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AGL Wireless 6 LED PIR Motion Sensor Strip Light Reviews

Bring light to even the darkest corners of any room with this strip of 6 motion sensitive super-bright LED lights. Two mounting fixture options and an ultra-compact size ensure this light strip is perfect for anywhere that needs to be illuminated.
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 4.3 stars from 23 customers

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We wanted something to put on the window sill above the toilet in the bathroom so my other half wouldn't have to turn the main light on at night. He was gobsmacked at how bright they were and very impressed with the amount of time they stay on for.
My only complaint was I found it difficult to get the back cover on after I had put the batteries in, one battery kept popping out. But after a few attempts and swearing at it, I got the back on!!!!
As allways a GREAT xperience..
Doesn't work properly
Had purchased 2 previously and found them excellent so purchased another one.
Arrived promptly etc. but the sensor doesn't work. If you take the batteries out and put them back in the light comes on but once it automatically switches off it doesn't come back on again.
I contacted the customer service department and they were happy to replace it but with the cost of postage from NZ it isn't worth it.
Consequently I won't be buying any more of these.
rubbish do not purchase
I find it difficult to rate a product like this because at first use it seemed pretty good, but if you take into consideration the purchase of six batteries (it takes five but you cannot buy in that number) and the amount of time that they function it must be the very worst product that I have ever purchased. the first one was mounted in a infrequently used toilet and failed after little use, so I shall consign them to room 101 where they definitely belong.
Let there be light
Good little light bar, Having trouble getting the second one to mount somewhere in the car boot, doesn't like to stick to anything but smooth plastic. Works well and does not stay on too long so good battery wear. Recommended.
Very satisfied
-Ordered AGL Wireless 6 LED PIR Motion Sensor Strips 0n 10t April Very Quick delivery as promised. Very satisfied with the quality of the product. Will continue to order from mobilefun.
A nice and convenient device
A nice and convenient device especially when used inside a cupboard or wardrobe, in particular, and places where there is no daylight for most of the day. One shortcoming is that the sensor keeps turning on the LEDs even when on a bright daylight.
Wireless PIR Cupboard Sensor Linght
The device works alright. At this point, I cannot judge for how long the batteries will last. Its probably the best application is indeed inside a cupboard, wardrobe, etc. meaning the place, which is dark most of the time. The usefulness of the device inside e. g. a bedroom is somewhat limited because it keeps turning itself on even when the room is well lighted.
Battery operated light
Very good product but battery installation is a problem maybe loading from one end would be better than removing the back panel
Great light
Needed something to go in a cupboard. Looked at this light and thought it would work well. It has worked a lot better than I thought it would. Great light at a great price.
Led motion sensor strip light
Excellent light that illuminates wardrobes and cupboards without natural light. Easy to fix with no wiring and batteries have a long life. A useful addition to the light would be a 'light sensor'. The uses of the light would then be improved.
In a word "Brilliant"
Purchased two of these for some very dark wardrobes, in a word "Brilliant". Very simple to fix and use and they work perfectly.
It's NOT a Night Light
It is very neat and gives enough light to navigate a small room however the PIR is not disabled in daylight so if you were thinking of placing one in the Bathroom then be aware that it will be activated (whenever someone passes) Day or Night. So I decided against installing it in the main bathroom but placed it in my en suite instead.
It would be ideal for windowless rooms e.g. Walk In wardrobes or the Attic or a cellar etc.
my night aid
Bought the twin pack, to light up the bedroom ,access to bath room , does the job perfectly
avoids stubbed toes, the 20 second light is the perfect time, as fit does not awake my dear wife
great little piece of tech'
When I opened the lights I could feel quality by touch and weight. Although no batteries were installed, it felt sturdy. Great light for small strip. Will buy more soon
Generally very pleased
Does what it says it will - very handy for lighting in cupboard under the stairs. The sensor is as sensitive as you'd want it to be, and 20 seconds turns out to be the right length of time.

Getting the batteries in was a bit of a struggle (they kept jumping out), and I'm not looking forward to replacing them now that the light is stuck to the ceiling!

It provides just about enough light to see what you're doing - any brighter and battery life might be a problem.

Generally very pleased.
This value lights
Purchased the lights after adding 3 selves to a cupboard and the lights do the job I needed them to do. The motion sensor is good to and the actual light fills the cupboard with bright light.

The only minor downside is putting the batteries in. This is a bit fiddly as the batteries keep popping out until you fully close the cover which runs the full length of the light but don't let that put you off buying them.

Overall they are good value for money and do the job they were bought to do well. I would recommend them to others.
Great for dark cupboards
Bought four of these for wardrobes and a dark hallway. It is difficult to get the batteries in so best to hold the back strip on top as you put the last battery in or they fly out. The sticky strip doesn't really hold it in place. It fell on the first day but it's fine to hold and see your clothes. I wear a lot of black and navy so the lighting in the bedroom is not bright enough so it's been known I've gone out in all black but navy shoes etc.

Will purchase more as they are so useful and good for safety in dark corridors as they light up as you get close.
Perfect cupboard light
These motion sensitive strip lights are extremely easy to install with the supplied double sided sticky pads (screws also supplied if you need them). Up and running in less than five minutes. An extremely clever way of providing illumination in a dark hall cupboard.

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