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AGL Super Bright Weather-Resistant Portable Hanging LED Lantern Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Sporting a compact, portable size and a 150 lumen maximum brightness, this ultra-lightweight lantern from AGL is perfect for outdoor activities and dark indoor environments. Complete with a hanging hook handle and 3 brightness settings / lighting modes.

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£4.99 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 37 customers

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Perfect for the home, very bright light, small and compact, magnets backing is helpful too,
Excellent. Easy and handy.
Small and handy when fresh light source is required. Has been used to hang over an outdoor table after dark.
Cute Light
I thought it was certainly going to be bigger
Brilliant products and fanatastick service
The service is No longer need to use candles for power blackouts.
Much Smaller Than Expected But Much Brighter!!
Looked a lot bigger in the pictures but when they arrived, they were much smaller but when batteries inserted and used in my summerhouse at the back of the garden that I have my treadmill in, they lit up the place superbly well, different options available as well which is a nice touch... who's needs electric??
Fantastic will be buying more so bright covers a big area
A fantastic light source, coves a very big area, really impressed have been using it for fishing.
Brilliant value for the money
Excellent product and fantastic service you will not be disappointed works very well it's everything the seller says about this product.Iam very happy i can't wait to buy more.Thank you for your fantastic service.
Great little gadget
These were, much smaller than I had anticipated, so was disappointed when opened the box. But....quickly changed,my mind.The batteries were easy to install. Then for the moment of truth. How brigh?t. Very, ideal for fixing things in the dark,easily light a three man tent. Has a nifty little hook to hang it up. Can't comment on how long the batteries will last. But overall very impressed, given how s,all the torch is.
Really good!
I brought two of these lights as they were on offer.
I did think they were a little bigger than the actual item received but that does not compromise the brightness of the light.
I also hadn't realised that the hanging clip was so small, so I used a piece of string around the item I wanted to hang it from then clipped the light on to it, it worked!

Then last night our light went in the bathroom at 2300, so I used this light instead! It did what I needed it to do, it really is a useful little light :) Very bright too.

Not a bad unit, bad would improve with a couple of tweaks
I thought I would try one of these units to see how it faired as a good light source while camping, although I haven’t tried it in the wild yet. The unit is small and compact and gives a good uniform spread of light. The hook on the back allows it to be suspended such that the light projects down easily. I haven’t tested the quoted working time of 2.5 to 15 hours, based on which switch setting you have, and the quality of your 3xAAA batteries. It seems a reasonable unit, however, there are a couple of niggles that if corrected would make it better. 1) To turn the power off you have to cycle through the modes to the last, which is the SOS strobe, which is annoying. If it was a press and hold to turn off that would be better. 2) There is a magnet encased in the back of the unit to allow mounting on a metal surface, however, the magnet is not very strong and with the weight of the batteries the unit will slide if the unit is on any significantly inclined surface. If the magnet was stronger and/or the friction between the surfaces higher, e.g. a slightly rubberised back to the unit, then it would likely stay where you put it. I wait to see how it performs while out camping.
Versatile and practical
I haven't used this light yet for real but can see it has great versatility in temporary attachment and lighting for many purposes. I am keeping it in the glove box of the car so it is always to hand in unexpected circumstances. The SOS function is a great feature for those caught in distress whilst boating, camping, hiking etc.
Agl led weatherproof lantern
Excellent product as described in web good use brightness when lit 3 levels managed easily will be used outdoors good value for money
Illuminates really well.
I love this product because it's portable, can hang it anywhere and the Illuminating is excellent
Amazingly strong little device
This is a sturdy piece of equipment that should be a must for any serious camper.The rang of options, even including a strobe facility are easy to access and of sturdy quality.
Good product & excellent service from this company.
This tiny battery operated light packs a punch! Does everything it is claimed to do.. Even water resistant.
Will be an exceptional glow of light for when outdoors, either camping or caravanning, or even out on the trail trekking.
Well packaged; handy and compact size...
Have ordered these items before, a very good product that can be installed in many places
Nice broad lighting
For such a small light, it casts a nice, wide, even light. There is one switch, which cycles from off to Fully on, then lower intensity, then even lower intensity, then flashing, then another type of flashing, and then finally off.
I'd give it five stars if there was a way to simply switch it on and off.
Good for the price - AGL LED Lantern
The unit works well and seems fairly durable, and although weather proof, note it is probably not totally rain proof.
Good for the price.
On max. brightness setting it is quite bright, not as bright as a larger lantern, but it casts enough light to set up camp or read by (if close to the light).
There is only one push switch which means you have to cycle through the 5 functional positions everytime you want to turn the lantern off. (I added my own master on/off micro switch).
Small but effective.
This is a great little light. Small but solid in construction. More robust than others I have bought. I bought two; one for an unlighted storage area and one for the car. Very satisfied.
Give a clear and effective light, with easy switching
Good value for the money. They also give a clear and effective light, with easy switching
Bright but small
I bought these to use in an emergency such as a power cut. They are very bright and easy to use. What wasn't mentioned in the description was just how small they are. The picture gives the impression that they're fairly large, when in actual fact they're about as big as the top of a coffee mug. But they'll do the job.

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