AGL Remote Controlled Wireless LED Lights - 3 Pack Reviews

The ideal accessory for any home, this 3 pack of wireless super-bright LED lights from AGL are perfect for bringing light to under cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, shelves and more. Easy to install, the pack is complete with a remote control.
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Great Led's
Well worth the price, bought two sets for my kitchen and now I don't need the expensive to run flurecent ceiling light. The remote is a major plus.
Good lighting easy to use
idea for quick and easy solution for some extra lighting without having to plug them in.
Fantastic lights but having battery issues
The lights are great, stick well and really light up a dark kitchen area. We do however find they are getting through batteries very quickly even tho they are not switched on for long. Not sure if this is an isolated issue.
Not impressed with product. Lights not bright enough. Each light takes three batteries that hardly lasts any time at all.
Great item
Great item, super quality and price. The remote conte is a great bonus and the dim option is fabulous!
Highly recommend it!
Excellent lights just the job
If they worked, and they do, well worth the money
They light up my life!
These lights are amazing! My husband fitted them for me under my kitchen cupboards which took him no more than 5 minutes. He used the sticky pads provided with the product.
They shine light on my worktop! I was astonished the first time that he switched them on. No more cuts when preparing food and the small control that comes with them makes it all so easy! In fact, I love them so much that I have ordered more and if I don't use them myself then they will make a great gift for a friend. I really cannot ignore a bargain especially when it is this good!
Bright shiny 5 stars
Lovely bright crisp white light bought two packs for a dingy staircase one remote upstairs and one down for on/off great product. Only time will tell for battery life but very happy
Saved us a lot of money
What a fab idea.
Can not fault these they saved us having to spend out over £400 pounds to have under work cupboards lights done.
Value for money
Does as described & ideal for places where mains electricity not easily available.
Great product

I am using the lights on TOP of my cupboards to highlight the copper I have on display. It looks great!
Good buy
Very pleased with these lights.
Will get some more to fill up more shadowy places.
Good buy
Very pleased with these lights.
Will get some more to fill up more shadowy places.
I could see the items were what I wanted.
They are OK for my modelling workbench.
Really good such a simple idea
So good I have bought some more
Does what it says on the tin
These lights are excellent.
Easy to assemble with strong sticky pads.
Really powerful for their size.
Very happy and good value for money.
Work very well
Good to have two levels of brightness
Nice little lights?
Remote needs to be pointing at the lights to work but I don’t mind that!
They give a nice light under our kitchen cabinets and we really like the 30 minute timed switch which ensures we won’t leave them on all night? As long as we remember to use it that is?
Light up my life
Great product at a reasonable price. Really sets off the kitchen worktops. Very easy to install.
Very bright
They are great, unfortunately purchased 2 sets for the Kitchen and after fitting only 1 remote worked.
Couple of faults
Ordered two packs luckily. Both came with remotes. Ones of which doesn’t work for some reason. Luckily the other does. Likewise one of the lights only works intermittently with the remote. Works fine turning the actual light on and off. But it doesn’t respond to the remote.

Were easy to fit though using the included double sided stickers. Hope the batteries last a reasonable time. Have them under kitchen cabinets, to replace fixed lights which are rubbish. Look good, just a shame about the faults.
Just lights
These lights have a brightness for only lighting a small area. They have an infrared remote control which means it only works when in line of sight of the light units. Saves having to hard wire new lights but 9 AAA batteries (3X3) are required for the lights (+ two for the remote), expensive, and 20,000 hours of use is somewhat very optimistic in my opinion, even 2000 hours is 83 days of continuous use - doubtful.
Wire-free bright lights!
Three handy little lights which I bought to install in cupboards which are presently sometimes difficult to see in (unless the sun shines brightly!).
They are bright, and easily controlled from the Remote, but …
the little sticky pads provided (perhaps only 1mm thick!) aren't really strong enough to remain in one piece with the twisting action required to open the lights! Having said that there are holes in the back of the lights for small screws - which can be used once you've got the lights positioned where you want them.
They work well
They are very bright and work well.

