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ADVANCED SOUND Model 3 Hi-resolution Wireless In-ear Monitors - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Engineered to provide Hi-resolution audio, the Adv Sound Model 3 in-ear wireless monitors deliver clear, precisely tuned sound. Featuring aptX support and a unique hybrid design, the Model 3s can be used via Bluetooth or as a wired set.
Price: £59.99

Was £80.00 | 25% OFF

Engineered to provide Hi-resolution audio, the Adv Sound Model 3 in-ear wireless monitors deliver clear, precisely tuned sound. Featuring aptX support and a unique hybrid design, the Model 3s can be used via Bluetooth or as a wired set.
 3.9 stars from 33 customers

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Great purchase!
The cable might be a bit of a struggle for some but easily replaceable if you're not a fan. The sound quality is great for a bluetooth in-ear headphone and lasts as long as it has stated. The ergonomics behind the phone are really good as well.
Poor bluetooth connectivity
Unfortunately, I can't really assess the other characteristics of these because the abysmal bluetooth performance makes it impossible. I tried these out during a 15 minute walk. The longest I could go with a signal drop was about 30 seconds. Frankly, these are not fit for their stated purpose. I will be returning them.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael

Can you please contact our Customer Support team so we can investigate this. You can also try deleting and re-pairing via Bluetooth the earphones. Also try a full reboot of the phone.
Best on the market in terms of the total package with sound, fit and comfort.
Foreword: I got them replaced for free recently since they broke (covered by warranty). So I’m 99% sure the stuff I’ve written here isn’t because I got a faulty unit.

This is a lengthy review so I have put a TL;DR at the end. Also I put a lot of detailed comments so please read it all if you want to know everything.
I hope the ADV Sound people will read my entire review and make a version 2 of the model 3!!
the following review only refers to the wireless experience, although the wired experience pretty much the same (in terms of sound signature)
Sound: Sounds as great as everyone says, audiophile grade, crisp and clean. I did a bass boost using the native iOS equaliser to give it more bass when using the included silicone ear tips and it sounds great (like my qc 35s). Using the included foam tips gives it more bass and the equaliser isn't necessary. My only gripe is that I can hear a background hiss that kicks in whenever music is playing (the hiss is not noticeable with music playing). The hiss disappears instantaneously whenever music stops playing so I guess I can live with it. I haven't tried it but if you change the cables to analogue wired mode without the bluetooth necklace and plug it into your phone, you shouldn't get any hissing as the hissing comes from bluetooth interference. The hiss is comparable to the hiss from qc35s with the ANC turned on. There is feedback from the wires, but its not noticeable with music on. Latency is good (expected from aptX) and I could play CS GO comfortably.
Comfort: Fit is great and comfortable, stays in my ears even when jumping up and down, reminds me of the Shure SE215. (some feedback as I mentioned earlier if the wire is touched). It's a dissapointment to have no wax guards on any of the ear tips or on the IEM themselves, so wax could potentially get stuck deep into the nozzle. I just purchased some Shure foam tips for their SE series since they have waxguards which fit the Model 3s perfectly (comply is too overpriced). After using the shure foam tips, it sounds even better and isolated more than the included foam tips which were already great and plus they have wax guards! The isolation from the shure tips is comparable to my qc35's with max ANC.
Style: The necklace style is fine, but I have to wrap the grey cables around the black necklace cables once or twice to get the cables to stick close to my head. Otherwise I'll have wires dangling out of the necklace doing a giant loop 15 cm away from my head before going into my IEMs. If you don't twist the wires much the loops don't occur even without wrapping the earphone cables around the necklace cable. Minor/Major inconvenience depending on how many times you take it on or off. I can comfortably leave it sitting on my neck.
Connectivity: Connectivity is fine, no problems for day to day use (indoors and outdoors). Theres an occasional drop now and then but its expected with any bluetooth device (especially with the low latency aptx codec).
Battery life: 5 hours isn't much but I can't complain when I'm getting them at the sub 100 price point. I would pay double if I could get double the battery life, no background hiss, tips with wax guards, better necklace design and customisable voice prompts (see below) and maybe an app like what Jaybird has where you can tweak the sound profile.
Other comments: (less relevant but read if you want to know everything) Voice prompts are annoying since its a bit loud, I could do with less beeps and voices. Hence the customisable voice prompts. A short and simple beep like on the Bose QC35 is enough prompts for me. It turns off by itself if disconnected for 15 minutes which is nice, though it doesn't turn off if its still connected to my phone but no music is playing.
Something that no one else really says is that these earphones have a minimum volume level (in which no sound is played when it reaches this minimum volume). The quietest you can play this is just right for listening indoors although I would want to listen to it quieter given the choice. My new pair did have this problem, which I solved by decreasing the volume of my entire itunes library.
TL;DR, These earphones are 5/5 for the price and these are no doubt the best on the market in terms of the total package with sound, fit and comfort. I'd say its better than Jaybirds or any competitors currently out there and can come close to my qc35s in terms of listening enjoyment.
great headphones
Really good headphones for the price. Good low end response as you expect with a proper in-ear monitor and the battery lasts for a decent amount of time.
The first set I received were faulty at the connector on the left ear, but they were quickly changed by Mobilefun for me and the replacement set were fine.
Awesome sound quality
The sound is awesome. The only thing that bothers me, are the cables, which are very stiff, but most probably they have to be, in order to produce good sound.
Great IEM, with little one issue
great IEM, compared with my exist SE215(used for 4 years).
only issue with model 3 is the IEM is not comfortable when you put in your ears(i tried all model 3's foams...non of them can make me fell better)...however, when i paired model 3 with Se215's foams...everything accept that because i have my solution for the issue...~_~
Great headphones once you get used to them
Great headphones although they do take a bit of getting used to at first. They can be a bit faffy to put on, but give it a few days and once you've found a comfortable position in the ear the sound is really good. The battery life is great, I charge these about once a week and I use them every day. The only complaint I have is that Mobile Fun do not stock replacement foam eartips.
Surpassed expectations
Really impressed with these buds. I've been holding back from buying any bluetooth IEMs for a long, long time as I was always dubious of sacrificing sound quality for little extra convenience. I can well and truly put that concern aside with the Model 3's.
On bluetooth mode, you get a great connection to the phone - only had it cut out for a split second while passing through a very busy train station with probably quite extreme interference. Impressive! The sound quality exceeded what I thought was capable over BT, especially for the price. It's an extremely balanced sound, with oodles of clarity through all the range. The bass is punchy, crisp and doesn't drown out any of the higher frequencies. The highs don't feel like they will rip through your eardrum either. Just a really pleasant (fun, but not too fun) sound signature, with a nice wide sound stage.
When you go into wired mode, it's much the same in terms of qualities - only even better.
Comparing them vs the following in my collection (in order of cost), Sound Magic E10, 1More Triple Driver and Sennheiser IE80; the Model 3's come out on top in all categories. Put simply, best IEMs I've owned.
So why only 4 stars? Well, nothing is perfect. I'd like longer battery life (5 hours is still good considering their size, and enough for my needs. Charging is fast anyway), I'd like the magnetic clip at the back to be stronger, controls can be fiddly and not in an easy position (most of the time they are tucked under my top, so it's a bit of a faff to get to them). It would also be cool to have some smart features, like a pass-through to hear ambient noise.
Constant static noise while connected is a big down for me.
Sound quality is decent but very frustrating because of constant hiss in the background. Also, the box of the earphones was not sealed. It was clearly opened before it arrived.
Great Wireless Headphones
These headphones are great. Battery life is good, sound is excellent.
Great product and good value
Does exactly what I need for a great price. Currently used as a bluetooth receiver for my Shure SE535's and works a treat. Battery life is average.
Nice idea, bad execution
Looking for new headphones these seemed to tick numerous boxes: great sound for reasonable price, built-in microphone with phone-control button, Bluetooth AND hard-wired capability...unfortunately they don't deliver on all these

