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The ideal accessory for any home, these 1m strips of super-bright LED lights from AGL use a clever sensor to detect motion from up to 2 metres away. Bring light to your wardrobe, shed, or under your bed - everything is illuminated, no wires required.
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Better than I thought it would be
It works OK. The light output isn't brilliant as you would expect from a battery operated device but but it's decent enough for lighting a small dark cupboard like the one illustrated .
Good value
Nice item, bright works well vfm. Sticks easily and does not come off.
It's very good
It's not tremendously bright but it's good enough for a dark cupboard and was very easy indeed to install
Ideal for closets
Great product it arrived quickly and was easily applied to the the wall. Works well in both modes. The only possible downside is how long the batteries may last? Only time will tell how long they last.
One Metre LED string
These are a cracking invention. Would thoroughly recommend. Powered by 4x AAA batteries bought separately.
handy item
nothing much,basically was as described
One Metre LED strip lights
These are good and relatively bright as they are battery powered.
Excellent adaptable lighting with many uses.
Hoped they would light the insides of large walk in wardrobes and they do! Very good sticky flexible light strip with sensor or on/off capabilities. Ordered for a friend too who was equally as happy. Both will be ordering some more.
Good but 2 of the 4 were incomplete
I ordered 2 packs of 2 strip lights. The order arrived but 2 of the lights were missing one of the pairs of battery contacts. I contacted customer service and they were unable to replace the 2 lights as they were sold out. They did authorise credit for the faulty items. I cannot confirm if the credit has arrived in my credit card yet.
Lightings dark placed
Simple to install PR very good lighting very good.
Great product but.....
These lights are great but the adhesive backing doesn’t hold the lights in place they kept falling down. I purchased some stronger clear gel tape and it works like a charm.
Excellent product
The picture describes it perfectly.. Easy to fit and adaptable to confined spaces. Gives a very good light . I bought some about three months ago for my wardrobe and my wife was so impressed she now has some fitted.
Really effective
The lights are very bright and have lit a dark wardrobe really well. The box that houses the battery and the motion sensor is a little bit bigger than I expected so I would recommend working out where to position it before taking off the backing to stick it down.
Easy to install
The lights arrived as expected in good time. I had to get batteries to fit - may be possible to offer/sell batteries with the product. Once batteries were installed the lights worked perfectly and, using the sticky strips already attached on the item, fitting was an absolute doddle. Fitted and working within a minute!
Good with sensor but poor battery life if you want them on continuously
I bought a set to operate on sensor for my wardrobe, and I am really happy with these. I bought a second set to light up a display cabinet, to be switched on for a continual period, but this doesn’t work so well. Within 6 hours the batteries are dead. So my basic maths of 5,000 bursts of light for 25 seconds (numbers taken from the tech spec) equaling just over 34 hours of battery life has proved to be a massive overestimate. Disappointing.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Deborah,

Sorry to hear that this has happened.
Please, could you contact our Customer Service team, so they are able to give you the details on how to return the item for a replacement/refund?
Excellent light from the LED's and can be either switched on & off or sensor setting
Awesome awesome lights. Good buy. Have a strip for my dark closet and desk
Awesome awesome lights. Good buy. Have a strip for my dark closet and desk
Overall good
Fast delivery lights generally easy to fit,bright lumination and sensors work very well , unable to tell yet how long battery's will last or sticky strip will hold,only gripe is that battery compartment very poor and needs checking battery's are in properly but generally would recommend
Great for where we needed them.
We needed some under cabinet lighting and these were great for the job. We liked how easy it was to fit and the motion sensitive function is very handy.
quick easy solution, very easy to install, works very well.
the motion censor works very well, the lights are only on when required.
really impressed with this product
I am really happy with these lights. I would definitely recommend this product. We have these outside and they light up the drive really well so we can find our door keys easily
They work well!
Do exactly what they are supposed to do. I will buy some more for another room.
Interesting idea but with very limited practical use! Photos of product would indicate a significantly brighter light source that is produced in reality. In extreme dark then it does let you see, (just), to avoid tripping over obstacles but quite impractical in my view as a cupboard or closet light source in my humble opinion.
Fantastic, so simple
I used two of these in the back of my small van and they light it up brilliantly. No worry of accidentally leaving the small courtesy light on and flattening battery.
Really easy to fit although I found the adhesive tape on the lights was a bit fiddly to peel apart, probably my fat fingers!
Only criticism was it would be better to have a foam backed adhesive tape on light strip like the battery compartment has as the surface on my van roof was slightly textured.
1 great - 1 faulty
Hi All - this is my second order of these, first order was great, 2nd order I had one light that didn't function on the motion sensor setting. Otherwise they are great value and work great for cupboards and pantry etc.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael

Sorry to hear one had a fault. Please make sure you send it back for a replacement or refund.
Very useful
Works really well so we can see the garage door at night
Well made Excellent product
This light has many versatile uses. Can fix it any where you require. In the cupboard, in the home made temples,staircase ,any where where it's dark.
I really liked the product
I really liked the product. Bought 2. One was good for 10 days before it stopped working. The other would not work at all. I was disappointed. Informed mobilezap what had happened and they immediately refunded the purchase price.
Excellent buy give off plenty of light just the job and cheap.
Really useful LED Lighting
The search is over - I've found what I have been searching for! Wireless LED lighting strips for our wardrobe. No messy mains wiring. Very simple to fit. And the motion-sensor works perfectly. Finding or putting away clothes is no longer difficult.
Very handy
Works well. Like the fact that it is mobile, you can move it anywhere. Nice and bright enough especially for small areas like the boot of the car. Sensor very convenient.
Overall very good product.
The perfect solution for those dark corners
The AGL Wireless 30 LED 1m Motion Sensor Strip Light - Twin Pack looked to be the perfect solution to our poorly lit wardrobes and at such a good price I though I'd give them a shot. They were so good that even before I had fitted the second strip I went online to order more! Installing the AAA batteries was simple but fitting was even simpler. The battery casing and the 1m strip are backed by extra strong glue strips; just peel off the backing strip and press into place and bobs your uncle your lighting strip is all set and ready to go. Settings for manual or automatic activation are as simple as a flick of a switch. The lighting is ample for a high double wardrobe with plenty of illumination reaching even the bottom drawers.
I've now fitted an AGL 30 LED 1m Motion Sensor Strip Light to each of our wardrobes and to our airing cupboard and what a difference they make!

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