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Amazon Kindle Gift Pack - Purple Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give someone everything they'll need for their fourth generation Amazon Kindle with this over-flowing purple gift pack.
Price: £24.95

Was £29.95 | 17% OFF

Give someone everything they'll need for their fourth generation Amazon Kindle with this over-flowing purple gift pack.
 4.8 stars from 205 customers

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Amazon Kindle Gift Pack
The gift pack was as advertised and the quality of the product was very good. It was excellent value for the money. A different light was substituted from what was shown in the photo but it was of even better quality at the same price.
Pefect birthday present for my mum
Very good value for money and everything in packet for your kindle, would not have been able to buy these items individually for the same price
very good value for money
This pack was really what I was expecting it to be: practical, useful and compact.
Kindle Gift pack
Package arrived on time good quality and in good condition. The only down side was the light did not work as the batteries were dead but they were ton to know that. They did offer to exchange the whole package but it really did not seem worth the hassle. Would recommend this company and use again
does what it says on the tin
very good service ordered item pm received next day.fitted my kindle very well and with the light I can now read in bed without disturbing my wife
Perfect accessory kit
This is a perfect accessory kit for my Kindle; it has everything I need, is good quality and great value.
Just what I was looking for !
The Amazon Kindle gift pack which i got for my sister was just what I was looking for. it had everything in it that she needed and the price was very reasonable compared with other kindle products I had looked at.Will definately use this website again.
Great value
Purchased the Kindle gift pack as part of a xmas gift. Very happy with it. Some reviews said that it would not fit into pouch with the back cover on, the secret of this is to insert the base first and then stretch the top elasticated loops over. Very happy with it and would not hesitate to recommend. Great value for money.
great gift idea
bought for my husband as gift for Christmas - just what he needed!and I can borrow the light when I go on holiday with my mum!
Great Value for Money
this is great value for money, has something for all situations and now I can read with the light off!
Excellent value for money
Having done my research I found that this was absolutely the best value for money . Was also impressed with the delivery time.
I looked for a Kindle case in the 'usual shops' but was pretty disappointed & was thrilled with both the service & goods I received from
The case looks good quality, fits great - just what I needed for taking my kindle on holiday!The accessories are all handy, the booklight although a little bulky is bright. The silicone case & screen protector are added bonuses for the price I paid. All in all I'm chuffed with my purchase.....definately recommend. (And have already recommended the website to a couple of people!)
Perfect gift pack & amazing service
My 2 boys decided (very last minute) to buy their Dad a Kindle for his birthday (which was the day after). They went to town to buy the device, but I couldn't as I had just had surgery. I found the Kindle gift pack on the Mobile Fun site at around 5pm but was convinced it wouldn't arrive for the birthday, the next day; I was wrong. It arrived first thing in the morning (amazing) and is the ideal accessory pack to go with the Kindle. I expected to pay around £20 for a light to go with the Kindle. This gift pack includes a great quality light and so much more. The case is great quality too, the screen protector a great bonus and the car charger excellent for long journeys, and all for less than £14! At this price, I expected the pack to be average quality at best, but it is all top quality.

Mobile Fun keep me informed every step of the way regarding the delivery process and the customer service was exemplary. I can honestly say, I cannot fault the company or product they supplied and would use them again and recommend them to friends without hesitation. Top marks to a trustworthy firm and fabulous gift for one very happy husband.
Does the job
Excellant video displaying the cover better than going in to a shop.
Speedy delivery, received the item the next day.
Great service.
the best on the market
the pack which i received is great and the price is just the best... also to be able to watch the vidio so i could see how every thing works was of the item from mobile fun is so fast thankyou.
Cases are disappointing
I bought this pack as a small gift for my parents to got with their new Kindle.

The screen saver is fine. I haven't put the 3 AAA batteries in the light to try it, but the clip is padded, and the light is lightweight, so assuming it gives out enough light it should be fine.

The disappointing bit is the cases. The silicon case didn't seem to fit very well, and had no cutout for the headset (which my mum is likely to use, as the read aloud feature will help her since her vision was impaired by a brain haemorrhage). If it wasn't for the poor fit, a hole punch would soon fix that, of course.

