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AGL Plug Socket Uplighting GU10 Wash Light Lamp - White Reviews

Transform any room and improve the ambience using a 10W bulb alongside this stunning, uplighting wash lamp. Utilising your existing plug sockets and no wiring required, installation is quick and simple.
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Transform any room and improve the ambience using a 10W bulb alongside this stunning, uplighting wash lamp. Utilising your existing plug sockets and no wiring required, installation is quick and simple.
 4.6 stars from 81 customers

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Smart hallway lighting
I have these in my hallway where space is at a premium and on my landing
Great little lights that create a lovely warm atmosphere
A good product.
Make it more clear that light can be turned at any angle.
Nice atmospheric lighting
A simple and convenient way to create atmosphere in dark corners of the room
Great light
Lovely light, does just the trick at the top of the stairs so I don’t have to turn or leave the big landing light on. Very sleek, luckily I have white walls so cannot even tell it’s there!
Very pleased with this light. Gives a good background light or used to illuminate plants, pictures etc. Will definitely order more when back in stock
Light is exactly as described
So simple but so good.

No room for a table or standard lamp, don't want unsightly wires trailing but you want to add light to a wall or corner then get the AGL Plug Socket Up-light. So simple, So Good.

Really useful and very attractive light. Also versatile as direction can be altered. Delighted with this light.
Everything was covered
Interesting item
Good fun and a clever idea. Probably most useful when electrical sockets are well above the floor level.
Brilliant product
Very happy with the two I bought. They are in opposite corners of our living room, providing soft lighting without the need of tables and table lamps.
Great extra light
We bought this to light up our hallway by the front door and it does just that. It’s easy to use plug in and just swivel to angle required. Great.
Great product
Great little light, thought we had great plaster on the walls , shows every imperfection.
Good light
Just as it said on the advert, good quality and provides a decent light which does exactly what hoped it would.
Weak light
The output on White is adequate and strength is advertised up front, but the colours are very weak and relative power not highlighted
Contemporary lighting at its best
This product is well made as well as looking good. Effective lighting brightening up areas where you cannot have a lamp. Very versatile, looks good no matter what your style.
Fantastic product!
This product is ingenious! Does exactly what it says, lights up dark areas and the service was excellent. I was kept informed by company the entire time of delivery and it arrived with a few days.
Really great product, does just what we wanted, thank you
Great little devices
These are great. Want an uplighter anywhere in the house? Sorted. These can rotate 180 degrees, so if you want an even lower light setting, simply point them at the floor. Bought two.
No more dark corners
Lovely targeted light for pictures or to lighten dark corners.
No more dark corners
Lovely targeted light for pictures or to lighten dark corners.
Fantastic solution if you have no place for lamps
The lights are very stylish and do what they say on the box. Literally plug and play. I don't have a lot of space to put lamps and they provide the perfect amount of soft lighting in the room.
Good back lighting
Level of lighting would have been with more conventional uplighting. Having said that they are not expensive and great fun
Excellent item that good I brought another one
Fantastic. Brought another
Great that you can angle. Love this.
Great design
Great product brought three to try in the passage ways of a hotel . Use with GU10 smart life WiFi bulbs
Transformed hall and landing
Our two cast light on a wall behind a plant in hall and up the wall and ceiling eves on landing. They look great.
I would wish the body of them was less translucent.
I have paired them with Hive GU10 bulbs for extra control.
Really pleased
Nice light,lights up my corners lovely
Plug in uplighter
This is a good little light. However be aware that it is best to use a low wattage GU10 led bulb as the plastic gets a hot! Suggestion would be under 5w - best 3w.
Really should come with this safety guideline.
Great addition to the uplift lamp. Variety of colour options and brightness that can be changed via the extremely easy to use remote. Cannot rate products from this Company highly enough. Again MobileFun, my sincerest thanks!
Truly marvellous, has turned a very dark space into a light filled space. Honestly would not be without one of these now. Such a wonderful transformation.
A practical purchase
This is a practical purchase. Good for lighting hallways, corridors or bedrooms at night. The ability to rotate the light means you may adjust, direct or reduce the amount of light.
Great purchase
I love these little lights. I have them plugged in on timers in my garden room and even though it’s not used in the evenings it’s nice to see it lit up at night. Also have one behind tv and what is a dark corner comes to life. Economical to run as they’re LED bulbs
Plugin light fitting.
Purchased this light fitting for my hallway which is
quite dark it gives off great light very pleased with my purchase.
Many thanks.
Perfect little uplighter
Love this light. It gives a lovely light to areas that are a bit dull. I use it to highlight a dark corner.
Great packaging, delivered b4 ETA, well made, haven't used it yet, because I didn't check what type of bayonet the bulb had.
But am sure I will find a fitting for it
100% satisfaction with my item
Its good product little bit more on the price side but worth it .
The bulb insert is little bit tricky product should show clear image from inside
The plastic warped after half an hour, so make sure you use the right bulb!
It says in small print on the side of the item, which bulb to use, but I didn’t notice this until after the plastic had warped using a very similar low-wattage bulb.
Lovely light, works great and I love that you can angle it. The "shade" is extremely hot to touch though, and difficult to avoid when unplugging.
