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AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Increase security and safety around your property or business with this twin pack of motion sensitive infrared solar powered security lamps. With 20 powerful LEDs, 3 modes, a 2,200mAh battery that can last through the night with IP65 rating.
£24.99 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 147 customers

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Does it work? Yes it does! very happy with purchase.
Brilliant ! (Forgive the pun)
Does exactly what is says on the tin. Nice to have different settings, easy to put up and has worked flawlessly since I got it nearly 2 weeks ago.
Peace of mind for her indoors.
Forgetting to turn on an outside light is a thing of the past now. Installed in a few minutes, these lights provide a well illuminated area in an otherwise unlit alleyway that used to concern the good lady.
I also fitted one high on the garden wall to make opening the shed door easier after dark - making it a lot easier to put the key in the lock.

The movement sensors are very sensitive and detect easily 10 metres distance; which is exactly what most people want.
I will be fitting more in the future just for the sheer convenience.
Does what is says in the description
We found the lights are very good and do just what we wanted.
Pretty Good
Seems to work pretty well. Quite small- but illuminates fairly well for such an economical thing. Very handy for sheds.
impressive solar lights
I am very pleased with the PIR solar lights, they last a long time even in the winter. The light emitted is impressive . I originally bought two and since then have bought two more....
Great light
This is the third of these lights I’ve purchased, they are great and still bright at night even after a dull day..
Comes with two other settings as well as the sensor setting.
I would recommend this product.
Light does the job
Excellent Product
Brilliant bright light, easy to install with no wiring and sensor works perfectly.
Just what I wanted and thoroughly recommended.
Pleasantly Surprised
Excellent bit of kit.
Better than expected (previous experience led to low expectations).
Solar LED Light
This is a great solar light, Provides a good bright light over a reasonable area. I have this outside on my garage side wall and the sensor is so good that it comes on simply when the back door opens. I have bought another two as i am so happy with my first one.
Wireless security light
I now have four of these lights around the house. They are marvelous even in winter they provide a brilliant white light when required. Easy to install and a nice design.
Very Useful Lamps.
In winter, very reliant on a sunny day - often in short supply.

This purchase was a gift as a result of a purchase for myself last year.
A Light in our Darkness
I have had a pair of these for many months. These were bought as a gift. They don’t work quite so well in the dark days of winter but a good buy.
The light s I bought are fabulous and work very well .would recommend anyone to buy them 5 Star.
Good value, light output remarkably good. Have used 3 previously purchased lights for more than a year with no problem..
Great Outside Light
This is a great product, good price, switches on as soon as movement detected once it gets dark. Have already recommended to friends to buy
Beware bought 6 and 3 don't work
Bought 6 lights and three have failed including 2 straight out of box. Very poor.
Replaced fine
The PIR packed up on the first one of these after a number of months. Very slickly replaced by MF and working fine as we speak. I have these in a dark passageway which they light very effectively. Just beware that if plants are within the pir range, then these moving in the wind can trigger the light and that will very soon drain the battery.
Ideal for those in the country
Ideal for those where there are no street lights. Adaptable and simple to fit, not a huge pool of light so probably worth buying in pairs if lighting a path for example.
Effective Simple Solution
I find this lighting unit very good value for the money. The sensor is better than others that are more expensive.
The customer service is excellent and prompt.
If I had to ask one question, and know one answer, it is how long with minimum and maximum use, is the battery designed to last?
Overall, great product.
Super bright
I bought two of these and they are lovely and bright would recommend them.
One unit works well, the other is stone dead.
They do exactly what I wanted them for
I have put them down my garden wall and they are perfect for when the dogs go out at night time. I get plenty of light off them.
Does exactly as expected
All straightforward. Description fine.
Good value
Bought x2, 1x failed (battery connection) but swiftly replaced - both working perfectly and excellent deterrent! Neighbour’s garage broken into recently whilst mine accidentally left unlocked, these lights must have scared them off. Just about to install another x2, a friend has also installed in his driveway after seeing mine ????
Brilliant security light & night light
This is much brighter & covers a wider area than my existing solar lights. It will be interesting to find out how long a daily charge lasts in wintertime but for now it has bags of charge. The only improvement for those with a small driveway could be an adjustable partial cover for the PIR as it is very sensitive over at least 15m. I'm really delighted with mine.
Plasticky but do a great job. Easy to fit too. :-)
These are just for 'side of the house' use to put stuff in all the bins we end up with nowadays. They are a little 'plasticky' but seem solid enough. They go up in minutes with a decent drill/screwdriver and work well. I use the immediate full brightness setting and they are certainly worth the money I paid (£20 for 2). I'm likely to buy some more/similar for the other side where the shed is.
Good Sensor Solar Light
It would be nice to know roughly how long these will last on the movement setting, from shortest life span to longest taking into consideration maximum use and minimum, to get an idea on how long they will last-ish?