The corner loops in the book-style case were rather tight, making it difficult to get the Kindle into it. My dad had already tried and given up. It took me a good 15 minutes to manage to shoe-horn the Kindle into it, and even then, the Kindle sits a little too high in the case, protruding slightly at the top, which is rather a shame, as the case itself would be quite neat if the corner tabs were right.
Great Value
This is a great value package for your kindle the light a god send for reading at night.
Also a fast reliable service from Mobile fun.
Many thanks again
Ideal for all
The leather case was great as it was light a great fit so the kindle would never fall out. The protective rubber cover was more useful when just reading around the house as when I accidentally dropped the kindle it wasn't affected, superb practicallity. Then switching the kindle to the leather cover was better for travelling or reading outside, it also make you feel like your reading an actual book as it is like a book cover which adds to the experience. The light is small and easily portable so great for reading in the dark as often and light or lamp in a room is too powerful at night for reading as the brightness wakes you up more so the smaller, less bright light, is just perfect! Overall extremely happy with the pack and a bragain for the price!
Great service
Just bought the kindle gift pack .great value and great service from mobile fun
thanks guys
More than expected
I was looking for a cover for a kindle touch. The price of the Kindle covers seemed a bit over the top. On looking around I found the Mobilefun site and was very pleased with the product supplied and would have thought it good value for money without the extras; screen protector, in car charger, skin, and clip-on light. I now have all the addons that I require with just one purchase - and with speedy delivery.
Just what I thought my wife needed
Bought it for my wife's new kindle which was given was a present by someone else. Unfortunately Royal Snail delivered it about two days late, while I was away, and after it was opened and bits like screen cover stuck on it was noticed that the Kindle was a keyboard version and the case was not.

Not Mobil Fun's fault and the package altogether is a good buy so I'll keep it for the next Kindle in the household.
I never dreamed.....
that such a Kindle package even existed, let alone that I myself would be the proud owner of such a life-changing convenient collection of everything any Kindle owner could want- a light (for travelling light), a secure case (just in case) a stand (which I couldn't stand to be without)- in short this Kit for Kindle is NOT a Swindle!!
The Amazon Kindle Gift Pack itself is brilliant and great value for money, but.....I was a little disappointed that it took 6 days to reach me. One of the reasons I ordered from this vendor was reading the reviews and seeing how impressed people were with the delivery time. I read the smallprint which stated it could take up to 15 days but the majority of people had commented on how quickly (i.e. the next day) they received their item(s). That said, the item itself is brilliant.
get one now!!
i read all the reviews, just like you are now and realised everyone was saying the same thing...'absolutely perfect, just what we needed,amazing price,great quality,etc' and kept on reading to try and find one that said 'how terrible it was and what a con!' but couldnt and so bought a kindle gift pack...and guess what... its 'absolutely perfect, just what we needed,amazing price,great quality,etc'... so dont bother reading more reviews, just buy one now and save yourself some precious time!
To Protect And Serve
Need to -
-protect your nice new Kindle from bumps, thumps and scratches?
-present your Kindle as a fashion accessory?
- charge-up your Kindle on-the-move?
- relax with a cozy Kindle bedtime read?
Get this great Amazon Kindle Gift Pack and all your Kindle needs will be met in one price-busting bundle.
Whether you slip your Kindle into the casual neoprene jacket for lounging around the house,or dress it up in its Sunday Best leather-look clip case and throw-in an easy-fit Screen Guard, you can be sure your Ereader is kept safe and sound.OK, you can't use both covers at the same time, but who wears a wet-suit under their dufflecoat?
For the busy person on the move, a Kindle car charger's included and to soften that overnight stay at Hovelodge enjoy a nighttime Kindle read using the inclusive clip-on light. The flexi-necked lamp uses 3xAAA batteries and effectively illuminates without glare.
All in all, a great package designed to get the best out of your Kindle, Kindle Touch or Kindle 3G.
Great value
Just received the kindle gift pack and it is great value for money and really good quality. Would definitely recommend for good products and excellent service.
This was the first time that I had used your site. I am very impressed with the very speedy delivery of the Kindle Pack. This was bought as a birthday present and the receiver was very happy with it. The extras such as the light was a great bonus. Excellent value for money.
Fantastic value for money
Purchased my Kindle gift pack, amazing price, looks great, everything you need for your Kindle. Fast delivery too. Would recommend.
Great looking and functional product
I am so pleased with my kindle cover, light, car charger etc. The product is exactly as stated and makes reading your kindle more like reading a book. I thought, at first, that I wouldn't like the kindle as I love reading books - the feel of them, turning the pages etc. but with the cover it feels more like a "real" book. All the other things that came in the pack were just an add on extra. The only thing I would say negatively about the pack is the light - it is a little "cheap and cheerful" and a little bulky but, when all is said and done - you get what you pay for!
Amazon Kindle gift pack
Absolutely brilliant
Exactly as described
Delivered on time
Highly recommend
Great Value
Does the job and the extras are a great bonus. Good Value compared with what is out there.
Just as decribed
Great product and first rate service
Excellent Value
The Amazon Kindle Gift Pack is an excellent product and, given the low cost, great value. The delivery time was exceptionally fast.
Prompt and spot on
Bought as a present but had chance to evaluate before sending. Exactly as described and caters for a variety of ways of using the device. Great value compared with lots of alternatives!
Pleased with it.
I was pleasantly surprised at how much the pack contained.
The Kindle holder makes the Kindle much easier to hold safely: I had managed to give myself a split lip by dropping the Kindle when I got sleepy! The light is also good. Indeed I consider the whole pack very useful and a good buy.
Great Value - Great Look
Bought the item online and was slightly hesitant as it was so much cheaper than others. Am delighted. The case looks good, the other accessories are great as well. I don't have anything else to compare the light to so not sure how it would do against the more expensive ones but for the price it suits me fine for the occasions when I want to read in bed without disturbing my partner.
Great package
This was a gift for my Mum who'd received a Kindle for her birthday, and she's very pleased with the accessories in the pack, particularly the light fitting. Very good value!
Spot on Accessory
Think this is a must have accessory for the kindle. The value for money is good.
I will point out that you cannot fit the case on if you have the silicone sheath on. However! In the house I'm using the sheath, if I go for a trip away I'd use the case.
The screen protector was easy to fit, although one of the tabs didn't rip off competely and I had to gently remove it with my fingernail.
The light is really quite bright for a single LED, however the switch case became a bit loose last night and the light went out. Had to squeeze it back together which fixed the problem. This was after around a month of purchase.
I've yet to use the car charger! Don't think it'll get much use but you never know, it's always a good idea to be prepared. :D

