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Analogix SlimPort SP1004 HDMI Adapter for SlimPort Smartphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Analogix SP1004 SlimPort brings your SlimPort compatible device to life. The SlimPort allows you to tether your device to the big screen. Aside from the standard content mirroring, it also supports Full HD and 3D media sharing.
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 4.7 stars from 64 customers

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Works with only some HDMI cables
Playing movies from Nexus 7 to TV. After 5 mins TV picture started to flicker continually. Changed source on TV to TV then back to HDMI2 and all ok again for a while. Works most of the time.
Works great with my LG G3. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
SlimPort adapter works well
Purchased the SlimPort adapter for my Nexus 7 2013 tablet. The device works as expected, allowing the Nexus to play HD videos on to a HDMI compatible monitor or TV set. Great price (assuming it's indeed a genuine Analogix device) and quick shipping from MobileZap.
SlimPort adapter works well
Purchased the SlimPort adapter for my Nexus 7 2013 tablet. The device works as expected, allowing the Nexus to play HD videos on to a HDMI compatible monitor or TV set. Great price (assuming it's indeed a genuine Analogix device) and quick shipping from MobileZap.
It's a great tool
If you need to show pictures or videos on a big tv screen with a hdmi connection with a blackberry passport then you are in luck because this adapter can work with just the phone connected or you can charge your phone using a micro USB charger.
Great Nexus 7 Accessory
The adapter works well with my Nexus 7 2013 model. It occasionally displays no video (audio is fine), which is fixed by re-plugging the adapter from the tablet. Definitely needs a power adapter plugged into it to avoid massive battery drain on the tablet.
Compatible with Nexus 7 but charging hit and miss
This works as described in terms of providing HD (1080) pictures and sound via HDMI. It also passes through any charging current provided via micro USB, BUT beware that it seems to severely restrict the amount of current flowing through. With a 200mA charger, my Nexus actually LOST charge. A 1500 mA charger managed to charge the Nexus VERY slowly compared to when connected directly to the Nexus. Otherwise a great product.
Excellent service
Excellent service. Thank you for the product. Well packaged.
Ordered this myDP-HDMI converter as Mobilefun was the only company with the new SP1004 model. Initially received one with a bent usb plug (shipped from UK to Canada so that's bound to happen) I sent pictures to Mobilefun and they quickly sent me a new one free of charge. So far, it works as expected though I have to change the display picture size on my TV so it will use the whole screen. Still, simple plug n play to get video from my Nexus or Blackberry on the big screen.
Slim port
Works as expected. Very happy with it's performance. Using a LG G2 (D802) there is very little delay and the out put resolution will change automatically depending on what screen you plug it into.
Just the job!
I bought the Analogix Slimport HDMI adaptor and a short HDMI cable to use my Nexus 7 (2013) to watch BBC iPlayer on my TV. It's more convenient for me to do this rather than use a laptop, as I have in the past.