TL;DR: Good-sounding hardwired headphones when they sit exactly right in the ear, which is hard to achieve. Changing the cable is hard but Bluetooth is bad so don't bother.

Sound: Good with the foam tips, horrendous with silicon tips. The silicon tips don't form a permanent seal, so every little head movement will shift them around, making the sound tinny and weak.

Fit: Takes getting used to - they don't reach far enough into the ear canal, instead they mostly sit on the outer ear. To hold them in place the Bluetooth cable comes with a rigid casing on the first two inches to create a wrap-around design. The hard-wired cable lacks this casing, although if you don't wrap the cable around your ears any tug will pull the headphones out.
The foam tips are quite firm and combined with the hard plastic centre feel uncomfortable. The silicon tips are more comfortable but because of the shallow design they don't reach far enough into the ear canal to provide an adequate seal to guarantee constant sound.

Bluetooth: Fiddly Design. The braided cable connecting the remote control with the battery twists easily, putting a strain on the rather feeble magnetic lock keeping the whole thing in place.
The Bluetooth connection is a little less reliable than I would have liked, dropping out every now and then. None of my wireless speakers has ever done anything like that.
Charging the battery took significantly longer than 1.5 hours - it didn't seem to want to take any charge from my power bank and even plugged into a mains powered USB adaptor required in excess of 2.5 hours to stop flashing. The power retention is even worse - two days after a full charge it would not turn on. The longest I could ever be asked to use the headphones wirelessly has been about two hours so I can't say anything about the maximum playing time.

