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AGL Remote Controlled Wireless LED Lights - 3 Pack Reviews

The ideal accessory for any home, this 3 pack of wireless super-bright LED lights from AGL are perfect for bringing light to under cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, shelves and more. Easy to install, the pack is complete with a remote control.
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The ideal accessory for any home, this 3 pack of wireless super-bright LED lights from AGL are perfect for bringing light to under cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, shelves and more. Easy to install, the pack is complete with a remote control.
 4.4 stars from 193 customers

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just what i needed, may well order this item again
as per headline
Bought these as lights for walk in larder but tried them in back off my camper conversion over rear door cooking area abs briliant trouble is I only need 2 as they are that bright bit of a give away when stealth camping in the boonies !
Cupboard lights
Great lights but batteries don’t last long.
The Lights, the Lights
Absolutely brilliant lights, no pun intended - they are great and much better than a slightly lower price alternative I have tried - the sticky patches are awesome - make sure you get them in the right place first time! Now the second set I have bought to light up an area underneath my railway baseboard.
Great product, inexpensive, and delivered fast. Strong but dimmable lights. Great asset for those dark corners or under the kitchen cupboards.
Package arrived very quickly after ordering lights work perfectly so does remote
Many thanks
Good product for overhead lighting
Whether lights worked independently on remote - as it is they only do so manually - no great problem.
An effective product
Works very well in providing lighting to an under stairs cupboard. A cheap and effective solution. Delivery was very efficient.
Ideal under cabinet lights
They are easy to assemble and having the remote switching is ideal-the price was also excellent
Brilliant Product
Great product. Easy to install with the self adhesive backs but can also screw into them if needed.
Worked less than 3 weeks
I bought 2 x packets of 3 so 6 of these in total. I put new batteries in and they were great at first, however after less than 3 weeks they stopped working. I received these in July so only used them a few times at night which was quite rare. I changed the batteries and they still didn't work. I did email MobileFun but have yet to receive a response. Incidentally the original batteries used still have life left in them so clearly a complete waste of £25.98
Good.better than I expected