Only tried it once up to now - the quality of the TV picture was excellent.
great product
worked just as expected.Would recommend to anyone.Like design and features of item.
great product/fast shipping
Product works great. I did a lot of reading of reviews and trying to figure out which slimport adapter to purchase. After purchasing this product I was not disappointed. My product came as described and incredibly quickly seeing as it was shipped from overseas.
Missing for my phone
Works perfect with my Nexus 5.Definitely what i needed to make my phone portable movie player!
Analogix SlimPort SP1003 HDMI Adapter for SlimPort Smartphones
The product functioned as was described on the web site. I mainly use it to watch football from my tablet to my TV. One small problem is that the connection into my nexus 7 2013 tablet moves about a bit, so this retricts its use to play games etc on the big tv screen. Also be aware that the goods ship from the UK even on the Aussie site, so decide if you wish to take out insurance.
this little thing is epic!!
It worrrks like a charm displaying your nexus 4 or 7's screen to an HD TV..a must have if you like streaming movies and playing HD games on your tablet and mobile..worth the price I woud recommend this to all nexus owners there. This thing is bad ass!!
Great bit of kit
Have been looking for an adaptor to connect a Nexus 7 to an HDMI TV. Had tried 2 previously (which were supposed to be fully compatible)and then found this Slim Port adaptor in this site.
Ordered and received within 3 days - plugged it into the Nexus and Hey Presto! Worked flawlessly first time. A great bit of kit.
Sir, I just wanna tell you, I'm waiting again for the slimport. Dont worry, when I receive it, I write again to you for give my appreciation. Sorry for my english, I try to mais my best.
Robert Gervais.
does the job!!
video quality and audio working well via the HDMI adapter and works best if used with a USB charging cable. am able to playback downloaded and streaming content in 1080p which is great. also useful for running android apps on computer monitors, web browsing, maps etc display really well.
Love This Item So Much, But... Could Lead To Divorce!
Being the geek that I am, I have trawled the Internet, high and low for every possible gadget that can make my already amazing Nexus 5 that much more amazing. Being a Slimport compatible device, I couldn't resist trying out this piece of kit, especially for such a great price. I already have Chromecast but there are still lots of things that can't be wirelessly sent to my TV, so the Slimport is just the thing for the job! In my existent I did what I usually do and didn't bother to read any instructions. I soon found the image was flickering to a point of being non existent. Then I realised I had to power the Slimport using another micro USB cable which isn't a problem. Once that was plugged in to the TV as well, the full HD image of my phone was up on screen. So sharp, it works perfectly! I'd highly recommend this Slimport. Streamed TV shows now show up at 47" crisp and clear. Can't wait to try out GTA San Andreas on the big screen!

The fast delivery with SMS delivery updates from mobile fun made the whole purchase an absolute breeze. Thanks again Mobile Fun. Top notch.
Where has this been all my life?
Having previous owned the Nexus 4 and now the Nexus 5, I have always had an issue that I couldn't play films (SD or HD) on my telly.

Made having the films in the first place kind of useless. Since "accidentally" coming across tis device in a Google search, I'm really glad I did, it works flawlessly! Just plug it in and you're away! It plays is SD or HD depending op what the film is you're watching. Sound is perfect, It really is an excellent product and so pleased I have it!

Why Google haven't made something like this themselves.. I will never know!
Analogix SlimPort SP1003 HDMI Adapter for SlimPort Smartphones
So far the device seems to work as advertised, with a few hiccups.
The screen does not seem to always default to landscape. Not sure why, but it is a small inconvenience.
The device does not seem to work with all hdmi televisions.
I have tried .mkv files from Plex server and Google cloud storage, both over public access wifi. Results were good, not excellent. Thought this could mainly be latency related.
A bit pricy for the device. I purchased a mhl for 12.00 usd in comparison. But this is the only option for Nexus 4. At this point a 3 star. But it could go up in the future.
Excellent little kit
This little cable is amazing :) it works so well in portraying your Android device onto a bigger screen, as long as that screen is, however, at least the same resolution or higher then that of your device.

Well built, sturdy, small enough and includes a micro USB slot to keep the device charged at the same time which is ingenius!
Almost perfect
The item itself worked very well, it mirrored my nexus 7 (2013) model directly to my TV, however there were a couple of small issues.

Firstly, the connection was a little loose, nothing that will be of concern if you're watching a movie and the device is going to pretty much sit in one spot the whole time, but if you're using the tablet all the time, you can get constant disconnections.

Secondly, it didn't pick up right away and I had to go into and out of a couple of apps before it started mirroring, however, this may be down the previous issue of a slightly loose connection.