Overall I think it's worth the purchase for the silicone sleeve, screen protector and case. These alone will cost more if bought individually. The other accessories are a good bonus.
Perfect for my Kindle
Ordered one day delivered the next ...perfect product for my Kindle and as usual first class service from MobileFun.
wife was very pleased with present
Amazon kindle gift pack
really pleased with my purchase.It was a real bargin 5 products for less
than the price of what I was going to pay for 1.
A good way to take care of your kindle
It was a good present to go with the kindle, I'm very pleased with it. The only down side is that the light is a bit tricky to use.
Really good value accessory pack
Really handy accessory pack which contained everything you would need to make using a Kindle easier to use and keep in good condition. I would recommend this pack to anyone who owns or is thinking of buying a Kindle.
Perfect for my needs
This pack had all the components necessary to enable me to get the best from my Kindle. Being on a budget I found it value for money and very stylish. Everyone who's seen it asked where I bought it.
Value for money
Excellent value for money, good quality. Next day delivery.Brilliant!
Great buy
Really good product giving excellent value for money. The cover is neat and looks classy and the light is an added bonus. Does the job equally as well as higher priced products.
Looked at loads of Websites and this was the best! A brilliant package delivered next day and great value for money. All I need now is lots of time to use my Kindle!
A really good package of accessories
The Kindle gift pack is exactly what I was after, at a price I was willing to pay. The Kindle case itself is really robust and well finished. The silicon protector is ideal if you wish to just protect your Kindle around the house. Either of these combined with the screen protector should keep your Kindle looking good for yearts to come.

The clip on light is very bright, and unlike many other lights it uses plain old AAA batteries, so there are no hassles trying to get watch style batteries And finally of course there is the car charger. Admittedly this will be of minimal use as few people will probably charge in the car. But if you are away camping, etc then very useful, and it will fit any Mobile Phone that uses Mini-USB chargers.