Great lights for price
The number of batteries required. Batteries cost more than lights, however, love the lights. Great product.
Just what I was looking for.
nothing more.
Very good
how many batteries needed.
Improved my kitchen
Didn't realise it needed so many AAA batteries. However works perfectly well and I am satisfied so far.
Excellent lighting alternative
The lighting set has provided a quick solution to lighting a dark shed. I love the option of using the remote control to turn on/off all lights, or simply switching one light on/off if that is what is needed. The added option of a 30 minute timer is also useful. Great product.
I bought 2 packs of these and although brightness was good in each of the packs one light didn't work
Great little fit anywhere lights
For the price wasn't expecting great things. Ordered 1 set as soon as they arrived saw how good they were I immediately ordered another set. Multiple sets All work from same remote. I have 1 remote by the door so I can turn them all on and another remote by the bed so can turn them off. Wouldn't hesitate to order more.
Great Downlights
Was really impressed with these lights , for a small unit they all gave out a surprising amount of light. far more than the strip light they replaced
Excellent lights
Exceeded my expectations for price paid. Comes with remote control and the lights have 2 settings and also a 30 minute timer..
OK but
No way does one set of batteries last 20000 hours.
The "Light Fantastic"
We live in a fairly new tower block and have a useful utility cupboard which was never provided with lighting. It is pretty full with washer/dryer, storage drawers, hoover etc but with these lights it was a quick and easy job to illuminate the cupboard without having to pull everything out. Really good. I only wish that the batteries had been sent at the same time. Its so annoying when you have to go out and get a dozen AAA batteries in order to do the job.
Great Lights
Fantastic lights perfect for my kitchen
Much better than expected
Bought for shed, work really well. Look good and remote works well
Received product before delivery date, item was perfect for kitchen cabinets and under a stairs
Looks good
Inside and outside good
Brilliant product - needed to provide some temporary light above the cooker whilst the cooker hood is replaced.
Great value
Done the job perfectly
Wonderful bright remote lights just where you need them Better than the more expensive ones available elsewhere
Simple but brillant
Battrry requirements
Very good and bright. Easy to use
All ok
Was very disappointed that they did not come with batteries.
Excellent Lighting
These are excellent and provide a good light spread and also comes with a handy remote - fantastic value for the price.
Great product
They have all the light we wanted so easy to install will go good anywhere
Very good
Can you use rechargeable batteries with these?
Great value for money
We purchased these lights for use around the house and in the garden shed. They represented excellent value for our money but, more importantly, they are very good. I won't hesitate to go back to Mobile Fun when something similar in needed in future.
Great lights
Lights are nice and bright, do the job I bought them for
So much for so little money.
I was so impressed with these lights that I purchased 2 moer sets. The remote works 26 feet away. Nice and bright. FABULAS.
Nice product, lots of batteries required though - 3 per light and 2 for remote.
Easy to Install
Light intensity is good. No professional installation required.
Good Lights
Purchased these lights to illminate an area where I was unable to fit an ordinary light . THey do the job and an very satisfied.
Excellent lights
Have just fitted them in our new kitchen. The light is just right. Fitting them was straight forward. The remote control makes using them so easy.
They’re grand! What they say is what you get!
Good purchase
Give off plenty of light and like the dimmer facility, also think that the 30 minute timer is a good option. Only drawback is battery life is not great
Looks good be aware of drawback.
Bought them as a light feature for under the cupboards. After setting them up we turned them on and they looked great. However after a few hours the light began to dim. Obviously great to use for a few minutes but not to left on for any length of time as they soon use up battery power.
Quality and very effective
There was plenty of valid information on this product on the Mobile fun website, as is the case with most items, we had a couple of dark areas in our kitchen that these lights would enhance.....and when fitted they solved that situation.
The lights are well made and good quality, they look right and certainly do what you expect.
The only down side is they need AAA batteries and clearly it tells you that in the description, sadly in all a total of 11 of them and with the price of these types of batteries today, this in effect means the batteries cost more than the lights particularly if you buy the branded ones.
So the lights with batteries are excellent....cost wise without the offer and the need for so many batteries I have to admit I would have had a rethink.
Superb lighting!
I bought these for lights in our off grid cabin. They give excellent,convenient, and flexible lighting which doesn’t require use of solar. They also provide additional lighting for some of the darker areas. Excellent customer service.
AGL led lights
Easy to fit and doing the job I wanted so far
Dismal, Badly Designed and Cheaply Built
Batteries don't last long before they have to be replaced, these things emit a fair amount of light but they are very cheaply built and IF you plan to install them somewhere recessed or slightly out of your reach, good luck removing them to replace the batteries without damaging them. Instead of going the smart OLIXAR route and using magnets to attach the lights to the base boards, these lights somehow have to be clipped in place using flimsy plastic indentations, which bend and break easily and cause no end of frustration. I threw them in the trash after a month, and in that month, I had to change the batteries twice despite moderate bedtime use. I would give this product one star but I'm afraid one star reviews are buried and not considered.
Very bright
These lights are cheaply made but very bright and once up and in place you should not have to touch them for some time and changing the batteries is easy enough so I think that they will last. I have put 2 sets in both sides of our built in wardrobes as we could never get enough light in there to see what we where doing and these lights are excellent for that, the remote control works on both sets and the 30 min timer is great as it means my Mrs will not leave them on draining the batteries. Just to make clear it says that it requires 3 batteries, this 3 batteries per light and 2 for the remote control so a grand total of 11 batteries for one set, it’s a good job that they will not need changing that often. My first order of 2 sets contained 1 out 3 dead lights in each box but Mobile Fun where excellent and sent me out replacement sets with no fussing at all and I cannot fault their customer service, 10 out of 10 for those guys.
Round up
Cheap and cheerful but do what you need them to do so a good buy.
the sticking pads do not hold the lights after a short time i had to screw same to hold in place but apart from that little problem the lights work great especially the remote
Love these lights.
I'd bought loads of sticky sets of lights before, only to have them fall off the bottom of the kitchen cupboards.didnt think I'd be able to find any that I could stick on without the same thing happening,until I saw so pleased with them.remote works really well.lovely warm glow that can be dimmed and for what they are,they're pretty sturdy.sending for another pack to use on the other side of the kitchen.cant wait to put them up alongside the existing ones.
great product
The remote controller did not work .
I got in touch with Mobile Fun and they straight away sent a replacement. Great service.
Great set of lights
very useful under the kitchen cabinets, especially the two different light intensity settings for a more comfortable light.
Good Idea
Not 100% happy one of lights arrived damaged.

Instructions says not to use rechargeable batteries but doesnt say why - i thought that this would be the idea and recharge when lights dim

