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aircharge MFi Qi iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Case - Black Reviews

Charge your iPhone 7 Plus using Qi wireless technology. Using your existing Qi charging dock, simply put down your iPhone and charge up! Also features Apple's Made for iPhone certification for complete peace of mind and quality assurance. In black.

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 4.9 stars from 6 customers

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Good product
Charging case works well. Does not make the phone too bulky.
Excellent product
This can be used on phones that don’t have base charging and then use on a auto that has a base chargers in them ... I can also get a base charger and never plug a cord into the phone again this product reduces the ware and tear on the plug on the phone and keeps dirt out..
Charging without the hassle of plugging!
I at first thought this included an external battery within the case. As I worked with the system I realized no external battery but an excellent system to recharge the regular phone battery. It seems so much easier to me to just set the phone with its aircharge case into the existing, powered stand for recharging wirelessly and forget about reaching for the plug or searching for the regular charger somewhere! So, I'm pleased with this unit even though it's not exactly what I thought it's very handy in keeping my iPhone charged!
My grandson says it’s great!
Can’t comment much because it was a present but the recipient is very happy.

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