Worth noting you need 11 AAA batteries. No idea of the battery life as we've only just installed them.
simply brilliant
brilliantly throughout idea . easy to setup and use.
they look fabulous
Follow up review
I am still pleased with these “brilliant lights” but they get through batteries at an alarming rate. Nine AAA batteries ( 3 per light) lasted two weeks. They were not left on for prolonged periods and when they die you can’t switch them off, they flicker till you remove the batteries. Rechargeable ones are the way to go, at the moment the lights are just decorative.
A very practical solution for no AC powered spaces!
Ideal under cupboard lights
It's the first I have seen these lights and believe me considering they are battery operated they are amazing.
Excellent product!
These lights are very bright, each has an individual switch, but there's also a remote control which can switch on and off, change brightness and alternatively set on for 30 minutes. The remote has a wall holder and this and the lights can be secured with either screws or adhesive pads (both are supplied).
Excellent product
Good lighting from these lights and super value for money.
Brilliant product, have used them exactly as illustrated in the photo in my kitchen and they are perfect. Very easy to install, took ten minutes. Great.
Good but
Easy to install and illuminates the selected area well, but battery life is not wonderful.
Great lights
Replaced my defunked strip light. Remote switch just like the set up above. Great deal just needs 11 batteries!
Does what I wanted them for.
Nothing that wasn't in the description.
Nice glow.
They add a little extra touch to the kitchen.The reason I gave it 4 stars was because the ones I got I had a problem with 1.I know you are sending a replacement. Thank you.
Lighten Up
Very practical and fairly easy to assemble, and easy access for replacing batteries. in all good value product that goes well in the kitchen!
Led lights
These are amazing led lights worked well lighting up my glass cabinets. I will tell overs about them .
There quite good
Easy to install nice and bright ideal for my grandsons bedroom unit over his bed
Perfect for dark spaces
I bought these to put inside a wardrobe deprived of natural and artificial light. They work so well and are so bright I have only used two. Great product.
Tip; You will need AAA batteries!
The work well.
Have been intending to put lights under cupboards to light the work tops for 30 years. These very effective lights that need no wiring and are remote control and light the work surface superbly.
I bought these on a whim, and I am very glad I did, in my own opinion these are well worth the money and they do give our good light, so much so i have ordered another set.
Great set of lights with timer
Easy to fit set of lights using double sided tape pads supplied. Fitted them under kitchen cabinets and they look great when switched on. The lights have a timed function which is very useful in maintaining battery life. A great purchase.
Small, but bright and very useful
3 batteries each + 2 for the remote
Bright and Cheerful
I had cheap under cabinet lights previously, but they were barely adequate, unlike these. Very bright, with a dimming option. Having a remote control is a bonus, although they can be controlled individually with a finger push. The adhesive pads supplied do the job well.
Brilliant lights in both senses
These were a very successful purchase. I have them over an Aga so they are fine being warm and light up the shadows over the cooker. The remote needs to “see” the light or it will only activate or switch off the nearest one. There is a great 39 min timer in case you forget to switch off. No batteries are supplied and you need eleven AAA batteries.
Value for money - just!
Bought two sets and these were delivered quickly.
Surprised to find that each set of 3 requires 11 (ELEVEN) AAA batteries (3 for each light and 2 for the remote)
Pleased however that each remote works both packs.
Would recommend also that you either use the screws provided or some command picture hanging pads - this will make replacing the batteries easier.
brilliant idea!
Battery life would be nice to know but not essential. Amazing amount of light for counter tops, remote handset very useful, all in all a good buy.
Poor Quality
Poor quality. Didn’t turn off on first use of lights.
AGK Remote controlled Lef Lights
Hi, I am unable to give a true comment on the purchase made since I am yet to install the lights
I’ve tested one of the lights to ascertain that it works
And it did , so I assumed that the others would work
When they are eventually installed , sorry I could not B of much help this time around.
Very good lights
These lights are great easy to put up with stikers look good to i am very pleased with them and i would recommend them to anybody
Excellent product
Item arrived promptly and was well packaged. Works well and appears to be of good quality. No complaints to date.
Not good, sorry. Lights flicker, not bright enough and the remote won't turn the lights off. Had to take batteries out to stop!
I wonder how long they would last?
Really good value
I use these lights under kitchen units so far really pleased with them
I am happy with this
Honestly, its good service and I feel happy with what I bout, first time i did not get the product but send time i received it and during this time i had very good experience with customer service.
Good effective lights
Excellent value for lighting dark corners AND for emergency lighting.
Could not recommend
Initially thought these were a great buy as under cabinet lighting for the office, however I bought three packs and several of the lights are flickering with only a maximum of 3o minutes use five days a week since purchase. High quality batteries used, so not a power issue. Very disappointing
Doesn't stay bright for long!
Great when I first put them up but they eat batteries!
Value for money
For the price I paid the lights are far better than I was expecting.
Cheap and effective lighting solution
For people that are looking to put lights into a dark cupboard or pantry this is the solution for you. This three light set can be operated individually or all three at once! The battery life is very good so far and the light is bright enough to provide good vision into a dark spot but not so bright as to dazzle you. Very easy to install with everything you will need for the install (except for a screwdriver if you want to install using provided screws). Highly recommended.
Great Product
Really great little units.
The worst
Hi-LO switch worked once. Once. Stuck on low and blinking. Remote control is the worst. Worked once. Once.

