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aircharge MFi iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Wireless Charging Case - Black Reviews

Charge your iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus using Qi wireless technology. Using your existing Qi charging dock, simply put down your iPhone and charge up! Also features Apple's MFi or 'Made for iPhone' certification for quality assurance and peace of mind. Black.

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 4.1 stars from 19 customers

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So far, very pleased!
- Slender & light weight
- rubber edges allows for a good grip, i.e. no slipping out of my hand
- good sweet spot

- the only thing missing is a slot for a cable when u don't have access to a wireless charger.
Likely a good product but it’s the wrong size. My bad I suspect. First one never arrived, notified vendor who sent off another one their credit.
Happy Camper
Received item from in timely manner and I am enjoying my new wireless charging case for my phone!!! Will order from here again!!!
great case
love this case, great design and very sturdy. wireless charging is brilliant, i have had no problems. really glad i brought this case.
Ureka, it works, no more tedious wires
Making charging easier through wireless technology. It's plug and play, you will need to have a Q1 compatible pad and your ready to charge.
great product
ordered from amazon first sent order wrong 3 times
fed up returning
decided to order from mobile fun had something from them before
no problem came in 2days
happy customer
Excellent product
Great fast shipped.
Works well and with iPhone 7 plus
Although this states 6 plus it works fine with iPhone 7 plus , I find it makes the phone slightly longer . I find that the protect is good and phone fits well. The wireless charger can't be short , have 3 phase and works well. Camera is unimpeded and tactility is positive not slippery and not sticky . I would like to see one with battery with new slims and cut down the length . One can wish , buy with confidence for your iPhone 7 plus which should have come wireless to start!!!
Does not appear to work.
I received the wireless case for my I Phone 6+ to allow me to use the wireless charging port in my new cadillac XT5. So far I have been unable to use this case to charge my phone.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jerry

Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further. There are a couple of wireless charging formats available that are not compatible with each other, which possibly may be an issue with your vehicle.
Air charge charger case I a great product, very thin and easy to carry in you pocket.
I just purchased a new GMC Sierra Denali pick up truck, and it has a wireless charging pad on the console for cell phones. I found this Aircharge charger case for my iPhone 6plus on Mobile Fun and it works great in my new truck. It charges the phone quicker than my wall charger. This is an awesome product. I asked one of the reps online if it would work for my truck and he assured me that it would, so I bought it from their website. Thanks for all the help I received. I would recommend this to anyone with the same truck and has an iPhone.
GM console charger
To make your iPhone compatible with your GM vehicle console charger you can use this phone cover. If you have the 6 plus you have to set it just right to get it charging. It will charge once you find he sweet spot.
Excellent case
Great quality product at a great price. Easy to work with great customer service
Good Value
On my first use to charge my iPhone 6s Plus using my Samsung air charger unit, everything went well. A full charge occurred overnight. Second attempt would not proceed past 75%, likewise the third attempt.
Works as promised
Purchased with slim wireless charger pad and everything works really well. Makes charging a simple procedure.
Don't Buy.
TLDR: Do NOT purchase, cannot establish consistent connection and phone will constantly connect and disconnect.

I was very interested in this case as I switched to wireless charging on my 5s I did not want to go back to wired. When I recently purchased my 6s Plus I wanted to get a premium Qi Charging case and after a lot of research I found this one which I found was only available on this site, theirs a reason for this: this case is of low quality in my experience with wireless charging cases. My opinions come from using multiple cases and using 3 different docks of different brands. This case charges extremely slowly, makes a soft whirling noise while charging, and worst of all(definitely a deal breaker) the connection does not seem to stay steady as the case will constantly disconnect and reconnect. In my two weeks with this item I have not once woken up to my phone fully charged after 5-6 hours. Would NOT recommend.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sal

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this case. I haven't heard of any other problems like you have described, however please contact our Customer Services team and we will see if there is anything we can do to help.
Great wireless iPhone 6 plus case
Purchased for in-car wireless charging pad (Lexus) and works as expected. Advise following instructions as per fitting over the phone. Slight design flaw with hole on rear of case but minor overall.
Great wireless iPhone 6 plus case
Purchased for in-car wireless charging pad (Lexus) and works as expected. Advise following instructions as per fitting over the phone. Slight design flaw with hole on rear of case but minor overall.

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