It's a really good package. And bearing in mind that the Amazon case, with built in lamp is around £50 !! That shows what a great package this is.

Nice one Mobile Fun.
Great value!
A really good quality, great value pack. The Kindle case is beautifully made and stitched and the magnetic press stud works really well. An exceptional pack for the money. Highly recommend.
kindle gift pack
Loved this. Made my kindle feel protected. The only thing I would have liked extra would have been a plug in charged instead of one to plug in a cigarette lighter.
Fantastic - buy it!
Such good value and a nice colour in real life. Really quick delivery.
The Complete Package
What a find. Originally I was just looking for a Kindle cover but the 'Gift Pack' exceeds my expectations. This is a value for money comprehensive set which is well made, attractive and of good quality. Thank you Mobile Fun for your speedy and efficient service.
Great cover
I was very pleased with this cover,light,in car charger.I give this 5 stars.
absolutely brilliant product. so pleased with the quality and especially the price. will defo come back to mobile fun for any other accessories in the future. thanks
"Purple Pleasure"
Fantastic Gift Pack in Purple, just what the Doctor ordered. Both covers are good protection for my Kindle as I travel a lot, also in-car charger then comes in handy. Find Kindle easier to hold in the leather cover. Light not too bright but this may be my batteries. Good gift pack, delighted with it.
Excellent gift set
I recently purchased the kindle gift pack and was very pleased with the complete set. The case is good quality and the light that can be attached to the case fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend this set.

Excellent item. Just what I needed and the service was excellent. Delivered the next day.
Kindle pack
Brilliant cover for my birthday kindle. Everything I needed to get started. The light is really good and not too big. No problem with any of the pack. Can't thank MobileFun enough for the speedy delivery, ordered it early evening and 36 hours later a knock on the door and there it was. I have recommended you to lots of people. Thank you
great purchase
Really happy with product. great purchase and good quality. reasonable prices and quick dispatch.
Excellent all- round experience
Firstly, I was impressed by the detailed and accurate description of the item I was looking for. There were also several different varieties and combinations to choose from. I made my choice and was then further impressed by the speed at which the order was confirmed and subsequently the speed with which it was delivered. The product itself was exactly what I wanted and also exactly as it had been described. I could not have asked for more and have written this, my first ever review, as a result.
Amazon Kindle Gift Pack
This was just an excellent present for my wifes bithday as she got given a Kindle for christmas.
So again I got top points for the thought to buy this gift pack.
Just what I was looking for
It had everything you could want, cover, case and even a light. Really handy, very useful and lovely colour
Just what I needed
Excellent value for money. I was very pleased at the quality of the product which came very quickly in the post. Have recomended this to friends.
Good but not perfect
Items purchased of good quality and value. The only shortcoming was that the kit was not presented in a box together as was implied by website illustrations but merely a collection of items in an envelope. As it was for myself it didn't matter too much but would have been disappointing as a gift. Hence only 4 stars.
Useful Pack
Great value pack and good quality items...particularly liked the "leather" cover and in-car charger...these items alone worth the money.
Great set and cheap for the quality
Had searched quite a few places for covers for my Kindle and could not believe the prices of them until I found this one. I am really pleased with the set and the quality it is excellent and for the price of the cover from most places you get all these extra things. DEFINETLY RECOMMEND.
Ok but ...
I bought the pack because it seemed to offer all I needed. In particular I wanted a light so I can read in bed. The Folio Cover is good though bulky - solid and substantial and will protect the Kindle in most circumstances. The soft case is handy though not an essential and the Screen Guard seems to work well - though I'm not sure why it is necessary. However, I am disappointed with the quality of the clip-on reading lamp. Like another reviewer I broke the lugs which hold the batteries in so have it bound up with tape. More importantly, it is very bulky and only stays on the kindle if one of the covers is fitted and is so big that the clip-on part obscures the corner of the page if using it with the soft case. When using the Folio Case it is best attached to the flap which makes it even more bulky to use in bed. I am seriously thinking of buying a different cover with a smaller, built-in light which looks much more user-friendly.
Nice colour Great Value
Delivery was great - next day as promised. Love the colour. The cover fits just great. Haven't really used the skin since it won't fit with the cover. Light works OK but its a but cumbersome to use reading in bed and for plane travel.
Great value for money package
Well worth the money
Got this for my birthday to go with my new kindle, cover fits really well, colour is really nice,and light is great.Haven't put screen saver on yet but looks easy enough to do. Excellent value for money, prompt delivery and good quality, which encouraged me to buy a cover for our Ipad 2 as well.
Fantastic service ordered kindle book cover 4-30pm and was delivered next morning items were just what I wanted.
Top product, top valure, top service
The mobile fun pack is fantastic value - priced the bits included elswhere and it came to over £60!!