I've bought five and they work well so far.
Easy to fit
Does what it says on the box. Nice and bright
Fantastic solar light
These lights are easy to fit, work well so far will see how they cope with winter, used 2 pf them to light up the side of the house near the garden gate, plenty of light and pir is quite sensitive
So far so good
I'm lucky this product is okay for my expectations
This item is the best thing I have ever bought
This item is the best thing I have ever bought. Spaced at 8 m apart 4 m up on all wall's would be a wonderfull thing for security. They are so bright at all times of night and never fail all weather's. Have long being Pleased with this item.
Great value for money
Great value for money especially with the twin pack offer. Sturdy unit with 3 setting options. Bright Led's & sensitive PIR
Very satisfied
Brilliant product easily installed in a matter of minutes. Works perfectly.
great product
quickly and easily fitted. i use both of them in areas at the bootom of the garden which would be difficult to run wires too.
gives off a good spread of light so i can see where the dogs are.
more than enough battery power for nightly use.
Garden Shed security and night time access.
Being completely self contained (mains electricity free) and charging by daylight, the extremely bright LED array gives instant indication of any intruder or provides ample light should you wish to remove or replace any item in the shed at night. It does also light up wildlife hedgehogs, foxes and neighbours cats!
Work a treat
A little smaller than I thought they would be but, the two lights I bought throw out some good light and work as promised, i.e come on as soon as movement is within 10 mtrs.and go out after 15 seconds of no movement. Very easy to fix. A good buy.
A nice object.
Easy to fix. Has a nice look to it. Light could be a little brighter.
Good Sensor Light
It would be nice to know the lifespan of this product given average use of movement setting only, years or months?

It is a good product with a decent range of the sensor and nice and bright, happy so far.

