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aircharge MFi Qi iPhone 6S / 6 Wireless Charging Case - White Reviews

Charge your iPhone using Qi wireless technology. Using your existing Qi charging dock, simply put down your iPhone and charge up! Also features Apple's MFi or 'Made for iPhone' certification for complete peace of mind and quality assurance.
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Charge your iPhone using Qi wireless technology. Using your existing Qi charging dock, simply put down your iPhone and charge up! Also features Apple's MFi or 'Made for iPhone' certification for complete peace of mind and quality assurance.
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Just what I was after
Very neat case and charges wirelessly with no problems. Have already recommended to a friend.
Ok if you can find a location in the app.
I don't know if it works as it won't connect to my cars Qi charger and the associated app hasn't got any locations in Devon to charge from.
Works well
Does what it promised to, works well with the wireless charger in my new car.
I would want to know if it works
Good Service
Happy with product received delivered promptly
Works great!
Works just as stated, easy, great price
Works flawlessly
Very light weight. Very compatible with the wireless charger in my Chevy Colorado.
Great Charge Case
Works great in car ..compatible with Cadillac charge pad.
Very good item and excellent service and delivery
Robust, well built piece of kit. Occasionally loses connection (it is only used in my car) but may be issue with car phone box rather than case. A little awkward to slide phone out for cable charging.
Excellent product that works well, while not making phone too bulky, as some cases can.
works great
It works great with the Iphone 6s and the charger I have in my Chevy Tahoe. They told me to buy a Samsung for the car, but the aircharge works great with my iphone.
Exactly what I was looking for. Works Great!
Quick response. Delivery date as promised
Love the wireless case, I am a little rough on them so I need to stock up on them.
Very satisfied with this product. Works great with my Cadillac.
Very satisfied with this product. Works great with my Cadillac.
One of a kind!
I recently bought a 2017 Yukon and the console serves a hot charger. Just lay you phone down and it charges. The Yukon was made to charge androids only (who know who lmade that decision) but this case allows folks to charge an IPhone 6S or 6S plus. Make sure you specify as I screwed this up initially. For this application Mobile Fun is the ombest option I could find. Good looking practical and sturdy without being bulky. High marks indeed!
Excellent case
Only case I've found that works great. Fast shipping!
Excellent case! Works every time in my Chevy truck to charge
Only case I've bought that charges my phone every time in my 2017 Chevy truck with the built in charger.
Cover works excellent
I 6 phone cover works great with General Motors vehicles with the charging pad. The only cover I found that worked properly.
I would recommend this phone cover.
very easy to use - great to use in my truck
Part works great!!
Perfect for use in new GMC vehicles with console charger stations
Worked flawlessly !
I just purchased a new vehicle, a Chevrolet Cruze, vehicle was equipped with wireless charging, being a new vehicle I could not find a single review on how/if this charging case would work but I decided to give it a try anyway, to my amazement it worked flawlessly !!!!!!
I also love how slim the case is, as I generally dislike bulky cases this was exactly what I liked, it was only a 1/4 inch longer than my original case.
Thanks for the great product !
Works in my Cadillac
I am thrilled to find a wireless charging case that is compatible with the built in wireless charging pad in my Cadillac. I was assured it would work and I am very satisfied after two other websites sold me products that were not compatible. Thank you!!!
Quite A Good Charge
Oh goodness sake... It finally arrived... Dare say that I did not take note on Amazon of the weeks it would take to go by parcel post not realizing that it was coming from across the pond.... And not merely from California or for that matter Kentucky... (USA)... But it was well worth the wait... A real quality product...

