder hoping it may be suitable to mount in the cockpit of my launch. I have just upgraded the electronics/sounder and can now wifi the sounder readings thru an iPad. The holder is ideal: firmly suckers onto the glass and allows me to view
Below water activity. Great result and easy online buy.
Very sticky and sun sensitive
The base is very sticky and when I triggered the release it stayed firmly stuck to the dash, this is mentioned in the instructions but eventual removal left some of the stcky coating behind and left the underside of the base with patches of stickiness here and there, following this it is sometimes tricky getting it to grip and prolonged period of exposure to the sun can cause the base to come unstuck.
Great item comes in really handy
Good item
Good item...well described...slight delay in posting but company kept me informed...would deal again
Very disappointed with the quality
Very cheep plastic tablet mount. There are many different types of plastic, but this mount is made of very cheep breakable plastic. I should have sent the product starlight back, but I decided to "give it a go", but I'm very disappointed.
I would definitely not recommend this product!
In fact I will not buy from this seller again. But I must say, I haven't given a he seller an opportunity for o resolve this, because this email will be the first they know about my dissatisfaction. BUT when you buy products from the net you don't know what quality you are buying. It is only when you receive the product you realise you have been sold a pup. BUT by putting negative feedback on them it may encourage them to sell good quality products!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steve

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this product, however I don't completely understand why you wouldn't have contacted us first to look into this with you. As you can see, this item has many reviews with the average around 4.5 / 5 so your concerns don't appear to be shared by the majority - however, if it didn't reach your expectations we would have happily discussed this with you further.
Good overall
Only negative is that a 10 inch tablet tends to shake a bit when the holder arms are extended
highly recommend
Very good product absolutely solve the purpose
Happy customer
Tablet holder was unable to be used as described because of the shape of my vehicle's dash but its versatile design allowed me to get my tablet positioned just right. Thanks for a smart product. I had a delivery problem but MobileZap sent a replacement immediately to my great delight. Can highly recommend both company and product.
Fine after some fine tuning.
I wanted to mount the arm on the dashboard of my Cmax, but the sucker refused to adhere because of the car's textured surface. I eventually found a round mounting plate from an old satnav which had a foam adhesive backing which the arm adhered to. My Asus 8" tablet wasn't securely gripped, but I used self-adhesive velcro on the mount and tablet case and all is well.
Best device yet holds extremely well, recommend use of the adhesive disc don't use dashboard protectant on disc or where you mount on dash.
I clean the suction cup every 3rd use or when needed.

PS: I have since ordered 2 more
Almost perfect
I thought mounting a full size iPad in a car and it still be usable would be impossible but I have been proven wrong. Although I do still get some shake when driving on local roads, when at speed on motorways it is almost perfect. One thing that would add value IMO is some small pads for resting the arm on the dashboard for added support. I would certainly recommend.
Device is excellent & works as advertised.
Device is excellent and as described. Holds Sat Nav, Mobile Phone & IPad Mini perfectly & securely. Would recommend this product for use by my friends & family.
Beautifully made, quality piece of kit...
...but it would not sucker-grip to the grain on my 2017 model Volvo XC90. It does come with an adhesive-fixed plate which I'm sure the sucker will grip to, but I did not want to glue something to my new dashboard.
weak arm,not suitable without improving for galaxy 8.4 tablet.
V/good product-recomended
Good product, first inspection v/positive, I did not use yet, will in next few days.
Holding v/strong on dash (installed for few minutes just to kill the curiosity) of my land cruiser 200 series, and this is the most important aspect of this product. Happy with quality of product, price, communication, postage, will buy again.
It Works!
Impressed with the quality and versatility of this device. Time spent planning your mounting and usage strategy pays big dividends.
Fairly rubbish
This device comes with a 3M sticky pad, to give a flats surface for a normal vacuum pad to cling to. Despite using an alcohol cleaning pad the sticky pad doesn't stick well. This is on a Jeep grand Cherokee. It's actually quite funny. No matter what I've tried it all falls apart, unless I try and get it apart when I can't! Its probably to do with the plastic surface being the wrong type, the only way I may get it to work is to araldite the pad to the car. So it's probably fine in some applications, but it depends heavily on your car plastics being the right sort.
"Does what it says on the can"
Found that the holder fitted securely to the dashboard of my car(Kia Sportage) without the requiring the "sticky pad" - excellent suction. The instructions are both easy to follow and include safety information that you may not initially think about: example. do not place in front of the air bags. Would whole-heartly recommend, excellent price and quick delivery
Best tablet/phone holder
What a great gadget holds my iPad mini or my iPhone 6 Plus I use my iPad mini as a sat nav in my camper van and able to watch TV obvs when stationary using my hotspot wifi.
Two thumbs up ...
This is perfect, its fit on my van and looks like will last for ever . I m recommending this product to my friends and brother ... cheeŕz...
Sticks nicely but shakes
The holder sticks nicely to the windscreen. But the problem is the extension arm, it is too week. When driving the tablet shakes like a leaf in a wind storm, and this is pretty bad as it will damage the tablet electronics.
The item is very useful. Any phone ore tablet up to 8 inch fits perfectly.
It's all good now
I had difficulty trying to find somewhere safe to stick this device in my Mercedes CLK. The suction part of the device would not hold very well, I had to buy (SuperGlue)"No More Nails" to stick it in place and to stop it from swinging my Tablet from side to side when driving around corners I had to buy small stretch clips, to hold the Tablet from swinging. It's all good now.
exelant value for money good build quality and we'll engineered
detailed description, price ,customer reviews.
get stand
this stand is perfect, used it in the car and on my desk, needed the sticky pad for the car, but sticks very well to any smooth surface with out it. holds the tablet well in or out of its case i would recommend it to any one with a tablet
Practical and useful gizmo
Many kilometers spent walking or driving around Helsinki, Internet searching in Finland to find such an item also absorbed time . Came across your website and found exactly what I was looking for. Wife can now enjoy long journeys absorbed in I pad and I can concentrate on driving ,which is always to be recommended..
Good idea
The sticky suction cup keeps atached very strong indead.