Finally, given its a direct mirror and this isn't necessarily an issue, just an observation that may bother some. The nexus has a resolution which is higher than the TV, and so this caused some issue in getting the image to scale correctly. I had to play with the movie settings a little using the VLC Media Player app, and ended up with some vertical black bars on either side, small price to pay, but it did the job.
I have a Nexus 7 - This adapter works so good, I am buying 2 in case the first one breaks.
Arrived on good time and the device works perfectly.
Plugged in and connected to my 42" TV and wow what a nice peice of kit this is
Works straight from the box!
This is the 3rd Slimport adapter I've tried with the Nexus 7 (2013) and the only one that works. The other two got sent back to Amazon for refund. Plugged it in to the Nexus, connected my HDMI cable and hey-presto Nexus screen appears on the tele. just what was required!
plug and play
works perfect with nexus 4. Plug and play, that's it.Plus there is a charge port so you can charge your devices while playing with it.
Work fine
I plug it to my Nexus 4 and to my sumsung tv, workk perfectyl good.
Also with hdmi to dvi to a monitor work fine with one the second monitor go no signak becausr it takd few seconds to sigmal to apear
Very Pleased
Just plug it in and off you go. That adaptor feels solid, has a little weight about it and is compact with the spare power socket and the mini USB connector on one end and the Hdmi on the on the other. The picture quality is excellent, and the only issue I had was with frame rate. That might be the broadband, it could be he 'BT Sport' app, but the video was slight less smooth than 'proper' TV - certainly not bad though
Nexus 7 2013, Slim Port Adapter - SP1003
I have the latest Nexus 7 2013 Tablet. I'm interested in purchasing the Analogix Slim Port HDMI Adapter - SP1003, but one of the reviews said that it didn't work on Samsung TV's. Thats what I've got !! Can anyone confirm, yes or no, that the 2013 Nexus 7 does or doesn't work on Samsung TVs. Thanks,
Slimport HDMI - No Signal
Great idea, shame it does not work.Despite testing the HDMI adaptor from two different devices (HTC One X and Nexus 7) to two different TV's, both Samsung HDMI capable, the end result was the same. No signal was displayed on TV.

According to specifications an HDMI adaptor and MHL is the correct cable type, maybe the issue is with Samsung TV's?

Device returned for refund.
Classy accessory
I'm using this Slimport to have everything from my phone showing on my large TV screen.
For my Nexus 4 it was just plug and play, dead simple.
Highly recommended.
Very good!
It is very good and are functioning 100%.
It is only for Nexus 7 2013 do not work with Nexus 7 2012.
Analogix SlimPort HDMI Adapter for Nexus 4 / 7 2013
Great product but if you want to use it to watch "Sky Go", then forget about it. Sky Go block HDMI output on tablets.
Analogix SP 1003
I am 100% satisfied with MobileFun and the product. I ordered the slimport adaptor on 9/5/13 and received it yesterday 9/11/13. I expected to wait a minimum of 8-10 business days. Super fast. The adaptor did not work on my LCD Samsung TV, which is an older TV, but it worked flawlessly on my LG LED TV. Looks and functions exceptionally well. Simple as plug & play. Hopefully as supply meets or exceeds demand, the price will go down. I have mixed feelings about the charging capabilities and time will tell. I am a satisfied customer.
Great product!
Good things often come in small packages. This worked first time with no hassles on both my Nexus 4 and 7. Superb picture allowed my extended family to see downloaded HD movies in a remote mountain location.
Simple as it gets
Plugged adapter into phone and plugged an HDMI cable into the TV and adapter to which the phone screen is now on the TV. Pictures, email, websites, video etc....
Love it!
I got this for my new Nexus 7 2013, which has only a single micro USB port for all wired I/O. I hooked this up as soon as it arrived, and it worked flawlessly, carrying a hi-def movie from the device to my 1080p HDTV without any issues or need for configuration. An added bonus is the power port that's built into the dongle so that you can charge/power the mobile device at the same time that you're streaming video to your TV.
Awesome for new Nexus 7 - 2013
Plain and simple...plug it in to the new Nexus 7, plug in the HDMI cable to the adapter, plug the other end of the HDMI cable to projector or TV, and it works.

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