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Adonit Jot Mini Stylus - Purple Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Jot Mini stylus in purple is everything great about Jot, just smaller. Inspiration can happen anywhere, and Jot Mini’s stylish pen clip makes it as mobile as you are. The smaller precision disc makes Jot Mini the best portable stylus around.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42085
$27.48 inc. VAT
 4.3 stars from 19 customers

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It's really neat I like it very much.
At Last!
Rubber stylus tips are all very well, as are brushes, but there are times when one needs to lay down a fine line with precision. This stylus allows you to do precisely that, allowing you to actually see what you are doing. I was a bit concerned at first by the apparent delicacy of the tip, but it is obviously more robust than it appears. If I have one small criticism, it is that the cap feels a little short, as though it migh be putting pressure on the tip when fully screwed home. However, having said thatI have not found it casing any damage. The magnetic facility is of no use on the Galaxy itself, but comes in handy if you use a case with a magnetic closure.

If you need a stylus for fine precision work - then this is it.
Don't buy
Product is almost unusable. Can't even draw a striaght line.
Small handy pen
Works quite well on HTC One M8 and is so small it fits everywhere. And when you take off cap and put on end it gets bigger (better for hand when using).
Good delivery
I am pleased with the product's condition and its delivery. Unfortunately, I have an Adonit Jot Pro, and must not have been clear in my order so the item doesn't fit my pen. I believe it would have been ideal.
If you are so inclined, the correct item would be greatly appreciated.
As I said, good service and would use you again.
First steps into a world of creativity.
As soon as I saw this type of stylus on YouTube videos, I knew that I Had to buy one, despite the fact that I already had three stylii & despite the fact that I was fairly happy using my main stylus - which was the cheapest of the ones I already owned & despite this one from Adonit being my most expensive stylus purchase. Anyone who's ever done any kind of sketching/drawing/painting etc on their iPhone/iPad will know that most are quite frustrating to use, one way or another..Well not the Adonit Jot Pro! I got mine in silver but they come in a range of cool colours & are sleek well weighted and attach magnetically to iPad even with SmartCovers on. Most of all they move smoothly over the surface as you write/draw and allow you to see Exactly where your line will appear - just as when you use a pencil you'd know where it's point would touch the paper. Jot Pro comes with a soft grip and is FANTASTIC. Get one - you just won't regret it!
A real kickstarter project!
I am glad to see a kickstarter project become reality and to have it in my hands. I've written out a review on my blog here; http://mrfloris.com/article/1618/kickstarter-ipad-stylus/
(a little bit too much to paste here)
Superb quality. The only stylus I've found which works like a normal pen. Have used it lots and has not scratched my iPad 2 screen. If you rest your and on the screen then whichever package you use will need to be clever enough to detect and ignore your palm. I had to turn off multitasking gestures though. I have not been able to find anywhere in the UK that sells replacement disks. Mine hasn't broken but I want to have a spare just in case (it should probably ship with a spare).
Do NOT use without a screen protector!!
- It writes/draws like a real pen/pencil
- It feels solid and well-built

- IT WILL SCRATCH YOUR SCREEN! In my case an iPad2 after a mere 10 mins of use!! Absolutely fuming!

- YOU CANNOT USE IT AS ADVERTISED! The images on this page clearly shows someone holding the stylus with their hand resting on the tablet, this DOES NOT WORK! Unless your hand is covered, the only thing that can touch the screen is the stylus nib!

So this item loses 2 stars because i've been left with a scratched iPad and i can't use it as advertised!

But i will give it 3 stars for build quality and performance and the fact that if you have a screen protector on beforehand, you shouldnt get any screen scratches!
Adonit Jot Pro Stylus
Excellent stylus, does exactly what it states. Feels just like a ball point pen when writing. Quality is nice and overall very pleased. Delivery time was fantastic!

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