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AGL Motion-Activated Toilet LED Night Light Reviews

Enhance the look and functionality of your toilet with this ingenious device. Add coloured mood lighting, help toilet train children, keep your bathroom clean or even just save electricity with the AGL Motion-Activated Toilet LED Night Light.
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$13.26 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 47 customers

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Very poor
I bought one of these and when it came it appeared ok.
It was fitted and worked well initially. On the strength of my initial experience I bought 2 more units. Now my first unit has stopped working and it's become useless. I am totally dissatisfied especially as I have 2 others I was going to give as presents. I am so disappointed and cannot possibly recommend this product. Avoid like the plague.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alan

Sorry to hear you had problems with this product. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
a laugh a Minuit
could do with staying on longer but saying that it is still worth it for the laugh factor
Wonderful little nite light
Great Little Light I live in an apartment where there is no socket so this little light is perfect for nite time emergencies. Two of my friends want one.
Its great
Its great, a lot of fun, and qute functional.
This is a great little gadget, was surprised how good it really is for such a simple devise. Makes the night walk so much a pleasure
What a Relief
Another item from MobileZap which sounds crazy but is great. The sensor works extremely well. The colours, both static and alternating, are great. The only reason I've given it 4 stars is because I'm having difficulty in setting the actual colour and it's brilliance. But I'm sure that will change with practice. My hubby no longer switches on the main light because there is no need. { sigh }. To avoid the sensor working during daylight hours, we simply move the light around. If you don't like the light in the toilet itself, it works equally well on a shelf or the floor. On a recent break from home, we took it with us. Brilliant.
Novel product that is actually useful
Bought the twin pack. Great fun with the various colours. Works well, although not quite as bright as the picture. The movement sensor is excellent.
Good novelty item
Works very well and easy to use and install. Hangs rather loosely on the loo rim but this doesn't seem to affect performance. Instructions were clear and easy to follow, good product reasonably priced.
Brilliant! Illuminated toilet bowl at night!
Firstly, this item was offered at a good knock-down price. Secondly, it is a simple to install standard battery operated device, safe and easy to put in place and use.
It detects approaching grandparents and grandchildren with ease and turns on the LED light to the colour chosen by the simple changeover pushbutton. Hence there is no need to wake others by operating the bathroom (Often Noisy) light cordswitch, when paying a visit.
I thoroughly recommend this product to all night-time toilet visitors.
Amazing Excellent Product
Ordered Samsung Wireless Charger And The Delivery Was Amazing Excellent Product And Excellent Service Very Impressed With Mobilefun,And Will Order Again In The Future
Keith Myers Rotherham.
More than great fun
I picked this as a quirky gift for my daughter, but decided to buy another one for myself. Everyone's first reaction is: 'Crazy. The next reaction is: 'hang on a mo, this is actually useful!' Not only does it make me smile each time I make an evening visit to the bathroom, but it also removes the need to turn on the light, waking up the whole household.
See your willy in a new light!
Fabby product. Going for a wee at night you won't disturb your partner with this automated, motion sensor light. Illuminates the interior of the toilet bowl so you get to see your willy in silhouette!! Everyone should have one.
Good for what it does but not long lasting
The product is great and does what it says on the tin.
However, buyer beware....the LED's on this product after some time burn out if you have a preferred colour and is irreplacable...
I have 2 products in play and both have their LEDs burnt in about 2 months since i ought this product.
Value for money is questionable....
Disco Dunny!
Solid unit.
Works so well.
A talking point.
'Disco Dunny'!
Family LOVE IT.
Toilet light is very effective.
Quite a talking point!
Not good
Worked well for first 4 days then brightness faded. Changed batteries thinking this may be the problem but it made no difference. Even on brightest setting there is only a tiny little glow at bulb that doesn't illuminate the toilet at all anymore.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Carolyn

