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AGL Wireless 6 LED PIR Motion Sensor Strip Light - Twin Pack Reviews

Bring light to even the darkest corners of any room with this twin pack of motion sensitive super-bright LED light strips. Two mounting fixture options and an ultra-compact size make these light strips perfect for anywhere that needs to be illuminated.
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 4.5 stars from 34 customers

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Micky mouse product of flimsy quality. Only suited to very small spaces.
Would not recommend.
They do not Work
I bought 2 of These lights,
Not 1 of them works
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jason

Sorry to hear you had problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further, seems odd that you have had problems with 2 sets.
great value for money.
I have used them in two wardrobes and difference it makes in finding what you are looking for is amazing, highly recommend.
Neat and effective
These lights are just great. They're so good i bought some more
Excellent lighting
Ideal lights we have set one in the under stairs cupboard and one in our caravan toilet both working really well as I used to forget to switch the lights off and the battery would go flat????
Lightens a dark space
Have a book corner in our living room. The main light doesn't penetrate so normally it's very gloomy. Sensor light is just the ticket, gives that extra bit of light so books can be seen clearly.
Lovely white bright lights
I bought these lights because they are bright but I use them in the kitchen as an under cupboard light I have bad eyesight and need lots of clear white light and these are just perfect. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
what a light
I did not read the description of the product properly, so, you can imagine my surprise when I received two sensor strip lights. The cupboard I bought it for is now very well lit, as is another dingy cupboard I have, so thanks to you for a great product that lights my way. Wha a light.
LED LIghts
SIMPLY GREAT there´s nothing else that describes this product better....
My understanding of these lights was that they come on when there is limited light, or at night. I put one in the bathroom and unfortunately it comes on every time anyone goes near them, day or night. It takes 5 aaa batteries so could prove to be expensive, I probably won't continue to use them. I have two and they both do it.
Great value for money
This sensor light allows me to select my clothes early in the morning without waking my partner as it automatically illuminates the wardrobe when I open the door. It exceeded my expectation and I highly recommend it.
Fantastic light set
Top tip if your buying these light also buy velcro strips so can attach anywhere & still have easy access to change batterys, would recommend these lihhts for great price.
Best Lights Ever...........
Wanted some indoor cupboards, battery powered, lights, these are VERY GOOD, as only operate when required.

!00% what i required........
Dark Cupboards
Ideal for Dark Cupboards with a wide light distribution
Great set of lights
Really good handy set off lights but if your buying I would also get Velcro strips to attach it to whatever! It will make everything so much easier when changing battery's etc
Great Product
Love Mobile Fun ! They have products that no one else has .
These strip lights are excellent and on special offer so really good value . They give an excellent light and work exactly as described. I've got one in the bathroom for night time visits ! No need to switch the main light on and one in the boot of my car ....just great for unloading shopping etc in the dark . The car boot light is designed to go off after a couple of minutes so irritating when you're unloading . This light completely solves the problem . Another very satisfied customer .... oh .... the delivery times are very good too. Well done Mobile Fun
Handy & Functional light
This little light is just what you need for that dark space in your wardrobe.
Gives off good light and easy to install, requires 5AAA batteries
The Twin Pack is great value
This item is very useful.
These are excellent​ little light's
These are excellent​ little light's. The dark world of the wardrobe is brought to life and all is revealed.
good light, will be difficult to replace the batteries
you need three hands to install the batteries,AND when eventually they need replacing it will be very very dificult to do due to the back cover being stuck to the wall in an inaccessible position.
very good light
easy to install but not easy to fit the 5 batteries, first 4 go in great, the fifth makes the others pop out, a bit of a fiddly job but not impossible, however it remains to be seen how hard it will be to replace the batteries when needed, snce the base will be stuck up high on the inside of a dark cupoard
Finally - a Light!
For years we have tried various lights for internal cupboards, but none have worked

These LED lights are terrific and really help find dark coloured items within our cupboards! The sensor is a great idea and we put 2 into one cupboard for an upper and a lower rail.

Delighted with this product
Very Good
Worked as expected. It would be better if it didn't come on in daylight, but can't expect everything at this price. Easy to install. It can be tricky keeping all the batteries in place before getting the back on. I used on in the on-suite bathroom to avoid putting the main light on at night, and others in kitchen cupboards. Recommended.
Fantastic lighting solution
Super-bright motion sensor LEDs for those dark places you need to light. Easily installed and automatic on/off, it's like light-magic
I cannot fault the service and the product, which arrived within the estimated delivery time. Very simple to use and easy to install.
Does the job well.
Received the order well within the stated time. The strip lights are not the brightest of lights but in a dark cupboard or wardrobe, they are perfectly adequate and do the job well. The PIRs are very sensitive and the lights go out after about a minute when movement ceases. The twin set makes it very good value.
As these lights are still new, I can't comment on battery life, but as they are LED I have no concerns.
5 Stars
Device works great. Wish I had been able get these years ago. Two of these strips brought light to some dark places in our home.Dick
Otherwise the unit is excellent and works well
I bought two twin packs and one unit (out of four) was faulty. I am returning it for replacement. The units work extremely well especially in areas where extra lighting is needed like during the night without having to turn on lights and disturb others. However, I can only give it 4 stars as a major flaw is the unit switching on and off continuously during daylight hours. I fear this will wear out the batteries quickly. Otherwise the unit is excellent and works well.
Des what it says on the box
Works just as we required
Excellent product in a fair price
It is an excellent product, exactly as described. The led lamps are enough to light a large closet. Easy to install and to assembly.
These LED's are brilliant
These LED's are brilliant, not only can you use them in your cupboards wardrobes etc. I have one in my Bathroom and Bedroom,if you get up at night you just walk in and the light comes on, when I take my wife a cuppa in the morning the bedroom is lit so I can see were I'm putting the cup before gently waking her.I think they will reduce the household Electric bill substantially as you don't need to keep switching lights on and off every time you walk in a room. I am definitely going to order some more as you can also use them when Camping, hang them inside the door of the tent, not only are they convenient, they could also scare away intruders.
Great idea. plenty of light for occasional use
Excellent Value Does what it says on the tin
Perfect for lighting up the interior of a rather dark wardrobe. I used the supplied screws to fix them rather than the double sided tape. They give a remarkably bright light and detect the opening of the door and remain on for twenty seconds after the last movement is detected. Solved the problem of my detecting the right trousers for the occasion!
Excellent for dark spaces
Works well as described and the self adhesive strips hold it without the screws supplied, to illuminate a wardrobe. Batteries (5 × AAA each light, not supplied) can tend to pop out when the slide off cover is removed- not a problem so far but might be fun when a change is needed! But Ok for me and i am pleased that i bought them.
Pretty good
This is an excellent wireless PIR Motion sensor strip light. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that the batteries leap out when you are trying to put the back on! So much so, that I've 'modified' mine with some clear tape to keep the pesky things under control!

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