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AGL Wireless LED PIR Motion Sensor Handy Lamp Night Light - 2 Pack Reviews

Bring light to the darkest corners of any room or hallway with this 2 pack of motion sensitive passive infrared handy lamps that can be mounted on a bracket and detached as a torch with powerful LEDs. Adds mood lighting and many safety benefits too.
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$13.26 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 25 customers

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Just provides enough light automatically during night
easy to install but found velcro sticky pads allowed light unit to fall off due to self weight after a few days
Better than others I have bought
I am disabled. Have Amazon echo to turn lights on and off by voice control. Not in bathroom. Had a movement activated night light, but wasn't brilliant. This one is much better. Goes on when I enter and off when I leave. Doesn't switch on when light is on. The other one switched on whenever I came near. Buy it, you won't be sorry.
great value for money
great value excellent for placing at bottom of stairs saves putting on main lights and disturbing other people at night
Excellent value
Have been looking for a sensor light for the smallest room in the house and with a BOGOF couldn't resist - with the velcro pad fitted in seconds - very sensitive and illuminates the area required as soon as you walk in the bathroom - great when you half a sleep :)
The second one was fitted on the hatchback door but sadly the velcro pad fell of - will have to use a couple of self tapping screws to secure - overall very pleased :)
Excellent product!
Great product – does what it says on the tin! Fantastic little PIR light for those places that during the night, for kids, you do not want them having to turn the lights on. In the dark, the PIR sensor is really good and can reach quite a distance, and an auto feature to stop it coming on during the day or when normal lights are switched on.

Only issues – it takes x3 AA batteries, and the light stays on for 40 seconds with no control to alter this. And, when the light is on, the sensor does not pick up movement to keep it on – you have to let it go out, then move again for it to come back on.

But – don’t let that detract from the fact that this is a very cheap and viable option for the little ones. Great idea, and purchase.
Perfect for the job it was purchased for
Purchased the lamp to put in the cupboard under the stairs as a torch was required to find a matching pair of shoes from various footwear slung into the cupboard. As it came with an additional free light I placed that in the airing cupboard on the upstairs landing. All in all they both do the job admirably.
The lamp is actually very well made, just feels a bit Hmmm "plasticy".
The lamp is actually very well made, just feels a bit Hmmm "plasticy".
Nonetheless it works as a charm! Sensors are very sensitive and registering even the slightest movement (our cats hate the lamp - it reveals when they are "visiting" the kitchen in the evening... )
Lamp and holder are easy to install and to use as handheld lamp when needed.
I would recommend it, for that price it is a good catch! Bought a second set for the cellar and the garage.
Real good
Received 2. One for the hallway the other for garage. Both are working really well.
Handy Item
Items as described. Good light. It takes 3 AA batteries but didn't come supplied with any.
Brilliant, reliable lights
Highlighter. Reliable lighting sensored so effectively. Second set I have purchased. Couldn't be more satisfied. Works a treat in heavy traffic areas of inside of home and in garage and back patio.. Extremely happy with this product.
l have seen the light!
These are great little lights to light up your way down the hall , steps or outside verandah . Being small they are inconspicuous yet quite bright. Saves leaving a light on all night to see your way easily from room to rrom or when you come home to put key in a door or light up the walking areas. l bought 4.
Simple, easy to install, provides good security
The items are used to provide local lighting at entrance door and garage.
Simple, but effective

item took awhile to get here. but great service and comunication
Awesome products.
Love the lights, my dog is scared of the dark, but these lamps have let him walk around the house.
and saving us power.
thank you.
Simple and Effective
Simple and effective would recommend for small spaces
very good to use
found lights to be bright and very useful for my chook pen
Excellent product which gives plenty of light at night
Excellent product which gives plenty of light at night. Especially when my children get up during the night.gives me and them confidence of being safe.
Super product, super delivery, super price.
Great Product
Can't fault the supplier who keeps advertising interesting products which are priced right & delivered on time
Very good
This product does everything described in the specifications. Provided plenty of light to show where you are walking. The light comes on when you approach and stays on for about a minute. It will come on when there is light and approached so I just cover the sensor during those times.
Does what it says, good for small areas
It's inexpensive, small and picks up movement from a reasonable distance. I found that it's really only suitable for lighting smallish areas, pretty much as described really but as you get two units in my opinion it's good Value for money.
The sensor lights are excellent and they were delivered on time. They are simple to set up and most of all? Great value too.

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