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AGL Colour Changing 100cm LED Strip USB TV Backlight Lighting Kit Reviews

A 100cm strip of USB powered LEDs that will enhance and transform any TV or PC Monitor viewing experience. With a host of colours and modes to enjoy, this fabulous finishing touch will add ambience, mood lighting and help alleviate eye strain.
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A 100cm strip of USB powered LEDs that will enhance and transform any TV or PC Monitor viewing experience. With a host of colours and modes to enjoy, this fabulous finishing touch will add ambience, mood lighting and help alleviate eye strain.
 3.8 stars from 74 customers

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Not recommended
When the television heats up the light strip drops off.
TV Backlight Lighting
This item was purchased for a friend so I cannot personally comment on it’s effect. All I can say is that he is happy with the item.
Good set of led lights
The lights themselves are great very colourful avd the controls on them are plentiful loads of options unfortunately like many others the lights fell down due to the adhesive tape not being sufficient ,
That said customer service did send me a replacement set of lights , so very pleased with that side of things but they do need to sort out a way to get lights to stick better to the TV better , but if you can over look that and like me find a way to hang them over the bracket on the wall they are a good set of lights and really bring a new dimension to the tv
Very good
It was ideal for what I wanted it for just to create some nice mood lighting behind the tv.
Nice lights, but fell off within a day
The sticky back is not great, doesn't hold stick at all.
Sticky Pad not great but........
Love the lights. 3 sets attached to the rear of 75 inch tv and they effects are fantastic. Used a glue gun to fix them to the tv as the original sticky backing is not great. Removed one star because of this. Quick delivery considering the times we live in. Would use site again.
Very good
I liked the ones I ordered so much I then ordered two more sets...they haven't turned up yet but I hope they're on their way
Really nice
Lights look great.
Adhesive is pretty poor and needed to get stronger stuff to keep them stuck to the back of my TV.

Easy and relaxing
ideal as described and change the colour to suit the atmosphere
Tv lightts
Product is horrible it doesn’t stick to the tv
Great mood changer
Wonderful backlight kit.
We love them. And want some more.
I love them.
We want some more.
Great quality
Really good quality lights, very impressed
Great backlighting
Bought this twin pack as myself and my partner are working from home. They are great and add lovely colour to an otherwise dull office space.
Easy to attach to the monitor and plug in to USB and then immediate colour.
We prefer to use the static colours of which there are many and the brightness can be adjusted.
An all round good product & recommended
Excellent Product
I thought this would be an idea brightened edging and it was impressive. Only one problem was it affected my epilepsy with the bright lights but placed out of sight on the back edging of the TV it greatly helped with a more relaxing brightness and has helped with the seizures dramatically. Well done Mobile Fun I am sure you will hear from more epileptic s from the photos I have shown around