i throughly recommend the product and the website.
Excellent accessory
This was a fantastic accessory,all works well,colour great and of excellent quality, price very competitive so good value for money, it took less than 24hrs from ordering to delivery very impressive all round. Thrilled!.
What a Bargain
Does the job and more at a fraction of the cost.
What a bargain
I wanted a leather cover for my new kindle but was put off by the prices and mixed reviews in the kindle store. I was delighted when I found this gift pack, I couldn't believe it. Thank goodness for reviews or I would probably have thought it too good to be true. The leather case is stylish and well made and has a magnetic fastener. You can't fold it back to use one handed but if I needed to I could use the rubberized jacket. The screen protector was a bit tricky to put on but, although slightly bubbled in one corner, is unnoticeable when reading. I haven't used the car charger yet but I will find this extremely useful when travelling as I don't usually take my laptop with me. The light is a bit flimsey and needs batteries that are not supplied but its a useful bonus if you need it. I'm very pleased with the whole pack.
The fiishing touches
Having received a kindle for christmas these accessories were just that. They arrived promptly , well packaged and were I felt tremendous value for money. The light was stylish yet robust and didn't need a minute screwdriver to insert the battery. Easy to use.
Excellent Service and Brilliant Product
This product is excellent value for money and is a must for all Kindle users. The Case,Reading Light,Screen Guard and Silicon Sleve are first class quality you can pay more than this for a cover alone.
ideal gift
A fabulous gift pack,it included all essential items for the kindle at a very affordable price. All items were excellent quality and the delivery and service received from mobile fun was second to none!
Brilliant just what I needed
This kindle case fits like a glove and lets you charge without taking out too. The light is just what I wanted so I could read in the car too. Love the colour so much nicer than the boring black cases. Would definitely recomment A* :)
Kindle cover -perfect for the job.
The purple Kindle cover is exactly as advertised. It looks good as well as protecting the item when in a bag or just lying about.Easy to use & smart.
kindle gift pack
This item is terrific value. It looks the part of the more expensive name one. No hesitation in recommending this to anyone.
Amazon Kindle Gift Pack - Purple
Excellent value for money - even if the cover isn't quite as beautiful as the £50 official version! Amazing service - I ordered it around 3.30pm and it arrived the next day. I would certainly recommend mobilefun to anyone.
Found one at last
The cover for the kindle was excellent, so good my friend at work asked where i got it as she wanted one so i told her and how much. The light was ok, although the battery holder is a bit, big and cumbersome, but overall this product is well worth the money.
Good Value for money
My Kindle gift pack is good value for money, "i love the colour,it beats boring black".The only thing that i didn't like was the bulky night light; i didn't think it would be quite so big.I Have seen smaller; but no douth it will prove to be most useful. I'm glad for the in car charger, great for long journeys.
Kindle gift pack
I was most impressed by the speed of delivery of the gift pack. when it arrived the contents excelled my expectations in their quality. all items have been used and top marks to mobilefun.
Purple Kindle cover and accsessories pack
Just got my kindle for xmas ordered this cover and love it really love the colour and the light and car plug are great too !.
A belting good buy!
One could write reams about this excellent product, ‘nuff said it is superb! The only observation I can make is: use “Energizer” batteries in the lamp, they are slightly slimmer than other brands which do not allow the lid of the battery box to close.
Being kind to your kindle!
I bought this pack mainly to protect my kindle from bumps and scratches and it does that. The case is compact and neat and tidy and it was good value just for that. The other bits that came with it were an added bonus - the light is dead useful. Well worth it.
Ideal piece of kit
Cannot fault the kit perfect in everyway, excellent value for money and excellent delivery.
Just what I was looking for!
Amazon Kindle gift pack was great value and included all of the accessories I needed for my Kindle. Ordering was easy and delivery was prompt. The goods are good quality and well worth the purchase price.
Brilliant !!
I got an Amazon Kindle for Christmas and wanted a cover to protect it. This set is perfect, good quality , excellent value for money and was delivered very quickly. (Having it in Purple was a bonus as purple is my favourite colour )I would definitely recommend it :-)
It is absolutely perfect
It is wonderful value for money has everything I wanted and more. fantastic quality well made.told all my friends about it.I know people that have paid more than this just for the leather cover,and in boring black. Very very happy with this item.
Brilliant deal!
I was lucky enough to get a new Kindle for Christmas but I didn't have a case. Because it's an Amazon product the temptation is just to look at the Amazon website for accessories. I was so glad I took a look here as well. A brilliant starter pack for the new Kindle owner. The case is great, a lovely colour. The screen protector isn't something I would have though of buying, but judging by the state of my phone screen it has to be a good idea! The light is a version which runs off AAA batteries rather than the Kindle battery- which may be a good or bad thing for buyers. If you're looking for a few bits to get you started I don't think you'll do better. I was almost put off by how cheap it was- don't be, its a bargin!
Amazon Kindle Gift Pack
Well I fell in love with my Kindle at first sight, now I have a Purple kindle cover and a purple rubber sleeve, gosh how cool can reading get. Excellent service from Mobile Fun, delivered the next day. Loving it. Thank you
glad I bought this
Bought this bundle for my Christmas Kindle. Looked through Amazon and all their cases looked quite expensive - had decided I also wanted a light so thought I might as well try this gift pack as it incorporated both as well as lots of other bits and pieces.
Very pleased with speedy delivery - practically next day - and also with quality and fit of case. I'm using the wallet style case as it gives me something to hold on to - makes it more like reading a book but the bumper style case much to my surprise fits the Kindle and also fits inside the wallet case so if going on holiday might well take this for extra protection. So far haven't used the in car charger but I'm sure it will come in handy some time. Also haven't tried out the screen protectors as I've still got the one that came with the Kindle attached.
The light seems fine - one or two of the reviews said it wasn't very robust. I've nothing to compare it with but it seems okay to me. Good for reading in bed while not disturbing husband and will be good for night flights or for use in the car.
All in all a really good buy.
Great Package!
After receiving a Kindle for Christmas, obviously the first thing I had to do was to get some sort of cover/case/sleeve for it.