MMCX connection: Very awkward to change from one cable to the other. After sitting in the ear the headphones become slightly greasy making the smooth plastic even more slippery. In combination with the stubby rubber end of the cable there is next to no purchase to separate them short of pulling the cable which just seems like a very bad idea. Combining that with the atrocious charge retention of the Bluetooth cable meant that after a few disappointing tries I have solely used the hardwired option. Nevertheless, after less than five months the connection on the right headphone became intermittent.

Microphone: Could be good, but after wrapping the cable around the ear it becomes slightly too short, putting the microphone into a less than ideal position regarding the proximity to the mouth.

Accessories: The three pairs of silicone tips turned out to be two large pairs and one small pair. The three pairs of foam tips are actually one small pair, one large pair, one medium tip and one slightly larger-than-medium-but-smaller-than-large tip.

Pretty Good but poor fit issues
Bought these as I have had Advanced Sound in-ear headphones before and I was looking for a new BT dongle. As another reviewer stated the actual dongle design is a bit strange and leads to cables getting tangled all the time, so I decided to sleeve & cable tie the two cables that lead down the control unit which was only a 10min job and definitely solved the problem. As for the quality of the BT connection I've had absolutely no issues when paired to a One+3, LG G6 and Essential PH-1. No dropouts, no stuttering or even any pairing issues. Connects first time every time which is really good.

As for the headphones themselves here I'm having bigger issues as I cant seem to get a good seal in my ears. No matter which tips I use I just cant get them deep enough into my ears and thus bass is very lacking and no I'm not a bass head. Also it means that sounds from outside leak in which is not good either. The actual shells themselves are comfortable and light and can be worn for many hours with no discomfort. I just need to try and get a seal in my inner ear and then all would good I suspect.
They have flaws, but good choice overall
- The bluetooth connection is not very good, the audio starts skipping sometimes when the bluetooth dongle is under my jacket and my phone in my pocket.
- My ears need a break after wearing them after an hour, I start to feel the buds pressing against my ear
- Putting them in is a struggle sometimes because of the over-ear method and because the buds are not fixed on the wire, they can rotate.

+ Sound quality is super good, deep bass, clear mids, comfortable highs.
+ The foam eartips have great noise isolation and feel way more comfortable than silicone ones.
+ Decent battery life (5hrs) to get trough the day and they are fully charged in an hour.
+ The ability to make them wired is nice when you run out of battery.
+ They barely stick out of my ears which makes them helmet-proof.
+ I find the necklace-like cable convenient because it allow you to leave the buds hanging around you neck without having to worry about losing them, and taking them off is easy with the magnet.

Audio Quality: 9.5/10
Connectivity: 6.5/10
Comfort: 7/10
Design: 7.5/10
Good product and good service.
The product is very good sound quality. Very good noise cancelation. Although the neckband and the tickness and flexibility of the cable could be improved. Initially I received a faulty item twice but the seller was responsive and sent alternative in short time.
Massive sound out of little buds.
The little buds have an awesome sound. You need to get the right tips and the sound is so impressive it's shocking.
I was at the gym tonight and there was a bass that deep it shocked me. I thought it was on a par with our expensive sound bar.
The separation of instruments is so clear. You can hear the deepest bass along with the gentlest of hi hat taps.

I just can't fault these all. I've read a couple of reviews that mention the connections that convert them from Bluetooth to wired. Although this is a kind of push fit connection it feels nice and snug. Only time will tell as to how long these fitting will be useful so to see this as a negative is rather pessimistic.
I've also read that the tips aren't very comfortable. I don't find this at all. I've had these in for a couple of hours at a time with no discomfort at all.

The only negative at all is that the tips aren't sweat proof. This is a small price to pay. Considering the last buds I bought cost me £150 these are an absolute steal. The sound, the ease of connectivity and the price make these a no brainier.

Difficult to get used to, but a great product.
When I first used the earphones, I did not like the wrap-around-the-ear style of the bluetooth cables. The standard 3.5mm cable does not have a wrap around.

Although I did not like it at first, after getting used to the bluetooth wrap around cables, I find that they keep the earphone cables out of the way, and I can use these earphones in situations where it is impossible to use regular earbuds.