Very happy with it - good range of colours, has different modes and about 6 levels of brightness. Settings are saved when it loses power. Just plugs in to USB, no hassle. Only drops a star because the backing tape isn't strong enough to hold it up, had to help it with my own adhesive
Like the affect
Bought two and connected them up but they are not the same colour and cannot sync them, any tips?
It’s great having the ability to change colours from the wide range
I have purchased one set exactly the same 2 years ago and have been very pleased with it. This item I have purchased for someone as a gift and I have heard nothing but, how great it is.
Rainbow Hue
Simple to attach. Full range of colours. Fun and very atmospheric.
Cool flashing lights
Fantastic fun product bringing sparkly fun to an otherwise dull corner of the room. Doesn’t stay stuck on for long but that’s easily solved.
It works fine but does not adhere to surfaces. Repeatedly becomes unstuck and falls off.
Not worth the money
The Strip is well small and comes unstuck very easily
Not value for money!
Very short in length, not happy.
Not tried them yet
Looks like they would do a nice job, but a bit short for my tv.
Not Stick enough
The adhesive used on the strip did not adhere well to the back of the TV or even on a flat surface.
Lights are great but adhesion is poor
I have a 55” tv but cannot use the lights above the screen due to the closeness of the soundbar, so I had to use the bottom and the side of the tv. We scanned the colours (all of which were very nice) but the adhesive wouldn’t remain stuck despite me cleaning the back of the tv. Maybe the ridges have something to do with it? However, I have used some 2” clear tape to hold the lights in place and all is now good!
Good product,good price easy to fit,use.
TV light
It lights up as it says but doesn't stick to back.Had to stick it on top.
Not sticking at all
got this package and i will say the led is great except for the sticker itself. it cant hold much longer and olit falls off after i stick it in my pc desk. I need to buy some heavy duty glue just to hold it in place.
Worth having, but a bit disappointing.
Even the twin-pack was not big enough to go all around the TV, so there are gaps in illumination in certain areas. Also, although I scrupulously cleaned the area where I was going to stick the light kit with methylated spirit, after two days much of the kit has come away from the back of the TV. I then had to use Gorilla Tape to refix it back in place.
Not as advertised
That the connection between the led strip and the USB lead is not secure and every time you push a button to change mode etc the connection fails and had to use insulation tape on it to stop this happening, would not recommend this product.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. I have a few of these at home and haven't noticed this issue, but I have been careful to make sure the weight of the cable isn't putting pressure on the connector. Certainly as this is an issue for you, I would try taping or placing the cable in a position that the weight isn't all on the connector and then hopefully it should be fine for you.

Any more issues though, please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
5 inches on the strip !
connecting a major problem for a 1ft length of lights
bright lights, stuck on for about 2 days then fell off, good product just needs to he stickier
Doesn’t stick properly, need at least 2 for a tv of around 40” just on 3 sides. Very cheap looking.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sarah

Sorry to hear you weren't happy with this item. I have one on a 48" screen with one of these and you can adjust the brightness to improve the effect. It will also help if the screen has a bit of space away from a wall so the light can spread.

I hope this helps.
Won't stay stuck to the rear of the TV
Electronically, the lights are terrific: more choices than a Christmas buffet. However, the strips just won't stay adhered to the back of the TV (wall-mounted OLED glass screen). I suspect using a staple-gun might solve the problem... unfortunately my wife is less than impressed with my creativity: she prefers my feet, locking me to the floor so I stop fiddling with the gosh-darn telemovisioner...but where's the fun in that? Stick em to the wall...and make sure you buy enough strips to go around the entire TV...
Works well, but sticking tape won't stick.
Very happy with the product itself, but the tape that secures it to the back of the TV didn't stick well (and yes the surface was clean). Not a big problem and easily fixed with some doulble sided tape I had. Apart from that, I found it to be just as good as I hoped
bought this as a present
Was a present for my sons tv and he loves it
Very impressive
Instead of around the TV we use them with the christmas decorations. Put them in bay window facing up. The effect is brilliant. So much so this is my 2nd order.
Lovely little gadget, enhances your tv viewing if it stays stuck on
Overall when it's on it looks great! Large number of options to choose from from colours to patterns. Only down side is even though TV surface area was cleaned where its been applied, the tv gets hot and the sticky tape looses it's effect and falls off! Also the controls are too close to the end of the lights so act as a dead weight pulling it down therefore also falls off. Could do with the control pad being further down the cable to prevent that and the sticky being much stronger. I'm using extra tape to keep in position.
Looks good but staying on tv an issue
Product gives a lovely backdrop to tv with light reflecting well, however we found it very difficult to get it to stay on tv. Tried numerous times on different areas ie top, middle, bottom but kept falling off, the only way we could get it to stay was by fixing with sellotape
does what it says on the box
It seems to have more options of operation than I remember from the advert which makes it very versatile. Only short coming I found is that it doesnot stick onto the back of the TV and comes loose as the set warms up.Easely fixed with a bit of Sellotape.
great idea for square tv screens
The concept is great comes well packaged and easy to use, on square screens, unfortunately, I have a curved screen tv so not very suitable. However, I somehow got them around and the effect is great, but they kept on falling down.
Lighten up!
A novel item that brightens up the rear of your TV, the product is of good quality and is easy to install!
Great product
Really nice effect. Would say that the tape is a little awkward on back of telly surface due to them being unsmooth in nature
ok !
Lights work well. The adhesive tape is ordinary at best. I would recommend additional duct tape ( cut in small strips) to tape over the strip every 4-5 cms if you do not want the lights to fall off the rear of what you are using it with.
Bit disappointed
I was excited when it arrived but soon came back down to earth. It was very hard to get it to go around the tv because it didn't bend easily around the shape of the tv. The next morning it was laying on the floor because the tape that stuck it to the tv was of inferior quality had to fix it back every day until I bought new double sided tape that worked
MobileFun Reply
You can put triangular notches into the strips top make them go around bends. All TVs are different sizes so it has to be this way. As for the stickiness of the tape. It should not fall off, clearly. It could be that dust has got onto the surface of the tape or the TV is running hotter than normal.
We're sorry to hear that you've had problems though David.
Nice & Relaxing
Easy to add to your tv, unfortunately I find that you need to keep 're sticking parts of it down. Otherwise the lights are great, they are rather relaxing as they change colour in slow/fast sequences (depending on what you set it to). Would recommend these if you like watching tv without main lights on.
Well worth the money
Delivered very quickly, easy to fit to back of TV with adhesive strip. Spent couple of hours cycling through all the colour options and whether lights were flashing or fading in and out, the brightness of the lights etc. Had fun on deciding what suited me best, however easy to change. Love the subtle glow at the back of the TV.
Easy to fit, took all of 5 mins
Easy to fit, took all of 5 mins, still messing about with all the colour options. Cool
Nice product but doesn't fit well
Nice product and I like the functionality. But it does not travel round corners well at all.