Excellent value v cost.
Just bought my 3rd, perfect for local area security lighting - using led technology, these throw out a lot of light considering the 'battery' is being trickle charged by the fitted solar panels - the photo used by MF is a realistic projection of what you get.
Couple that with next day delivery, what not to like? Managed to get a £5 off promotion too.
Great little light
I have purchased six for around my parents bungalow. They are more powerful than I expected.
One was faulty but was returned and replaced immediately, so great service too
Ultimate maintenance free security light
3 modes of operation
Inexpensive But Not Cheap!
These handy little lights do just what they say on the tin! They need little sun to charge them, turn on immediately they detect movement, and throw a fair light at a good wide angle.
Excellent Product
This light is so neat and very self sufficient, easy to install and detectors are very sensitive and offer an ideal lighting solution at a very reasonable cost!
This product was well liked by family and friends, and I have ended up buying a total of 8 units from Mobile Fun. (Their service is also very quick and reliable)
Very bright but within a defined field. not glaring onto any neighbors or street traffic. Sensor works well, picks up me opening door to the side. Solar charge appears to last all night but havent tried leaving it on for any length of time. Setting are on the back of the sensor so it has to be taken down to change them. We only wanted it on when detecting movement so we are very pleased.
These are really great
I brought two one for the garden and the other over the garage door they are great ???? Easy to install, lovely and bright, would recommend them.
Does the job
I got two, one for the front door, the other for the back.
They do the job very well, stays on a dim light once it becomes dark, and shines brighter when it detects movement. That is the setting I have on it, there are three settings, all depends what you require.
easy to put up,and solar powered, so no changing battery's.
good piece of kit.
helps my elderly Father at night. Good range of light. Will be buying a couple more.
Solar lightn
Very good item,gives off good light
Bright light, dim switch.
When it works the light is bright. The selector switch is a very poor design and does not operate smoothly if at all. I have purchased 2 pair of these in the last year. The first pair worked for a time but the switch was difficult to position for a consistent operation. I ended up modifying them so the switch was set permanently in one position. The 2nd pair bought recently only one has worked satisfactorily. The other has failed to operate at all. When working the light is very effective. Pity a few pence has been saved on a poor switch mechanism.
Great product and good value
Very bright and good sensor range.
Also the multiple settings are good.
Eg low always on then bright when triggered
Always on maybe ok but no sure how long but would last.
Works after a fashion, but not as explained in the instructions
Adequate lighting performance but settings do not correspond with those in the instructions
1 light not working
If the lights work ??
Exceeded expectations
This is a very good product. Wasn't expecting much with being solar powered, but these units give off the perfect amount of light, very easy to install, and a bargain price. Will most likely buy a couple more.
Great light
It was easy to install, and the leds give out a bright enough light to barbecue by. Good sensitivity and good value for the money.
too early to comment
Still not installed, wrong weather, from initial inspection seem great but need to install to get a proper idea.
Wireless Solar Light
A very powerful solar light with three settings
Rather feeble
The actual brightness, in lumens, of the light, or the range it is supposed to cover. Picture is misleading; the actual light illuminates a very small area; suitable for over a back door, but not for area lighting.
So Far So Good!
Does what it is supposed to do. Reasonable light output for a Solar powered device. As for it's long term reliability, only time will tell.
So far, very satisfied.
Good value for money
Exactly how it was described
The only "concern" I had before my purchase was how they compared to normal, B&Q style PIR Lights. They are brilliant. Pun Intended :-) Compact, well built, although it is early Days, easy to install and bright.
Handy lights
Handy lights over doors to the outside, more a moonlight than a bright light. But still good enough to see
Great security light
Nice security light giving a fairly strong illumination to deter anyone walking towards the house.
Great product
I bought 2 of these to light the rear of my house. Partly for security but mostly for my convenience. They work extremely well and I hope they will continue to do so.
Brilliant product
This is the second pair of these lights purchased and will be used to replace mains powered security lights. Initial pair purchased to supplement mains security lights but found powerful enough to actually replace the mains lights so with the additional 2 our very long drive will be solar lit rather than mains thus saving us money.
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
This is just what I hoped it would be for lighting up a dark bin area during winter months. Easy to fit and super bright. Only had it up about a week so don’t know how it will weather but 5 stars for now.
Brilliant !!
Already have an outside electric PIR light that has packed up. Initially considered calling an electrician to fit a new one, but the cost involved led me to consider this solar LED PIR motion sensor. Robust and well-made with extemely powerful beam. Have it set on mode 3 (Off at night but activated by motion PIR ) which stays illuminated for about 20 secs. Ideal for the purpose intended. Represents excellent value for money. Would recommend.
LED Wireless Light with Motion Detection
I wanted a light that would be sufficiently bright to illuminate a shadowed area next to my house.
I also wanted something that was minimum fuss to install if possible.
This light is bright enough to illuminate darkened corners and a combination of LED's Battery life and Sensor timings does the job.
I have two, one front and one back on the side of the house.
Some problems wit the first one, it was not charged up enough and gave odd flashing and timings. OK now.
The other thing is the sensors can triggered by the steam from the boiler vent in cold weather.
Otherwise a great buy, definitely would recommend.
Great light
Bought when on special offer for two. No wires, just two screws, 2 minutes job done. One over the front and one over the garage door. Then bought 2 more for the side and rear of the house, enough said, does what it says on the tin.
Simple affordable light security
The LED lighting is very good especially as approach our front door. Very effective especially as we live in a village where there is little street lighting
Have now got 4 - say no more
Very good value
All I wanted was a product that worked.
White Light
Compact hassle-free security and backlight.
Easy installation, I did think I had put it on the number 2 setting but it only comes on with motion, Very possible I did not set it to correct setting, check you do.
I will be purchasing a twin pack when on sale next.
Bought two lights
One works great fab like it
The other must be faulty
Very useful, and easy to setup
Great package, perfect for providing extra light in the back garden and unlit side of house to see/find dog when she's out at night.
I bought them for the garden and I think they're great little lights
Easy to fit, ideal for the garden.
Fills perfectly the function I expected
That the instructions needed some little improvement - ie which of the three well-explained settings corresponded to position 1.2 and 3 on the switch. Can only discover by trial and error. Otherwise - great.
Security lights
These lights are just the best I have come across for the price. Several ordered for friends after seeing mine in operation.
Poor quality
Sadly neither light still function after only a few weeks, on one the solar panel has come completely unstuck and fell off, the other works fine until attached to the wall at which point it just stays on dimly all the time no matter what the switch is set to.
Excellent illumination
Nice design, bright light with three operating modes. Easily fitted with hardware supplied. Have fitted mine to garden shed to illuminate when any animal "visitors" come into the garden at night. This really is a first class product with superb delivery time. Highly recommended.
Friday night specials!
I purchased two of these security lights and did not get as far as testing the light output as I unfortunately received the 'Friday night' models! The LEDs have a plastic cover/lense that is stuck in place with double sided tape and this was not holding on both units, even after pressing into place continued to come away so returned for a refund. Service from Mobile Fun otherwise faultless.
Great product, just what was needed
We had a electricity breakdown because of the weather conditions, and fortunately, we still had this in The house, brilliant!!
We were not left in the dark, thank you mobile fun!!
Love all the products, great service, excellent products
excellent value
just fitted, works well, good light output, will use to replace some mains units
Good stuff.
I bought the light to illuminate the front wheel of my motorbike to make chaining it up at night a little easier and it has done just that.
How long it survives only time will tell but so far very happy with this item.
Ecellent product
Very bright even on dull days, sensitive to movement, easy to fit (no wires!), straightforward to work. Very pleased (I'm buying more!)
Great Security Light
Great item, works well.
Bright idea
Very pleased with these lights, solar panel means no expensive wiring, just choose your option on the back then mount them on the wall. The lights are bright enough and the sensor has a wide angle. I bought them on offer so great value for money
Very useful product
Very useful outside security light, which gives a good light and doesn't involve any mains wiring.
One out of the four broke down after a few weeks, but it was replaced immediately by mobilefun.
Small, compact and effective.
15 minutes to fit both units, choice of settings, illumination is good.
very impressed for a small compact unit.
Excellent product, easy to mount and works very effectively.

