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Adarga Folio Stand Google Nexus 7 Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Google Nexus 7 with the Adarga Folio Stand Case while also getting full access to all of your Google Nexus 7's ports and features.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35714
$21.03 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 38 customers

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Exactly the right size for my tablet
I needed to know if the case was exactly the right size for my tablet - which it was. Delivery was very prompt. For some reason it didn't make my tablet work any better - only joking!
Good but with one annoying issue
Just what I had hoped for. Robust and well made. Unfortunately it does suffer from the issue whereby when it is folded complete open the magnet turns the screen off. Quite annoying but I can live with it (it's intermittent). The case is (other than that) very nice for the price.
exactly what I was looking for
Wouderful product, good guality at a good price what more can you say. Very pleased
nexus 7 case
Great product, does what is says. Unfortunately it's for the older version nexus 7 and I have the newer version so the camera hole isn't where it's supposed to be.
The product itself is nice, not cheap looking.
Good looking cover
I bought this cover for the Google Nexus 7 as some of the covers on offer elsewhere seemed very expensive. I chose black as this matches the Nexus. I am very pleased with this as it looks good and fits exactly as stated, without covering any of the switches or connections you need to get at. It seems pretty robust without being too bulky. The only minor drawback is that with the cover on the Nexus is probably double its thickness so will take up more space in a bag or pocket but that is going to be the same with any decent cover.
A well-made case which looks expensive, protects the Nexus switching it on/off when opening/closing. Just the job.
Quite good but a little annoying
The case is nice and holds the tablet safely. Two niggles: the case covers the top (in portrait) of the tablet too much, making it hard to swipe down the top notification bar; as a stand it goes well in one (flattish) position but less easily in the more upright position.
Nice case for a good price
The case works just as it should, the magnet turns the screen on and off which makes the nexus 7 work much better than without a case. The only downside is that I need to take the Nexus out of the case to give the screen a good clean, but this is easy enough and it goes back in easily.
Pleased recipient
This was bought along with the Nexus 7 tablet. Fits like a glove, plus like the fact it turns into a stand. Was a surprisegift for my parents, who were over the moon, loved the cover. Would definitely recommend.
nexus 7
Received my nexus 7 case today and its everything the previous reviews said it wud b so this is must have for nexus 7 users or for anything that needs casings.
USB Link up
The device allows me to access my Nexus 7 with USB devices which is not available on the Nexus.
Perfect case for perfect tablet
I needed a case that would double as a stand and yet still look good, provide a level of protection and do a really cool off and on thing when I closed the case.
Guess what; this one does all that and a little more - it makes you pick up your Kindle thinking its the Nexus and vice versa - in fact they may be just switching around in the one case!
What ever is going on - if you have Nexus I'd just buy this case - you don't need to look at any others just this one.!
Ideal Nexus 7 Case
This case has a quality feel & fits the Nexus 7 perfectly. The cut-outs for the camera, speaker, ports, etc are correctly aligned and the whole of the screen is visible. The fit is so good that even before the Velco flap is tucked in, the device is held securely. There is no loop for a stylus, but that wasn't an issue for me. I haven't used the case in "stand-up mode" at all, preferring to fold the cover back and place the device on my lap, where the friction afforded by the material of the inside of the cover means that it can rest on a crossed leg without any risk of it slipping off! Very happy with this purchase.
Product was to add to my wife's birthday Nexus 7. She is delighted with it.
ideal for holidays
Just what I needed to protect my Nexus 7 on long trips abroad. The case fits very well and has a good feel about it
just what i was looking for
good price for another mobile fun product i always seem to find what i want on mobile fun and i would strongly reccomend this item to a friend
Lives up to Expectations and More
Living in Toronto, I never order outside continental North America. But based on the reviews here, I took a chance. These reviews are accurate and the MobileFun got this great case to me quicker than expected. Thank you all.
just what i needed
very good item also good service
Snug fit
I've just received the Nexus 7 folio cover and I'm pleased to say it fits the device perfectly. It has very premium feel, yet as it is with some covers, it is not too rigid to resist opening and folding.

The magnetic catches add great extra functionality well worth the price.

I also like the extra security as provided with the velcro strips. On another cover for another device, I found that after continuously re-inserting the fitting became loose. And as it didn't feature the added velcro security it is often falling out, risking damage.
Nexus 7 Case
This is a GREAT case, fits very well and and has a magnet for the auto on/off feature which the Google case doesn't
Stand and Type is great case
This is a very high quality case; it looks and feels great, has OK openings at all locations, holds the Nexus 7 securely. The stand function works very well in either typing or viewing angles.
Two minor complaints. First, the material is thick enough and is close to flush with the screen edges. This makes it a touch more difficult to swipe near the top notification area and also makes access to the volume/power controls a bit of an effort since the tablet is recessed just enough below the faux-leather to make it rough on stubby/fat fingers.
The second is really minor as the case doesn't have any good portrait stand option, but then again there are pivot cases out there if that is critical for you. For myself, I mostly hold it in my hand in portrait view when reading, and it works fine for that.
Great Case, Great Price, Great Shipping
The Nexus 7 is pretty new and there aren't a lot of cases out there and even fewer with the un-documented magnetic wake/sleep feature built into it.
I looked at a lot of cases before ordering this case based on features and price. It's a great solid case. It does add weight and thickness to the Nexus 7, but I do want protection.
I was wary of the shipping of $6 coming from the UK to Canada, but it arrived right in the 4-8 days time frame. I was pleasantly surprised with the shipping experience.
Great case
I liked the description on the first article I read about this case, and as soon as I figured out where to get it, I placed my order. In the brief time I have used it, I am 100% pleased with it. The sleep/wake function from the case is the main reason why I got this case, and I love that feature. The built in stand is also great for watching my movies, etc. the case itself seems very well built, sturdy and classy with it's leather look.
Nexus 7 Case
A Quality product that does exactly as described, it looks good and its a perfect fit.

Nexus 7 Case
Best Case I've seen. My wife loves it!
Excellent Case
I went for this case for the magnetised cover and the ability to make it stand at an angle, so I'll cover those first of all and then quickly talk about its performance in general.

The magnetised cover works perfectly to lock/unlock the Nexus 7 as if by magic. It's very effective and certainly a lot better than trying to find the power button.

The stand functionality is really good, though unfortunately you end up with the nexus tilted in the opposite direction from the one that most apps use for landscape -- some apps allow full rotation (Chrome browser, for example) but many others do not. I've worked around this with a nifty app called "Display Orientator" which works wonders and allows me to run everything, including the upcoming XBMC app in the correct orientation for the cover to be most useful. So: it's fantastic as long as you work around the little shortcoming!

Generally the case is great; the Nexus 7 fits snugly (make sure you push it all the way in and get the velcro fastener firmly in place to avoid obscuring the camera) and the quality is excellent for the price.

I fully recommend this case to anyone with a Nexus 7.

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