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Adarga Leather-Style OnePlus One Wallet Stand Case - Black Reviews

A sophisticated lightweight black leather-style case with a magnetic fastener, for ease of use. The Adarga leather-style OnePlus One wallet stand case offers perfect protection and supreme styling.
  • Mobile Fun ID 45282
$13.26 inc VAT
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 4.3 stars from 44 customers

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Good product as described
Good product as described. Fits perfectly.
Long leadtime for the delivery
This is the 2nd such item I have ordered.
The product is perfect and the service is excellent.
Good solid case, came very quickly to New Zealand.. Very happy
I'm on my second wallet having returned the first one due to a crack along the back of the plastic phone holder. Replacement has arrived in good time (Thanks Mobilefun for excellent customer service!), but the plastic back looks very brittle - not sure this will stand the test of time. I wouldn't recommend this product - I'm tempted to go for a more expensive product.
Jury's out
Nice look and quality feel from the leather, but sadly the plastic holder cracked down the middle (not sure if it was there to begin with or whether it cracked during use - either way, the back seems flimsy). Mobilefun has sent a replacement so we'll see how that goes.
Not Great Quality
Just returned mine after one week. Plastic cradle started to develop a split - hopefully it's a one-off and the replacement will be fine. But first impressions are that this is not a quality item and probably not worth the money.
Would not recommend.
I have been using this phone case for a few weeks now. All seem fine for couple weeks but now I am already seeing some wear and tear.

Plastic matt finish is peeling of from edges. One of the corners has cracked. "Leather" is also breaking pretty nice speed.

I would recommend this case if it cost half the price. But because it is so expensive and still feels like piece of carnage, I won't recommend it.
OnePlus Phablet Case
I love the cover. Its the best one i have found. Really good quality!!! I have bought these before. My son is a businessman and uses it constantly for work and private. His case finally gave up after about a year! I still have my original case and there is nothing wrong with it. I'm not a businessman so I don't use it like he does. I came back to buying these. The cases are sturdy. Ive dropped my phablet a few times and it has really done a good job at protecting the phone, and even not marking the cover! I clean the cover with a bit of liquid cleanser as I bought the white cover for me. Beautiful looking cover too, and well made. The pockets inside are good as I can put my coffee card in it, and credit card there when I need to just grab it out of my handbag. The phone is so easy to find in the bag. There was a glitch on my part about the delivery, but MobileZap Team were on it straight away. Service is great. THANKYOU.
Handy & good quality
I like the feel of my new phone cover on the outside & inside. It keeps my phone well protected.
Was good...
On receiving the case, I found it excellent in its fit of the phone and how good it seemed to look. However, after 2-3 months of ownership the polycarbonate shell that holds the phone to the synthetic leather has cracked in several places, which makes me worry of the longevity of my phone's life within the case, as well as the card holders stretching and tearing on the sides, which has caused my licence and debit cards to fall out on a number of occasions.
Leather case fire One + 1 phone
The detail of this item is not clear from the picture but be assured that this case is well made with quality materials and has small neat precise stitching which make it a quality item. The camera and on/off button openings are correctly aligned. An excellent product at a good price. Would buy this again in alternative colour in due course.
1+ phone wallet
This is an excellent product. Holds my new 1+ phone securely. With provisions to store my credit card, licence, security passes & business cards. It also works as a stand for watching videos. Like having a mini tablet, phone size. I travel globally so this is excellent. A nice luxury feel to it too.
Great wallet case
I used to have a wallet case on my Nexus 5. When I purchased my One Plus One, I searched online for a wallet case with card holders. This one only has 2 slots. I wish there was more, but it works really good. I stick 2 cards in the top slot okay.

Phone fits perfectly and I feel much more confident that my phone is protected.

Would be 5 stars if it had more card slots.
Good Quality
Well the first things to point out is that the actual case part grips the phone perfectly, it has never rattled or dropped out of the casing.

There were a few stray threads but thats just cosmetic, snipped those off and no one is non-the-wiser. (Personally snipped off the plastic pieces that run over the top of the power and volume buttons, as they get in the way for my fingers)

The card slots are fantastic, i did have a few cards fall out on occasion, but honestly i think its because I put too many card in one slot and the holder stretched a little.

I am very pleased with this case, I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a OnePlus One who doesn't want to carry a wallet too.
Great service and product
I found it hard to find the particular case for my smartphone as it is quite new on the market. I found one through the mobile fun website and was chuffed that it was a good price and that it fits my phone perfectly. The best part was the the speedy delivery. I was really quite impressed that i received my order roughly 4 days after i ordered it considering I live on the other side of the planet. The product itself is great. It protects my phone fabulously and looks nice. Cheers!

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