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ADVANCED SOUND Model 3 Hi-resolution Wireless In-ear Monitors - Black Reviews

Engineered to provide Hi-resolution audio, the Adv Sound Model 3 in-ear wireless monitors in black deliver optimum audio clarity. Featuring aptX support and a unique design, the Model 3s give you the option of using them via Bluetooth or as a wired set.
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$106.18 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 17 customers

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They have flaws, but good choice overall
- The bluetooth connection is not very good, the audio starts skipping sometimes when the bluetooth dongle is under my jacket and my phone in my pocket.
- My ears need a break after wearing them after an hour, I start to feel the buds pressing against my ear
- Putting them in is a struggle sometimes because of the over-ear method and because the buds are not fixed on the wire, they can rotate.

+ Sound quality is super good, deep bass, clear mids, comfortable highs.
+ The foam eartips have great noise isolation and feel way more comfortable than silicone ones.
+ Decent battery life (5hrs) to get trough the day and they are fully charged in an hour.
+ The ability to make them wired is nice when you run out of battery.
+ They barely stick out of my ears which makes them helmet-proof.
+ I find the necklace-like cable convenient because it allow you to leave the buds hanging around you neck without having to worry about losing them, and taking them off is easy with the magnet.

Audio Quality: 9.5/10
Connectivity: 6.5/10
Comfort: 7/10
Design: 7.5/10
Good product and good service.
The product is very good sound quality. Very good noise cancelation. Although the neckband and the tickness and flexibility of the cable could be improved. Initially I received a faulty item twice but the seller was responsive and sent alternative in short time.
Massive sound out of little buds.
The little buds have an awesome sound. You need to get the right tips and the sound is so impressive it's shocking.
I was at the gym tonight and there was a bass that deep it shocked me. I thought it was on a par with our expensive sound bar.
The separation of instruments is so clear. You can hear the deepest bass along with the gentlest of hi hat taps.

I just can't fault these all. I've read a couple of reviews that mention the connections that convert them from Bluetooth to wired. Although this is a kind of push fit connection it feels nice and snug. Only time will tell as to how long these fitting will be useful so to see this as a negative is rather pessimistic.
I've also read that the tips aren't very comfortable. I don't find this at all. I've had these in for a couple of hours at a time with no discomfort at all.

The only negative at all is that the tips aren't sweat proof. This is a small price to pay. Considering the last buds I bought cost me £150 these are an absolute steal. The sound, the ease of connectivity and the price make these a no brainier.

Difficult to get used to, but a great product.
When I first used the earphones, I did not like the wrap-around-the-ear style of the bluetooth cables. The standard 3.5mm cable does not have a wrap around.

Although I did not like it at first, after getting used to the bluetooth wrap around cables, I find that they keep the earphone cables out of the way, and I can use these earphones in situations where it is impossible to use regular earbuds.

The quality of the sound is great, battery life is great. I have no complaints.
Excellent sound quality for the money, Bluetooth not the greatest
- Excellent sound quality for the price. Neutral and balanced.
- Wired and wireless option in the same package
- Range of foam and silicone tips
- Bluetooth receiver and IEMs use standard MMCX connectors

- Bluetooth remote control buttons a bit finicky
- Bluetooth range and connection stability not as good as some other brands
Excellent APT-X earphones.
Just choose proper eartips or get Comply foam in the right size and shape and just enjoy it.
Good quality, got lots complain on noisy mic. returned.
I was satisfied with the design, comforts, and sound quality. It was comfortable and easy to wear whenever and wherever I go. I love how the Bluetooth makes me look like wearing a necklace. Battery was more than enough.
I love the sound quality. It was decent and okay.
for this price of earphone: the combination of elegant design and decent quality were all worth.

however, the microphone is too bad. I take and place calls everyday with my earphone. people kept complaining on how noisy I was even when I just slightly moved my body. my voice also sound far away if I am not holding the microphone near my lips. for this reason, I returned the product.
Avoid like the plague
*Update 11/07/2017*
The left earbud ceased to work after about 10 hours of use. I have tested both cables, both yielded the same result that is no sound or very weak sound. Avoid like the plague!
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have have had problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Great earbuds, medicore with bluetooth, indoor use only
The sound with the wire is absolutely amazing, I have never owned a better pair of earbuds. However, the sound is mediocre with bluetooth. And the bluetooth harness is quite fiddly too, in my view. And MMCX cables are quite fragile, according to some reviews, so handle with the utmost care!