Sorry to hear you had problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Excellent useful product
Really useful, especially if you make night visits to the bathroom. Without having to put on main lights this little product lights the way automatically. Useful buy.
great product
thanks guys love this is lots of of fun and delivery was fast also thanks
My Guiding Light
I spotted this on the email flier, and thought it would be an amusing novelty talking point. When it arrived I fitted it and was delighted to find that it was a great practical device for my unfortunately too regular visits to the loo at night. It guided me to the bowl and I preferred the red colour as it doesn't affect your night vision. Used to switch the light on and wide awake. Not now. Choice of colours to select and very sensitive.
Great fun and useful
Useful when you visit the loo at night - great fun, especially for guests!
Arm is a little too short to fit securely to the rim of the loo.
From dubious to converted
A toilet light- what could be more useless; but I was wrong. It not only adds a splash of colour in a neglected corner but also enables men to avoid the ire of their wives if they miss the bowl.Also it saves electricity as there is no need to put the main light on. I need not dwell on the usefulness of such a light if the need to chunder comes upon you.Great product
No longer are we blinded by bright white light in the middle of the night. This fun gadget lights the way! No need to tell people to turn off the light either. After it cycles through the colours it turns off itself until next activated.
Great product!
What a great idea. No more turning the bathroom light on in the middle of the night. Kids love it, especially how it changes colour! Hoping it motivates my youngest to get out of night nappies and use the loo in the night
Good product.
Happy to report on a useful gadget, works fine.
I bought this to encourage my three year old grandson to use the toilet and it does work perfectly whether it will with the grandson who knows
it's cheap rubbish
the product failed after a few days.
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Can you please contact our Customer Services team. Sounds like you may have had a faulty product.
worked for a short time
worked ok for a couple of weeks then the blue light stopped and the colour change option doesn't work. disapointing to say the least.
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear that James. Please contact us so we can send you a replacement.
A fabulous device great for so many reasons. Cosmetically pleasing. Great for not disturbing people in the night. A great assistance for people with certain disabilities. Several friends have purchased since seeing my night light. Incredibly good value.
Good buy.
Works great.
Awesome product!
What a great idea. Kids love it and it's so easy to use. Very reasonably priced too.
mixed feelings
I like this item as it does show the way at night without the need to have a lot of lights on , however i think the item is more suited to females than males as everytime on of the males in my household lift the seat to use the toilet the device seems to end up on the floor.
It works.
Its great it does exactly what it says it does.
Very usefull novelty
I ordered the AGL Motion-Activated Toilet LED Night Light basically as a novelty to give friends and family a giggle. However it has become a useful little gadget it does exactly what it says stops the need to put a light on in the bathroom in the early hours. A good bit of kit
Wonderful for night visits to the toilet
My bathroom has very powerful led lighting so using this motion sensitive soft coloured bowl illuminator means that bathroom visits now give a pleasant visual environment without compromising performance accuracy. Would be perfect in households with kids also.
Great idea and it saves turning on the light at night
Great idea and it saves turning on the light at night, the only problem on my loo the led leg is not long enough to hold it in position and it can easily fall off
A great way to see where you pee
A great way to see where you pee
Night light just where you need it
Bought this as a bit of a gag gift for my husband, but it's turned out to be rather practical, and he loves it! Great for those middle of the night forays without the stress of potentially waking a grumpy spouse. While the colour-changing option is cute, he likes the red because, as every good amateur astronomer knows, red light is the only one that doesn't destroy your night vision (so you can find your way back to bed, toes intact.)
Lovely idea
I am in my late 60's my partner is in his 70's and we feel the bathroom light a bit harsh at night so i used to have a flame less candle on all night cost a fortune in batteries. So i thought i would try this toilet light. Well we have been very surprised. It is easy to put together with 3 little batteries then select the light colour away you go. I feel this is also an excellent idea for young mums when trying to toilet train their children at night.
it brings a little lightness
this doesn't give as much light as shown in the pictures (or could my toilet seat be a closer fit), nevertheless it works great and saves switching on the light, it's fun.
Great fun lighting up the loo!
I bought this just for fun & amazingly it really is! Night-time trips to the small room now bring not only relief to the bladder but also a smile and a laugh as it lights up the loo. Even my gadget-averse wife loves it and we shout the colours out to each other on the sequence of colour-changes, which can be unnerving in the early hours! This gadget seems well-made and durable and does everything in its description well - our children can't quite believe we've bought something so bonkers but they love it, too. It's daft, but the best bit of toilet-humour we've had in years!
Brought this for a bit of fun but it is ideal for a pee in the night do not have to turn the light on makes it much easier on the eyes. You can choose different colours or have it so the colours change

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