I looked quite a few places and realised that a decent one would be quite pricey but then I stumbled across this gem of a package! The leather cover is great quality, the rubber case is easy to use, the screen protector does the job and the light is handy too! All that for £25 is a steal!

A must for new Kindle users!
does the job
good product , cases fitted well. nice colour. everything i needed in one package for my xmas present. thanks
What a bargain !!
I purchased this gift pack for myself as i had been given the Amazon Kindle for a christmas present and knowing how clumsy i am thought i had better get myself a cover for it, i trawled the internet and came across the Mobile Fun site i was thrilled to find that i could not only get the cover but a whole gift pack containing lots of goodies for the same price as it would have cost just for the cover, on many of the other sites!! The quality of the cover is fantastic, as is the colour, the ,gel cover that is included fits perfectly and the light that clips on to the kindle is great if you want to read without disturbing your partner !! It also included a a screen cover which was easy to apply and does not affect your reading ability, the car charger i haven't used yet but will come in handy when we go off on our holidays. The whole experience from ordering to recieving was an absolute breeze, had it delivered in two days. So for fantastic prices and fantastic service thank you MobileFun i will definately be recommending you and this product.
The purple cover good quality Leather and rubber sleeve good for daytime use when at home . The accessories are all useful although the screen protector a bit fiddly to get rid of bubbles .
Kindle Gift Pack
Bought this as a christmas present and it has everything that you need for your kindle, and more.
brillant pack indeed
I bought this for my 7 years old... as she loves to read n got a Kindle for Xmas. So I got her this kindle pack n she loves everything in it down to the cig charger in the car!

Cant find any fault for this product.
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