I think the greatest the thing bluetooth offers is mobility, however these earbuds are not even water resistant, so that basically means they can't be used outdoor in the UK.

I wanted them to be good so much, but I think my expectation was indeed too high. I think it is a fair product for its price (80 pounds)
Less then expected but ok for its price
Before buy I've read a couple of reviews on the internet and reviewers was constantly repeating how
amazing these headphones are. Unfortunately, I'm not so excited about them.

Pros: Nice and clear sound overall. I would say mostly for rock type of music.

Cons: Biggest for me is that Bluetooth headphones for an active style of life don't serve this role well.
They are bad for running because AVD Sound M3 doesn't sit tight in your ear.
And they are VERY bad for me like gym headphones because their sound has A LOT of highs
(which doesn't allow you to make sound louder because it starts to squeak) and not enough bass.
Good but not great
I've been happy enough with the sound quality given the price. The reception cuts out often but I can even live with this. The major flaw is that, due to the design of where the battery hangs, the discomfort of it catching on my clothes, and subsequently the pulling of the cable, has meant the connection has been interrupted with the right hand side output. They are on their way back for a replacement
Awesome product
The quality of my headphones are exceptional! Love, love, love them. Everything sounds so clear and crisp and I can hear every sound so defined. They are very easy to use and comfortable. Everyone should have a set. I highly recommend this product for the quality and the price was right!
Really excellent.
Amazing build and quality
I love these earbuds. The sound quality is great and having the ability to switch to wired earbuds when the battery dies is clutch. They are beyond comfortable and I haven't had a single issue with them yet.
Great sound, some things to bear in mind
Sound quality is FAB, no kidding! This is my first foray into Bluetooth earphones and I thought I’d be sacrificing audio quality for wireless convenience, but I’m hearing things on tracks my other earphones don’t reproduce. The main thing I’ve noticed compared to my other earphones is the bass is richer and clearer. My primary usage is for a mainly deskbound office environment, and for this they’re fine. On the negative side, when walking around there is noticeable cable rub feeding through to the earphones (I can even hear my footsteps amplified) and there is some very minor Bluetooth cut-out. Also, the magnets joining the cable around your neck are not that strong. Hence, I don’t think I’ll be using them for active sports, e.g. jogging. This is also my first time with in ear monitors, and I find how the eartips fit is absolutely critical to the sound quality. A tiny gap in the ear canal (such as when opening my mouth wide) can move the sound from rich and bassy to thin and tinny. I’ve noticed the price has nearly doubled since purchase, and with the negatives I’ve mentioned I think I’d have second thoughts if I were to buy again. But if you want wireless plus sound quality then these must be amongst the very best sub £200 earphones - maybe that’s why the price has shot up?
Overall better than most, but a few major cons are holding them back.
I don't like heavy/overpowering bass, but still these headphones are appealing when it comes to bass. Basically, they sound like Sennheiser M2 IEG if you lost almost all the bass, which is regrettable. The wireless connection isn't the best, but better than most. For example, putting my hand over the receiver is enough to lose connection when my phone is like 40cm away. However, as long as nothing thick is covering the receiver - it works fine. Battery life is ok too, but the ear buds are horrendous. The foam ones aren't very comfortable to me, but the rubber ones are even worse. They are the worst rubber buds I've had in years. The worst part is that the canal on which the rubber/foam buds sit is very narrow, so most aftermarket buds fall off way too easily. The canal is made out of very thin plastic too, so I expect it to become brittle and fall apart within an year or so.
Best Sound Quality
First and foremost, these have the best sound quality of any headphones I've bought. For £80 these are good value for wired ear buds, the fact these are both wired and bluetooth just makes them better. They aren't perfect but they sound better than their rivals priced twice as much. The separation is great, you can hear everything perfectly. The fit is comfy and they stay in place well.

You will not regret buying these, I certainly don't. A very solid 4.6 out of 5.

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