There is some vibration of the cradle because only one end of the arm is fixed, but overal the device does what it is designed for.

It can hold my Samsung tablet on the truck panel without any problems for all day.
Suction grip on dash seems very effective without using the stick-on pad
Bought it to hold a Asus T200 screen and it is just thou perfect.A bit wobbly with the weight but that's due to my suspension. Also holds my Samsung S5 so best of both worlds. Suction grip on dash seems very effective without using the stick-on pad.
I love the concept of this product as it is very versatile.
But the one notable problem is that the arms are not sturdy enough to stop vibrations. The suction cap is very good on both dashboard and glass.
I have mine on the dashboard so I do not loose any vision.
I am using a Samsung 8 inch tablet, and the mount holds it very securely.
In summary, it is the vibration that I find is annoying because the navigation I have on the tablet has dashcam and visually it can be a little hard to read quickly.
Much better than I imagined
I'd always been suspicious of device holders that claimed they could stick on a dashboard. Well I bit the bullet and purchased this one slightly expecting to be disappointed, how wrong could I be?
This one sticks better than a limpet. I use it everyday as a courier and that can be well over 10 hours a day, I've had it just about 2 weeks now and I've re-positioned it twice but it's NEVER come unstuck.
Highly recommend this item.
Smart easy to use and works
Very pleased with this robust tablet holder. Keeps my iPad just where I want it a perfect driving companion
Great product. Love it.
The Anygrip universal tabletl car holder and stand is a fantastic product. Light, but robust enough to easily support my 8 inch tablet. Small enough to pack when traveling internationally, and vesitile enough to use in a wide range of vehicles. Quick delivery and great value. Thank you Mobile zap.
Easy to fit. Now able to use the sat nav on my tablet in the car. Delivery was excellent and general service from the company was also excellent
very versatile
i use this holer regularly in my work van having it mounted on the dashboard and hanging in front of the radio console allows me to tether up my Bluetooth keyboard and effortlessly type out reports and a more comfortable position the holder has been a god send mobile fun had it delivered next day

