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Andida Extended Battery for HTC Desire HD - 1800mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your HTC Desire HD going for longer with an Andida 1800mAh extended battery.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30520
$17.25 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 28 customers

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Very Good
Although on the packaging it says for HTC Ace it fits my Desire HD.It charged up quickly and to date appears to last longer than the original HTC battery.
No temperature sensor?
Better performance than the 3-yr old OE battery that it replaced. However, it does not seem to have a functioning temperature sensor, which is slightly concerning.
Great Battery
Ignore any bad reviews you read for this battery. I have replaced my bulk standard HTC battery and I am getting much better performance. Once it even lasted almost 24 hours (not playing games). The old battery was lasting no more than 12 if I was lucky. I was sceptical it would be this much better but it really is, well worth buying.
Unbelievable delivery speed & great product
Read reviews of many non-HTC brand batteries but was still sceptical when I placed the order. I need not have been worried. This battery is great for heavy GPS use on phone. Ordered at 4:30pm one day, arrived 10am the next morning! Couldn't ask for more! Thank you.
Massively increased battery life :-)
This battery is simply amazing. My phone has gone from lasting 9 hours on average. To over 16 hours on average! I would definitely recommend
Great product
Great product. Works better than original battery.
No greater power than a standard battery
Advertised as an 'Extended Battery' with greater mAh than the standard unit, I expected a marked increase in usable time from my mobile. Regretably, and despite charging the battery fully, and draining then recharging, it offers no greater power! I do not recommend this battery, which now serves only as a spare for that provided with the phone. Of interest, the original battery is nearly 3 years old yet performs as well as the new 'extended power' unit.
Andida Battery 1800mah
My original battery with the handset used to drain within 3hrs jus by using the net playin a bit off games. I got reccommended this website & battery by my brother which I'm glad I purchased I have seen a very gud change in the way I charge my phone its not every 3 hrs now it lasts throughout the whole day which is a dramatic change :D
Bought this battery excellent. Increased life of phone really noticable would recommend it
A Great Invention
I am glad to see at long last someone has invented a battery which gives a much longer charge. Nothing can be more annoying than you are in the middle of a call and the battery suddenly runs out. With this longer life battery this cures this problem.
It is about time that manufacturers installed them in their phones.
that little bit more
Just fitted my uprated battery last week and now my phone lasts all day, even after streaming video or downloading even playing a few games, it still has 40 percent power when I get home, better than finding it had powered down :-))
desire hd battery
It's actually better than the stock desire hd battery. Lasts longer, fits perfectly in the phone. No more worrying about wether or not the phone battery will last the day. Has given the phone a new lease of life really, as I was thinking of upgrading due to the poor battery consumption. But with this its problem solved. Strongly RECOMMENDED!!
now last all day
now phone lasts all day as opposed to just 3hrs after a couple of calls.
Andida HTC HD Extended Battery
I recenty ordered this item and it was out of stock. MobileFun kept me fully up to date as to when it might be available and three weeks later I was informed that my order had been dispatched and it was in my hands 24 hours later,

This is my third order and I have been most impressed with their service and reliability of their products.

You should have every confidence in MobileFun.
Good replacement
Had this a couple of months now and whilst the performace has dropped of a bit the battery still lasts far longer than the stock one. Good value purchase and in many ways the battery the HD should have come with.
Ext batteytime...nope!
Cant say that im impressed by this battery. No difference beetween this battery and the orginal. At least it was cheap.
A definite improvemennt in battery life
Like most HTC desire HD users, battery life for me is a problem. I suspected that this battery might be over-rated but it clearly holds more charge than the standard HTC battery and the difference is obvious. Although I have only had it for a couple of weeks, I feel much more secure using apps etc with my phone without the constant feeling that the battery is about to expire. It seems that this battery does exactly what it says on the tin.
Andida Extended Battery for HTC Desire HD - 1800mA
My HTC Desire HD was always on charge before i bought this battery. Now i only have to charge it once a day unless im on the internet for hours on end. I'd say it lasts roughly 30 to 50% longer than the original battery depending on how the phone is used. AND if the battery does ever run out i got a spair in my pocket!
Excellent value for money, I recomend it 2 every one who has a HTC Desire HD.
Cheapest and best - should be standard fitment
I hadn't heard of Andida batteries before but needn't have worried. The battery was easy to remove from the packaging as the front of the blister is hinged and secured with tape, no scissors required. It fits perfectly in the phone.
The extra capacity is noticeable straight away but I took the precaution of deep cycling the recharging for the first week. I now find I have 50-60% left after a working day instead of 25-30%.
Any anxieties I had about battery life before have now gone, HTC should fit this battery as standard! Only £12.95 to cure the phone's only problem - quite brilliant!

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