The Aircharge truly does everything it supposed to do and that is to charge my iPhone 6s whilst it sits in the prone position on the arm rest of my GMC truck. A little check mark on the phone icon on my display in the truck lights up to say everything is mated correctly and charging is taking place....What fun... I could not be more pleased. And I might add that it is easy and simple to remove the case when necessary... The case is not bulky at all... And in fact is slim and it adds only about 3 millimeters of length vs. my old iphone case...
I don't know why Apple has not yet implemented wireless charging on their iPhone but this product has saved the day. Although the product was for the iPhone 6, I have used it for the iPhone 7. I also bought the same product for my girlfriend but in white. She loves it as well. I would recommend this to anyone who loves their iPhone but wants the convenience of wireless charging.
Great idea
I love my Aircharge case for my SUV. The only thing I wish it had was also an adapter for the lightning cable to plug into. I need the lightning charger for CarPlay in my truck but I have to remove the case to use it.
Love love love!!! Works great!! No cords!!!!
Very Reliable thus far
I have had the case for two weeks and it has been working very well so far. The case is easy to put on and take off.
Wireless Charging Case
Excellent product and very reasonable price
Excellet Wireless charger for IPhone 7
I saw that this cover will provide wireless charging for iphone 6, but i had iphone 7 and could not find any other option, So thought of ordering it anyways. It works perfectly fine , seemlessly as if IPHONE 7 was made for wireless charging itself. Great product and even without the wireless charging feature, this is a great cover in terms of looks and in terms of safety and feel in hand.
Excellet Wireless charger for IPhone 7
I saw that this cover will provide wireless charging for iphone 6, but i had iphone 7 and could not find any other option, So thought of ordering it anyways. It works perfectly fine , seemlessly as if IPHONE 7 was made for wireless charging itself. Great product and even without the wireless charging feature, this is a great cover in terms of looks and in terms of safety and feel in hand.
Great product and service!
I switched from Samsung to iPhone and was really missing the wireless charging. At MobileFun I found a case that allows me to charge my iP{hone 7 on my wireless charging platform and it works GREAT! It is easy to get my iPhone in and out of the case and it adds extra protection to boot!
It ok
It works nicely when you're home near the base, but if you are away. And need to charge, the case hase to be remove. No very convenient.
Aircharge MFi Qi iphone wirless charging case wont work in 2016 Silverado
When I purchased my 2016 Chevy Silverado, it came with a wireless charging station. GM's website said I needed a Bezalel Latitude qi pma case to charge my I-phone 6S. I got one and it didn't work at all. GM then advised me to get an Aircharge MF1 qi case, which I did. When I put the case on the charging station, the charging indicator light came on. I drove for over 1 hour with phone in charging station. My phone only charged 2%. I'm not sure if the issue is with the Aircharge case or the new GM charging station on the 2016 Silverado.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Brian

There are a few wireless charging standards. The most popular are Qi and another called Power Mat - this may be the cause of your problems, however please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
no more cords
I recently purchased a new car that has the charging station built into the center console. I was mad and sad that it didn't work for my iPhone..just samsung. I purchased the air charger and it works great! No more car chargers!!!
Great product
This is a great product that adds wireless charging capability to your iphone. Case is very thin and no bigger than my leather apple case. Purchased this product to enable wireless charging in my new 2016 Malibu. Works like a charm. I have now ordered the charging pad so that i can easily charge the phone in the house just by laying it on the charging pad. I should have ordered them together but wanted to check out the product first in the car. highly recommend this product. Outstanding.
I really enjoyed this air charger with my new vehicle however the little charging mechanism broke off two short weeks later rendering the device useless.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mike

Sorry to hear you have had issues with this case. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
great product,
This case works great, exactly as advertised
Handy case, when it works
Case fits well and rubberized around the edges for protection. Generally good protection. Qi charging in my GMC truck console is inconsistent. Put it on the charging surface as it is clearly define in my between seat console and get charging only when perfectly aligned. And then charging will sustain for a couple of minutes and the mysteriously drop off. I do not think the is necessarily the case's fault, more the truck's, but it is still a bummer.
Found what I needed!
Finally found a wireless case that works in my car! Works great!
Air charger for iPhone 6s
The equipment really does do just what it says on the web site.

The only aspect that stopped me giving a 5 star rating is that you do have to be a little careful with your placement of the phone on to the charge pad - but that is also made clear in the instructions.

I did unfortunately slip and order the US version of the main plug - but the Mobile Fun team sorted it out for me with no hassle at all - thank you Stuart.
as advertsied
Works well, slim durable attractive casing. Charges fast!
Stopped working
I bought two of these AirCharge phone cases and one of the AirCharge Slim wireless chargers. My wife's phone case wouldn't charge after 1 week and then the charger itself stopped charging after 2 weeks of use. So now I have a case that I can't charge, so it is useless. These are very cheaply made products. I would not recommend purchasing AirCharge products and would instead recommend spending your money on something else.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alex