well done mobile fun will be recommending it to out service manager and to the other engineers as i think this product will be a great asset and benefit
The holder holds my ipad mini firmly on the dashboard. Excellent product, it also has a little foam as a vibration stopper. Great product!
The holder holds my ipad mini firmly on the dashboard. I use my ipad mini as a GPS device. Excellent product, it also comes with a little foam as a vibration stopper. Great product!
Does what it says
So far so good three weeks in it still does what it says.
It's ok
So.. it kinda works it's quite a big unit but then so is the pad. It does a good job of holding it in place although it does bounce about a bit, so it's best to use the shortest possible overhang for your tab. After 2 weeks and on the first warm day the suction pad came off even though this has a type of glue on it when you receive it. The tab was still to heavy and pulled it from the dashboard
excellent product and price
I love this mount kit. Ive tried others and nothing else holds the weight of my massive 10.5inch tablet.
Perfect solution for iPad
I needed a strong holder that I could fit to my Discovery without drilling or using windscreen type fittings. The AnyGrip has proved to be the perfect solution. Fitted correctly, it holds my iPad firmly with little noticeable movement. On 2 separate occasions since installing it, I have been approached by other car owners at my local petrol station asking me where I got it from. Of course, I directed them to the MobileFun website!
Great Product
Ordered this to mount my Ipad Air 2 in my Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5, it works a treat and holds it securely.
It can also be removed when not in use.
Best purchase ever
Recently I started driving for a local pizza business that does deliveries. I found a great app to use, but needed a good dashboard tablet holder and stand. Searching the web I found MobileFun.com and the AnyGrip Universal Tablet Car Holder and Stand. I ordered one and have been using for the past two weekends doing deliveries and it is great. Even with the thinness of my LG Gpad it holds the unit well and allows very easy access to enter delivery information and see the mapping system I use. The unit is held securely flush on my center dash area and does not bounce around. Literally the best item I have bought in a long time. Well worth the money spent. Five stars.
Good Tablet Holder
Holds very well on textured dash, fully adjustable so that I can keep full screen vision in my Fiat Ducato based motorhome. The only reason I gave just 4 stars is that without the rubber support in contact it would vibrate and bounce. To be able to support it in the position I wanted I had to make an extended support. Other than that recommended.
Excellent Product
Delivery was very quick. Product is excellent, mounted on the dash, multiple options for different positions. Grips well, didn't move even when traveling through very rough off road tracks in the Victorian High Country. Would recommend this product to anyone wanting to mount a tablet or similar product.
good but for smaller devices
Purchased this to use my 10.5" tablet as SAT NAV but unfortunately it's not strong enough to hold it when mounted on dashboard. It sticks incredibly firm on windscreen though. If you have a smallet device, then I would definitely recommend this product. I should also mention that I have never seen a better item out there in terms of looks, functionality and build.
Great! Functions perfectly.
This is a high quality product and it was well worth the purchase. It's versatile and can be mounted in several ways for various dash designs. I've managed to position it so it does not block my view of the road but I also don't have to divert my gaze far. It is solid and I am not worried about my device being dropped, even when going over speed humps. Paired with my cheap 7" android tablet, this is a perfect alternative to a dedicated GPS unit. Thanks!
Good Product
Needed the product to mout my IPad 2 for use as Sat Nav in VW TOURAN & VW Camper. Mounting cup has great suction and does secure the bracket well. But on reflection it may not be the best for a multi car use so we are thinking of buying a second unit to leave one mounted in each car.
Some vibrations are apparent on the screen but not too much to matter
Good Product
Needed the product to mout my IPad 2 for use as Sat Nav in VW TOURAN & VW Camper. Mounting cup has great suction and does secure the bracket well. But on reflection it may not be the best for a multi car use so we are thinking of buying a second unit to leave one mounted in each car.
Some vibrations are apparent on the screen but not too much to matter
Great Product
Quality mount. The suction cup works great on any flat surface. Only downside is lack of lateral support for tablet, although that isn't much of a problem
Does not block your screen like others do
I was unsure as to whether it would have sufficient grip on a dashboard to hold the weight of a tablet. It has. As a taxi driver I wanted it to hold all day with me tapping the screen and switching apps without bouncing about and giving a blurry image. It has held its own better than I expected. Very impressed with how it's performed. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product.
Have tablet can now travel
Excellent product as described and I can now use my tablet for navigation in New Zealand in our camper van. At least I will be able to once i sort out a suitable gps app for that country
Brilliant! Can use the tab as a Satnav now.
Drive a Peugeot 2008 and my existing satnav has out of date maps. New ones cost. BUT my tablet has CoPilot installed. This holder sits it in front of the dashboard infotainment screen and lets it plug into the usb to draw power. Result!
Solves my SatNav conundrum!
My Navman has old maps. Updating costs. So I installed Copilot on my tablet foe approx. £13. BUT tablet too big for on top of dash. This solves the problem by hanging it over the LCD screen in my Peugeot 2008. And it doesn't obstruct the connection to the 12v power to keep the tablet charged.
Pretty much useless except as a babies rattle when left in car!
Rattles annoyingly when not in use. When used with a tablet ( I use an iPad ), it shakes far to much to be of any use unless the bottom of the tablet is resting on something to stabilise it.
very happy with the item .fast delivery
I am a taxi driver and use is for business and leisure I have tried cheaper alternatives but this the best one out there easy to fit and use and no matter what the road surface is like it will not fail worth every penny
anygrip tablet holder
Awesome product very versatile
Loosely fitted
Tammering noise wen car is in motion
The product is kind of flimsy, even though you try to tighten as much as you can all the locks, but will not position right.
Best ever device around
I brought this device for work mainly in my van and being constantly used to each job I visit. The item I am very surprised with how sturdy it is and how it fits in any angle of your dashboard. This is far the best holder for a vehicles you can find our there and I fully recommend it.
Almost perfect
The holder looks great and is very practical. I love it.
There are a few problems though that keep me from giving it a perfect 5 star review.

