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Andida Extended Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery - 2300 mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 going for longer with an Andida 2300mAh extended battery.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37075
$18.40 inc VAT
 4 stars from 18 customers

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I haven't noticed the extended life - yet! but it remains cool.
I am not sure if these batteries need 'conditioning' ( ie allow to go completely flat and then fully charge and repeat a few times) to get full performance but as it is lasting as long as a previous 'cheapo' supposedly Samsung battery it leaves me in a dilemma as to whether it was a worthwhile purchase or not. The 2300mAh of this battery verses the 2100 of the Samsung should make some difference in 'life' or rather I hoped it would but I haven't noticed the difference. One definite advantage of this battery is that it remains cool at all times, the last one used to get very warm, worryingly so at times on, balance a worth while purchase.
Great battery excellent service
Great battery excellent service
Galaxy S3 battery
It works
Great Battery
The minute I replaced my old Samsung 3 battery, which wouldn't hold a charge, with this one - it was like a whole new phone! Only gripe - it takes longer to charge but battery is lasting the whole dat... better than the Samsung battery at it's personal best.
So easy
The best review I believe contains the words simple, quick and easy. My recent order from MobileFun was all of those. I ordered it (easy, quick) I paid for it (quick), It arrived (extra quick) It worked. I am happy. It was easy quick and simple.
Galaxy replacement battery
I purchased this "extended life" battery for the wife's S3. Mobile Fun were great in getting the goods out to me with no messing around. Good packaging and brand new as advertised. The battery, however, doesn't last as long as even the old 2 year old one it was replacing. Pretty poor actually.
Good value but no better than a standard battery
The battery performs well, but I haven't noticed any difference between the Andida and my old Samsung battery. It certainly hasn't, noticeably, prolonged length of charge. On the plus side, it was much cheaper than a Samsung battery.
this battery lasts longer
"Andida Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 - 2300 mAh".
Well it arrived quickly and was packed sensibly.
Charged it up (quite fast to charge)and replaced the original battery in my phone.
I'm very pleased with the extra time I get on my phone before it needs charging again.
Works beautifully
Bought as a replacement for the worn out original battery. Works really well, battery life as good if not better than the original when new.
okay product
the battery fits okay though i doubt it gives me extra play time compared to original battery. the original is best cant get better

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