I do like how you can set for 30 mins and they go off themselves
Great product highly recommended
Very efficient as small area lights.
A bit heavy on batteries
Great product highly recommended
Lights good
Already spoken about faulty remote control with customer services, wouldn’t replace just the remote,
so am using ‘manually
Good lights shame remote not working
If you could dim lights with out remote control if
remote not working
Really good
Apart from the initial disappointment when they first arrived because the remote didn't work a short email to make mobile fun aware of the problem they dispatched a new set next day delivery. I was very impressed at their prompt action and now that they're working I really like them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Thanks mobile fun.
great. good light no wiring to put in
nothing they were up front with everything. thanks
Great products
Great little lights , brighten up my kitchen
Great product
Exactly as described & a great product.
Very Useful
Ordered two packs for one area. Sadly one of the remotes doesn’t work but the one that does is operating all of them. Poor quality control though.
Let There Be Light
Great Product Saves Me Using a Torch To Find a Tin Of Baked Bean At The Back Of The Pantry.
Easy to Install.
Much Better Than Expected
Great value, really bright light
Happy with this product.
Arrived quickly, packed well, and worked well.
Will look at getting some more.
Not a bad product, could be a little more refined
You need to point the remote at the lights and within about 3m. There are 4 buttons that 2 are used to make them dim or brighter, a little bit of fiddling and you get which button is for what. A simple on off button would do, as the lights are not very bright that they need to be dimmed.
2 of the 4 we installed are not as bright as the other 2.
Good if you just want a little extra glow.
Small, bright and narrow beam.
The light shines straight in a narrow beam, it does not spread. I would have liked to know that. I have to use all three of them to cover a bigger area.
But they are bright.
AGL led lights
Amazingly bright for the size of them.Great for under cupboard lights.Delivery and price were good.
Useful to know
These are easy to fit and give a useful amount of light but would be better if brighter.
It would be useful to know that each light needs 3 x AAA batteries.
Great Value
This was a great purchase. I did not expect this much for what I paid for it. Highly recommended.
Good product
Very useful for less abled people with the remote
Two brightness settings is great feature.
Fabulous product
I just wanted some lights to fill spaces where I have no sockets for plug in lights and these are amazing thanks
good value
worked first time, easy to install, and most important my good lady likes them, he-he!
remotes do not work
lights work fine but cannot get remotes to work.Have had them replaced but still did not work.Customer services helpful
Mostly very good
I ordered 2 sets and they did the job well except one remote does not work. I ordered a further 2 sets and one of the lights failed. Overall they are really good value for money and the two failed pieces were surplus so l am very pleased with the job they are doing lighting the space underneath kitchen wall cupboards.
For those that DIY means destroy it yourself
Don’t know how long the stick on pads will last the alternative screws included are to small to use. Can’t find a screwdriver small enough to fit the head that allows sufficient grip to drive the screws in. Battery’s not included (3xAAA per light)
Absolutely Brilliant.
I was told every thing I needed to know before I purchased it.
Nice product
Really good value product, bright lights and the remote makes them so versatile
bright lights
i have just got a new greenhouse and was constructing new shelves for inside greenhouse,when i decided that i would like to put lights in it,so i bought these led lights with a remote switch ,very pleased they light up the green house and are very easy to fit .more than pleased lights were such good value.
Great but remote does not work
Great lights once received replacement but both remotes did not work so can only use by turning on by hand
Led lights
Look good have not put up yet but sure there be ok
Needed a solution for dark spaces under my kitchen cupboards but rent so no chance of hard wiring anything plus don't have the money.

These do the job perfectly at a great price. So good I bought another set!
3 pack LED lights
great all working well very powerful lights and would recommend
Very useful
Very bright especially with the remote control is just the job for a dark area
Great Led's
Well worth the price, bought two sets for my kitchen and now I don't need the expensive to run flurecent ceiling light. The remote is a major plus.
Good lighting easy to use
idea for quick and easy solution for some extra lighting without having to plug them in.
Fantastic lights but having battery issues
The lights are great, stick well and really light up a dark kitchen area. We do however find they are getting through batteries very quickly even tho they are not switched on for long. Not sure if this is an isolated issue.
Not impressed with product. Lights not bright enough. Each light takes three batteries that hardly lasts any time at all.
Great item
Great item, super quality and price. The remote conte is a great bonus and the dim option is fabulous!
Highly recommend it!
Excellent lights just the job
If they worked, and they do, well worth the money
They light up my life!
These lights are amazing! My husband fitted them for me under my kitchen cupboards which took him no more than 5 minutes. He used the sticky pads provided with the product.
They shine light on my worktop! I was astonished the first time that he switched them on. No more cuts when preparing food and the small control that comes with them makes it all so easy! In fact, I love them so much that I have ordered more and if I don't use them myself then they will make a great gift for a friend. I really cannot ignore a bargain especially when it is this good!
Bright shiny 5 stars
Lovely bright crisp white light bought two packs for a dingy staircase one remote upstairs and one down for on/off great product. Only time will tell for battery life but very happy
Saved us a lot of money
What a fab idea.
Can not fault these they saved us having to spend out over £400 pounds to have under work cupboards lights done.
Value for money
Does as described & ideal for places where mains electricity not easily available.
Great product

I am using the lights on TOP of my cupboards to highlight the copper I have on display. It looks great!
Good buy
Very pleased with these lights.
Will get some more to fill up more shadowy places.
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