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aircharge MFi Qi iPhone 6S / 6 Wireless Charging Pack - USA Reviews

Charge your iPhone 6S / 6 using this aircharge MFi Wireless US Charging Pack. Simply put down your iPhone and charge up! Also features Apple's MFi or 'Made for iPhone' certification for complete peace of mind and quality assurance. Includes a US Plug.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58034
$79.66 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 3 customers

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What I needed!
Interest in this product came after I purchased newer Toyota Tacoma with the wireless charging dock on the dash. In stock form my iPhone doesn't have the capability to make the most of the feature the truck provides. This case did the trick and saves the hassle of having to plug it in. Case is cool looking and really adds no size to the phone, basically just having a protective case, with some added features. Good stuff. The home base is also a great thing to have and saves plugging it in.
Good product
Product is good. It has a difficult time connecting to the charging pad. When it connects to the charging pad it charges fast. It will not charge my phone completely. Once my phone gets 85% to 90% charge, it stops charging and won't charge anymore. Sometimes it will stop charging in the middle of a charge. I just pick up my phone and reconnect it then my phone continues to charge.
As the product says, I am easily MOBILE
I purchased this product to be more mobile. I have a 2016 Chevy Tahoe with wireless charging in the vehicle. This product works awesome!!! I love the fact I can have a charging pad anywhere I want and just sit my phone down, no more cords!! Nice looking case, easy grip side material is great, especially when hand are sweaty from working in heat. Being able to view the Apple Logo is Sexy!! Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to furure MobileFun Products!

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