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your items. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further as this is very strange.
Execllent product
This product is awsome, I just bought a new 2016 gmc 2500 pick up and on of the features was a wireless charging station. Well apple has not come up with a wireless charging system on their phones. The car dealer told me where to look on the web. Ordered one and 2 weeks later it was at my door. Now im looking to buy the home charging system. Great product
Excellent charging case . Compatable with General Motors Wirless system. Nice looking i6s charging case and durable
Durable case
Works with GM Wirless system
Great service and fast delivery
Should purchase portable Wirless system for home use. Otherwise you have to take i6s out of case to charge out of car. Slight inconvenience
Charging case is well designed
Charging case is well designed. Fits my IPhone 6 s great. Also attractive case. The only problem is if you need to charge your phone other than in the car and you don't have a portable Wirless charger, you have too take your phone out of the case every time and at times it can be difficult and an enconvience
Works perfect!
Purchased the Aircharge for my iPhone 6 to work in my Cadillac Escalade ESV and it works great! Works great with my (generic) charging puck at home as well. Just throw it on the charger and it works like a charm! Have been trying everything as the aircharge was sold out for awhile and this is the only product that works reliably. The case does have a larger bottom, like battery cases, and initially I was a little worried about this, but have not been having any issues. Only thing I would change would be different colored case, but I am someone who likes things to stand out.
GM cordless charger
This items does work with the new GM wireless charges such as the Chevy Suburban 2016. I was told no such case exist yet this one does and it works.
Easy to use
Arrived super fast - allows us to wireless charge our iPhone 6's in our home and our 2016 chevy Silverado - pretty neat and unique we love it and are th first of our friends and family with this feature!!
aircharge slimline Qi wireless is excellent works well and charges so fast it brilliant.
Works as expected. No issues.
Looks great, works great, top quality
I had tried 4or5 different wireless charger cases with no success. They wouldn't charge in my car, itwasEleanor toodiffult to remove from the case to charge at home, etc. Aircharge is easy to use whether connected wireless or plug in. It works great with my car...the only one of the cases I tried. Ordering was efficient and delivery was earlier than promised. 6 stars out of 5!
Works awesome
Awesome case - best ever!
This item works as advertised on my 2016 Chevy Silverado and my home charging pad as well.
I would recommend this item "and" this Company to friends and family members.
Works Well
Works as advertised. Works well with Samsung Qi wireless pad.
Slight problem
Don't like the idea that I have to remove the case ignored to charge my I Phone from an electrical outlet.
Excellent features
Great looking & functional
works great!
the charging case works well, it's easy to use. the only problem I found with it is when you aren't using the air charge feature - you have to take the case off to use a regular wired charger.
works well in 2015 Denali
Aircharge works well in the 2015 Denali, but I would wish to have the option of charging the phone with a conventional as well as air charger. It is difficult to take the case off- I found it takes about 1 minute- so that a conventional charger can be used if needed.
Hoping I have a Faulty Case
After being recommended by the car dealership where I bought my 2016 Yukon, I went in search of the AirCharge Case to use/allow my iphone 6 the wireless charging capabilities in my car. After reading multiple positive reviews, I was excited to purchase and receive this product; however, when I went to use it in my vehicle, the phone/charger would only register a charge for approximately a minute before stopping. I have contacted support via email to see about returning or obtaining a new case to test out. Would love for this case to work. Should the next case come in and work properly, I would give a 5 Stars!
works great
Bought a 2016 Chevy High Country and works great with the vehicle.
Works great in 2015 GMC Denali
Needed a wireless charging solution to work in my 2015 GMC Yukon Denali with iPhone 6S. First tried a wireless charging receiver that mounted to iPhone and then folded back under case. This worked but was not a clean solution and phone had to be placed exactly right for charging to work. Ordered the AirCharge as recommended by GMC and the case works great. Nice clean fit, good quality case and works every time the phone is placed on either a charger pad or the console charger in the GMC Yukon. Very happy with the product. Would like to see other options for case to included tacky/rubberized grip, but the current hard case works great. This is the only option I could find recommended by GMC. Easy ordering and great service!
Nice case
I'm satisfied with this case. It does the job and allows me to charge my iPhone 6 in the Qi charger of my car. The case is lightweight. There are a few drawbacks: 1) you must use a dongle (included with purchase) to use earbuds; 2) the phone cannot be displayed upright, which means that I'll be taking the case off when I travel, as I use my iPhone for a combination night clock and white noise machine, and the Qi charge pad that I also purchased requires the phone to lay flat; 3) my iPhone gets fairly hot when it's charging whilst playing a podcast via Bluetooth in my car.
Great compatibility
I got an iPhone 6s in October and was looking for a wireless charger that would work with the charging pad in my 2016 Chevy Suburban. After trying one other case that was not compatible I found out that yours would do the job. Sure enough it works great .

I have noticed that it sometimes interferes with the Bluetooth connection in the truck...
I haven't found anything else wrong with it; so overall I would have to say I am satisfied with the case.
Seems to work with my Chevy Tahoe
I have tried two other charging cases for my iPhone to use with my 2015 Chevy Tahoe. Was excited to see this one seems to work most of the time. Have not been able to figure out why it doesn't work 100% of the time, but does work about 80% of the time. It does seem to give a good charge in a short amount of time. I wish it came in all black instead of a black and white case. Accessory cord does not fit into the hole on the bottom of my iPhone as the whole is too small. Perhaps there are smaller cords that may work?
AirCharge - what a dream
I am now perpetually charged - what an experience!!
Very happy with the case
I couldn't find this charger in any local stores. So I found this website... Mobile fun, found the case, ordered it & received it in the time it was expected. Very happy with the case. Lightweight & works really well! Highly recommend if looking for a wires charger for the I phone 6!
Great product!!!!!!
Fantastic product for wireless charging your iphone 6. Works with all QI chargers including those in public spaces like McDonalds etc. Download the Aircharge app to see public spots. Five star product

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