While it sticks good on the dashboard and keeps my Z2 tablet in place, it can sometimes be somewhat shaky. It depends on the road as well as the car. I have not experienced shaking on the freeway.
It also can't hold my TF810C which is a 11.6" tablet and weights 675g. It falls off. This happens when fit on the dashboard. The windscreen has a stronger connection and should be able to hold. I have not tested this though.
No problem at all with Z2 tablets 439g.

By the way, while the description says it's for up to 11" tablets, it has no problem holding my 11.6" (and probably 12") tablet as long as the tablet is widescreen.

I can definitely recommend the product.
tablet holder
I can't say anything positive about this product. It didn't stick to my dashboard and the arm shook and viibrated on even the smoothest of roads. This is with the galaxy tab s 8.4 which is very light. I would like my money back
MobileFun Reply
We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with the item, please return the item back to us for a refund.
A little disappointing
The service was great, the product not so good. After deciding where to put it in the car, cleaned the dash put it on, next morning it had fallen off, also putting the Surface on the holder is a stretch, you have to force it in.
Not totally Universal
I purchased the "Anygrip Universal Tablet car holder and stand to mount a display for a rear view camera in my van. Unfortunately the back of the display is curved and cannot be held by the car holder so I have to find another method of mounting the display. However the holder is a superb piece of kit and I have decided to keep it because I'm sure it will be useful for something else later on. Its well made and very flexible
i am very happy
i am very happy when i got holder and stand my problum is solve and i been telling my family and friends.
Excellent product.
I ordered this item to hold ipad on the dashboard of my delivery van firstly it can be angled so as not to obstruct my vision and also gives me a clearer picture when I use sat nav on iPad.This is the best constructed holder I have found.Your service A1 delivered as promised.Definately would use company again.
Just doesn't work!!
Simply not fit for purpose. This stand refused to stay attached to the dash of my new Ford Fiesta. I tried everything recommended but just will not stay put! Very disappointed as this is my third attempt to find a way to use my iPad in the car as a GPS. Think I'll get my wife to hold it in her lap!!!
It works but..
It does not stick to a dashboard but to the windscreen perfect. The second point, a rubber wedge, is not quite attaching to dash board, it is not sticky. Mini iPad dangles a lot when installed in it. It is to do with the resonance of a the device weight and the long plastic arm. So really it is useless, a gimmick, I do not use it.
Anygrip Tablet Holder
Bought this holder for my 10.2 inch tablet and its great. It can be positioned in many different ways and stayed securely in place.
Replacement for another make
I bought an Osomount Universal tablet dashboard holder, which broke after 3 days with little use. I returned it and bought this Anygrip. Although the design may not be as elegant as the Osomount, it appears to be stronger and to hold the NEXUS 7 firmly and steadily. I also like the fat that the holder is separated at the bottom so that the Nexus can be un/plugged easily.
Satisfied with the product great costumer service
I ordered the "any grip universal tablet car holder and stand" after looking for different products and standas I needed and using for my i pad 2 to use it as a my sat nav, but because int is very big to put in on the windscreen and my car is small couldn't compromise the space, any way the stands sits perfectly on my dashboard and the large i pad sat nav map is very easy to see, I was a bit worried that the weight of the I pad will not hold but luckily I been driving across Europe and the car holder does the job, also is easy and plenty configurations to arrange and extend the way you need it.
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