The quality of the sound is great, battery life is great. I have no complaints.
Excellent sound quality for the money, Bluetooth not the greatest
- Excellent sound quality for the price. Neutral and balanced.
- Wired and wireless option in the same package
- Range of foam and silicone tips
- Bluetooth receiver and IEMs use standard MMCX connectors

- Bluetooth remote control buttons a bit finicky
- Bluetooth range and connection stability not as good as some other brands
Excellent APT-X earphones.
Just choose proper eartips or get Comply foam in the right size and shape and just enjoy it.
Good quality, got lots complain on noisy mic. returned.
I was satisfied with the design, comforts, and sound quality. It was comfortable and easy to wear whenever and wherever I go. I love how the Bluetooth makes me look like wearing a necklace. Battery was more than enough.
I love the sound quality. It was decent and okay.
for this price of earphone: the combination of elegant design and decent quality were all worth.

however, the microphone is too bad. I take and place calls everyday with my earphone. people kept complaining on how noisy I was even when I just slightly moved my body. my voice also sound far away if I am not holding the microphone near my lips. for this reason, I returned the product.
Avoid like the plague
*Update 11/07/2017*
The left earbud ceased to work after about 10 hours of use. I have tested both cables, both yielded the same result that is no sound or very weak sound. Avoid like the plague!
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have have had problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Great earbuds, medicore with bluetooth, indoor use only
The sound with the wire is absolutely amazing, I have never owned a better pair of earbuds. However, the sound is mediocre with bluetooth. And the bluetooth harness is quite fiddly too, in my view. And MMCX cables are quite fragile, according to some reviews, so handle with the utmost care!

I think the greatest the thing bluetooth offers is mobility, however these earbuds are not even water resistant, so that basically means they can't be used outdoor in the UK.

I wanted them to be good so much, but I think my expectation was indeed too high. I think it is a fair product for its price (80 pounds)
Less then expected but ok for its price
Before buy I've read a couple of reviews on the internet and reviewers was constantly repeating how
amazing these headphones are. Unfortunately, I'm not so excited about them.

Pros: Nice and clear sound overall. I would say mostly for rock type of music.

Cons: Biggest for me is that Bluetooth headphones for an active style of life don't serve this role well.
They are bad for running because AVD Sound M3 doesn't sit tight in your ear.
And they are VERY bad for me like gym headphones because their sound has A LOT of highs
(which doesn't allow you to make sound louder because it starts to squeak) and not enough bass.
Good but not great
I've been happy enough with the sound quality given the price. The reception cuts out often but I can even live with this. The major flaw is that, due to the design of where the battery hangs, the discomfort of it catching on my clothes, and subsequently the pulling of the cable, has meant the connection has been interrupted with the right hand side output. They are on their way back for a replacement
Awesome product
The quality of my headphones are exceptional! Love, love, love them. Everything sounds so clear and crisp and I can hear every sound so defined. They are very easy to use and comfortable. Everyone should have a set. I highly recommend this product for the quality and the price was right!
Really excellent.
Amazing build and quality
I love these earbuds. The sound quality is great and having the ability to switch to wired earbuds when the battery dies is clutch. They are beyond comfortable and I haven't had a single issue with them yet.
Great sound, some things to bear in mind
Sound quality is FAB, no kidding! This is my first foray into Bluetooth earphones and I thought I’d be sacrificing audio quality for wireless convenience, but I’m hearing things on tracks my other earphones don’t reproduce. The main thing I’ve noticed compared to my other earphones is the bass is richer and clearer. My primary usage is for a mainly deskbound office environment, and for this they’re fine. On the negative side, when walking around there is noticeable cable rub feeding through to the earphones (I can even hear my footsteps amplified) and there is some very minor Bluetooth cut-out. Also, the magnets joining the cable around your neck are not that strong. Hence, I don’t think I’ll be using them for active sports, e.g. jogging. This is also my first time with in ear monitors, and I find how the eartips fit is absolutely critical to the sound quality. A tiny gap in the ear canal (such as when opening my mouth wide) can move the sound from rich and bassy to thin and tinny. I’ve noticed the price has nearly doubled since purchase, and with the negatives I’ve mentioned I think I’d have second thoughts if I were to buy again. But if you want wireless plus sound quality then these must be amongst the very best sub £200 earphones - maybe that’s why the price has shot up?
Overall better than most, but a few major cons are holding them back.
I don't like heavy/overpowering bass, but still these headphones are appealing when it comes to bass. Basically, they sound like Sennheiser M2 IEG if you lost almost all the bass, which is regrettable. The wireless connection isn't the best, but better than most. For example, putting my hand over the receiver is enough to lose connection when my phone is like 40cm away. However, as long as nothing thick is covering the receiver - it works fine. Battery life is ok too, but the ear buds are horrendous. The foam ones aren't very comfortable to me, but the rubber ones are even worse. They are the worst rubber buds I've had in years. The worst part is that the canal on which the rubber/foam buds sit is very narrow, so most aftermarket buds fall off way too easily. The canal is made out of very thin plastic too, so I expect it to become brittle and fall apart within an year or so.
Best Sound Quality
First and foremost, these have the best sound quality of any headphones I've bought. For £80 these are good value for wired ear buds, the fact these are both wired and bluetooth just makes them better. They aren't perfect but they sound better than their rivals priced twice as much. The separation is great, you can hear everything perfectly. The fit is comfy and they stay in place well.

You will not regret buying these, I certainly don't. A very solid 4.6 out of 5.

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