And on both TVs I fitted in the evening and they'd fallen off by the next day.
Makes TV viewing experience great
These agl lights from mobile fun are so good they make it TV viewing so much better there are so many modes to choose from to suit your mood
Great product, works well
These lights are great, very bright and have lots of different colors and modes. Works well on my TV. Highly recommend this.
works great, nice & bright.wish I had bought a bigger one
never bought before did not know what to expect. should have got a longer one. we ordered a longer strip & it work sine. this one is being used to decorate a plant thing that my wife has put in the living room...looks ok
Great LED strip that looks good when it's on. Controls are a bit confusing however, and if you want to place two either side of the TV (or all around), some basic soldering skills and small gauge wire are required.
The LED strip came well packaged and the strip itself has a protective rubber membrane over the lights to protect it from moisture and any short circuits. The unit is very bright (adjustable) even when powered by the small current output through a TV's USB connector (no standalone USB power supply is supplied in the box so if you don't have a USB socket on your TV, you will have to use a phone charger or similar, but you will then have to turn this on manually, using a TV USB it will automatically come on with the TV).
The unit remembers the pattern/colour/brightness when turned off, and these can be altered with the very tiny remote control. This has 3 buttons which can be a little confusing when first setting it up (although once you find a suitable one, you normally leave it). The strip has decent glue on the back that sticks securely to the back of your TV, but it's worth using a bit of windex or detergent on a cloth to remove any grease before fitting. I cut my strip in two (easily done, you can see where to do this) to fit on either side of the TV (the strip was plenty big enough for my 48" TV) but it did require a length of wire the length of the TV (old USB cable) to be soldered between one end of each strip so that I could place them on either side. This was an easy job, but does require very basic soldering skills. I am unsure if these connected wires can be bought separately (there are connectors at each end of the strip for extending, and extending pins are included) but they would probably prove far less cost effective than a bit of solder and an old USB cable!
Worth the effort though, cause it looks great when on and does prevent eye strain at night.
Nice products, works well, great looking
Nice products, works well, great looking
Works well.
I purchased one of these LED sets a few weeks ago and was less than impressed as it defaulted to the flashing mode each time it was switched off which was most annoying. However after being contacted by customer services I was advised to send the item back for exchange as it looked as if it was a fault with it. Sure enough when the replacement arrived it worked perfectly. Thank you to MobileFun for great service once again.
Wishy washy..
Lots of colour and flashing options although I can't imagine the scenario where I'd want a strobe light fixed to the back of my TV.