Save your money.
Exactly as descibed
Good product but be prepared to supply batteries
The provided double sided adhesive patches are not great
Extra Lighting
Having a new kitchen so wanted some extra lighting. These will do nicely
Useful but remote control a bit hit and miss
Battery life is not very long
Very bad
Stopped working shortly after I installed them...complete waste of money very disappointed
So easy to set up. Give a good light. Ideal for those awkward places. Great purchase at a great price.
Good value.
It was a little dark under our kitchen units, dark cupboards and dark worksurfaces. My wife is very pleased with them. I tried using the stick on pads to fix them but one fell off, so screwed them on for a permanent fix.
Good Product
Very happy with these lights easy to put up work every time its a pity they don't have sensors on them instead of remote control but are still good value for the money
Excellent product
Star Buy!
Great Value for money Purchase. The Light fittings are really bright, easy to assemble and very robust. Very easy to attach to surfaces and the remote is so handy. Manual Switch on/off also. Overall great product and well worth the price. Very well packaged - Safe and Secure.
These give a good bright light but controlling via the remote is a bit random and unreliable. Nevertheless they are effective in providing undercupboard lighting.
Great product
Good product for the amount. The lights are bright. Remote works well with good range. Very suited in places where you don't want / can't install electrical cables. Recomended!
Bright idea
The add said it all, very good quality.
Not very good
These lights worked ok for a couple of times and then they started flickering I presume the batteries were running low already as I had them under kitchen units as shown on website. The remote control wouldn’t turn them off and 1 wouldn’t turn off manually either. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money
Excellent emergency lighting
Following on from an electric power cut, these battery operated lights with remote control looked like a useful purchase.
They individually give sufficient light to navigate around the house and the remote control means no fumbling for switches in the dark.
I may purchase a second set for the upper floor.
A bit heavy on batteries, 10 AAA needed for the set, including the remote control.
Extra lights
Great addition to my kitchen highlights a working area. Looks good.
Very good I would tell people to bay them
Agl lights
Awful I have had to change the batteries every half an hour and I am using good batteries they fizzle and cut out so dissatisfied
Small, bright, easy fit.
Cheap light for awkward spots.....
The perfect answer.
These lights are the perfect answer for providing under unit lighting without wires.
Poor quality, don’t work properly.
I found the lights to be pretty flimsy, if you don’t get the tabs matched up, and they are not that easy to match up, the tabs snap, also they don’t turn off properly, even by pushing the actual light, so to turn them off you need to take one of the batteries out, two of them stayed on all night so the batteries ran out!!
Not bright enough!
Easy to fit and no cables. double sided tape and optional screws are provided. Fits to a backplate by a bayonet action but the hooks on the unit are too frail and prone to breaking very easily, even if you are aware and being careful!

The light output is barely adequate, which could easily have been solved by adding more powerful LEDs even at a small additional cost.

Nearly a good product!
Wireless LED lughts
The brightness and size.
Good product but remote control has to be close.
If it's away from range it won't operate the lights
You can turn them on but not off.
Makes the remote pointless.
Very neat and illuminating!
All was clear from the start.
Having had a kitchen installed and having tiled the wall between the worktops and the wall cupboards we realised there was an area of shadow under the wall cupboards. Not wanting to remove the tiles to channel electric cables to fit under cupboard lighting, these battery operated lights with remote control offered the best solution. Sleek and easily controlled, very impressed.
Excellent Lighting Solution
I had a need for some lighting - but not for my kitchen and the six lights that I bought have solved the need and all six work together off of the same remote control, an extra benefit.

Best solution and so easy to instal and control.
Brilliant lights
I purchased 3 packs of these lights. 2 sets of 3 are in the kitchen under the wall cupboards and make a huge difference to the lighting in the kitchen- no more dark shadows. The third pack has been installed in my wardrobe, again making a huge difference to the cupboard. Would happily purchase again. Quick and easy to install and use!
Brilliant in more ways than one. Super product giving out lots of light to dark areas at a good price.
Remote gives an added bonus.
The lights are ok but sometimes do not switch off by the remote or by the lights themselves. Solution is to remove batteries for a few minutes but this can be an inconvenience.
Poor product.
One of the lights (in a set of 3) does not work from the remote and has since completely given up the ghost.
Effective lights
Does the job well.
Not as Bright as Expected
The items look good and use the latest LED technology. They were bought to be used as “under cabinet” lights in our kitchen.

The light given out is not as bright as I expected and they create an ambience rather than a prectical working light below the cabinets. I appreciate the lights weren’t expensive but didn’t expect to have to use three AAA batteries in each light so perhaps they weren’t as cost effective as originally thought.

Would I recommend them? Perhaps to act as decorative lights but not as practical illumination in a kitchen.
Absolutely brilliant.
The remote control lights are excellent. I would recommend them.

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