Good lighting, on the motion activated stays on for a sensible length of time, easy to fit and is working well.
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
Seems like a good product, very useful.
Very useful and quick to fit, as it requires no wiring, just a couple of screws (supplied). The light is quite bright and it illuminates a radius of about 10 metres, although it gives a fairly cold light.
My only problem was that one of the lights developed a fault (the solar cell came away from the body of the light, water got in and it started to behave erratically). I hope that was just a one-off, and MobileFun are going to exchange it for a new one.
Excellent hassle free outside lights
Excellent hassle free outside lights,, just position them where you want and forget about them. Ours are hung on a fence at th side of the house so we can find the dog in the dark. Thery're even sensitive enough to come on for the dog.
Fantastic little light great value really brightens up area where we have it. Would buy again.
As advertised
Arrived before the advised date and was well packaged.
Both lights worked on all settings.
I have installed one of the less and it lights up the side passage well allowing us to negotiate steps. I have it set to normally off. Lights up on our activation.
Battery lasts well.
Looking good
Boght two but yet to be used in anger as they are destined for a sunnier climate

I was impressed with how quickly they charged sitting on a table in the conservatory on a grey UK afternoon. The movement sensor appears to be quite sensitive and directional - both good qualities

Second pair bought because so good
Bought 2 more for members of my family, fabulous kit. Easy to fasten up, very bright works every time, quickly charges in day light, kassel all night if required. One small niggle, a few of the led lights failed to work, annoying but has not affected the overall brightness of the unit.
Bright Light
I purchased this lamp some 3 weeks ago and fitted above my garage door. For the first 3 nights it was superb, lighting up the area, but then the weather changed having no sun light for 3 days I was getting a bit disappointed with the lamps performance . Then 2 days of sunshine and now all is well and still going strong.
Very pleased with purchase at a very reasonable price.
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