Nice gimmick which adds a bit of depth to the tv corner but it's a shame it falls off on a regular basis. It's now covered in duct tape and sellotape in the hope it'll stay attached.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. It's a fun gimmick but not the one if you're looking to get the effect of a back-lit TV. If you are I'd track down something of better quality.
Not very good
I am afraid I have to say this is not a good product - sure it does work, but only if you can get it to stick to the Tv. The glue strip is not at all strong enough to hold the strip in place - disappointed. You would also have to buy 2 or maybe even three to fit round all of my 55" Samsung tv - which then makes it expensive. Hey ho at least I gave it a go.
Love this tech!!
Well at first I couldn't get this to work. I thought I had followed the instructions to the letter, but when I plugged it into the USB port in the back of the tv, it wouldn't work. I was getting ready to send it back and as I'm not one to be beaten, I had another mess with it. There is an arrow on the power lead that connects to the strip. This arrow should be facing the same side as the light strip. So when you have the strip on the TV, the arrow should be showing at the front also. It won't work otherwise. I have a 50" tv and the 100cm strip will run fully across the top with an inch free at either end. The strip can be cut and the instructions will show you which areas can be cut into.
There are little double ended 4 pin connectors that connect the power lead to the LED strip. You put one end in the strip, and join the other to the power lead. Hey presto, the strip should light up. If it doesn't you press and hold the speed button on the power lead for 3 seconds, and that'll be it. It took about 5 mins to set up. The strip has adhesive to hold it in place and this sticks on to the tv quite well once the backing paper is removed. Looks lovely.
There are different light modes and colours, or you can choose a mode that alternates through them all or at different speeds.
Gives a lovely glow and backlight. Great when the main light is off.
Great way of adding mood lighting (not only to a TV)
I am delighted with this product - I originally bought for my TV but (maybe I am inept!) discovered I could not create a right angle with it (a right angle connector would be great addition). Instead I used it on the back of a piece of furniture to create subdued and colourful mood lighting - looks great! Thank you.
Falls off and no corners
The picture shows the strip going round corners which it does not and has no facility to do so.
The strip does not stick to the back of the TV and kept falling off, I bought adhesive strip to re-stick.
Once you get over it falling off and can only run a straight line, it actually puts out a nice light with various modes and colours. Gives a good effect but you need to mount it somewhere where you can see the glow on the wall but not see the strip itself. Along the back of a glass TV base looks awful and the LEDs are more visible than the glow.
This is a great product easy to fit and use
This is a great product easy to fit and use , it does help with any sort of eye strain due to having the soft light behind the tv you can also change colours and frequency to suit your needs. ok
very nice
perfect and simple way to backlight the TV in multicolour
Fantastic product
I absolutely love this product, it not only enhances your television experience, but creates a beautiful ambient light which reflects off the wall, all of the colors are very soothing and brightens up any dull room. I would highly recommend this product, really good value for money and product arrived in good time.
Fair to average
It fell off the TV a few hours after it was stuck on. The dual sided tape just didn't do the job at all, despite thee surface being cleaned to ensure adhesion. It now graces the back of my computer, and seems happier there. Because I bought it for the TV, I can only give it 3 stars, despite it being really good on the computer.
Could be better.
This would be ideal apart from one thing. Every time it's switched on It defaults to flashing mode no matter what mode it was in when switched off. This is very annoying as who wants to watch tv or look at a monitor with a flashing light behind it? So each time I have to scroll through the settings to get to the steady blue light I want. Every other type of LED strip I have always comes back on in the mode it was when switched off so why not this one?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Graham

It sounds like you may have a faulty item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.

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