Simple plug in lamp - just what we wanted!
The shade will move through 360 degrees. Nice! However it's not supplied with a bulb.
Item was cheaper than Amazon & other online stores, delivery was very quick, was exactly as described, overall a very good experience from visiting the website to delivery of the item, would not have any hesitation from purchasing from here again, Great Job :)
Up lighter
Excellent product ...great and hard to find an up lighter very suitable for a bedroom and the hallway of any home
Good product.
This product ,with or without the colour changing bulb is ideal as an uplighter.But with the colour changing bulb, you can illuminate an area for whatever your mood takes you.
With the ability to be able to angle it vertical, downwards or horizontal, you can illuminate where you like.
Brilliant idea
So good I bought 2, and you can have each one a different color in the same room.....groovy!
Brilliant idea.
So good I bought 2.....
Really innovative idea
Nothing it does what it is designed for very well
Really pleased!
Ideal for our small dining area. Now thinking of getting more, as they’re really good for different lighting feels in small AND large spaces.
Amazing product!!! All my friends have ordered since seeing mine so neat and no cables ... thank you
I will be ordering more in the future
Fantastic backdrop lighting
Really great lights without having cables everywhere
Good for hallways/landings and to shoe off pictures .. all my friends have ordered since seeing mine! ????
Just right
Gu10 wash light lamp
Good value price wise , bought one a while ago very pleased with it.
Great light holder
Great unit for put in a hive dimmable lighting in when a movement sensor is triggered
Wow !! Many colours and bright
Love this light. Goes well with the uplighter I bought too from Mobile fun, and the remote does the job, responsive. Colour is easy to select and can be dimmed down a bit.also the colour can be changed automatically, maybe when party season starts again, might come in handy!
Great light
Very stylish and gives a good warm light in the evenings in those darker places in the living room, very nice. You can still access both plugs and switches on a std uk twin socket too.
Not Bad
Bought it to go behind my corner settee,for a little bit of light ????
However comes without remote...... so it’s plugged in OFF
Ok in kids rooms
Great item provides lovely warm light
Great item perfect to provide lightvwhere you have no space for a table lamp
Slightly misleading
I think the product is great BUT what slightly annoyed me was one you don’t get the bulb with the lamp and two in the pictures it shows the lamp being different colours and the only thing that gives you that effect is buying the special bulb that changes colour and not the lamp itself I felt that was a bit misleading (I bought four lamps ) and the colour changing bulbs are another £8.99 ????.. hmmm
A must have item
This item is a must have for any home. Connect it to a smart plug and Alexa adds more functionality. Love it.
It's a case of personal taste but I didn't think much of them.
It's a case of personal taste but I didn't think much of them. Perhaps better if supplied with a better choice of LED lamp?
Good Product
Pleased with this product as it does exactly what we bought them for. They certainly help set the mood for the evening.
Great night light
It wasn't totally clear if a bulb was included but no problem that it wasn't. However, I'm going to change the standard GU10 bulb that I purchased for a Hive GU10 bulb so I can remotely change the brightness. The ability to change the brightness will mean I can dim the light down low as a night light or adjust it up to a reading light. Fantastic by my bed where space for a lamp is ridiculously limited.
So effective
What surprised me was the build quality. It's excellent and the impact very impressive.
Easy to fix,adjustable angle,no batteries,can be moved around.
Product exactly as specified. Nothing to come unstuck or holes drilled.
The light does what its meant to do but i dont like the effect when its switched on. The plastic looks see-thro and marbly. I have a white bulb in it but the plastic case still looks yellow when switched on .
Subtle illumination
All information was to hand on ordering
Smart light
Great product. Bought coloured lobules and they look amazing
Good value for money
I got this as it was good value price wise and wasn't disappointed when it arrived. I had to order a seperate bulb in the colour I wanted but it looks good.
Good product but no bulbs
Bulbs included
Fun lighting
I was quite clear about the uplighter and their specifications before ordering them.
Love this item
This light is perfect in my hall, exactly what I was looking for.
These were ideal for providing a bit of ambient light in my conservatory. Just what I was after.
Very disappointed!!
When I decided to buy this item your advert said that the coloured bulbs would be readily available in the stores. I have tried various
electrical/lighting stores and they don’t have them. So the plugs i bought from you are of no use at all.
Great lighting effect !
Easy to fix, just plug in. Base swivels so can be placed facing any direction. Works great with Hue Hub colour GU10 bulbs and Alexa. Would definitely recommend.
These make brilliant Night Lights, and also great Mood Lighting.
Nice thing, makes the atmosphere in your room more cozy
Would be excellent, if it had some kind of remote switch.
Still useful for the kids or elderly, in the passage or stairs, if you don't want too much light at night. Backdrop so to speak.
I love these uplights.I got rid of my small lamps as they were always falling over.And i wont have to dust them anymore. I have used them in all the rooms.They give lovely soft lighting. Would recommend.
Smart if emply plug socket available.
Need an empty plug socket available. No good using a plug socket adapter. Coloured bulbs are pricey. Would be great if bulb could be purchased as well.
Top gadget, really effective
Great for lighting up dark corners, very effective and great for the money!
Mood Lighting Is All The Rage
A quite simply wonderful invention with endless possiblilites of how and where to use

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