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Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case Reviews

Meet Acardion. Built like a tank yet small and lightweight, with card slots and space for all your cash, as well as RFID protection to help stop wireless card fraud, this is a perfect travel or everyday solution for carrying all your valuables securely.
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 4.5 stars from 78 customers

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Just Fabulous
My old wallet (given as a present) fell apart so I searched for a new one. This product is excellent, so well made and exactly what I wanted. The plus side is the colour (I got silver) and it’s so easy to find in my bag.
Holds all my cards
This item holds all my cards with ease and will also hold some cash, which means I don't have to carry a huge purse around in my handbag!
Rather expensive when you can buy similar products for £2 00 I thought it would be leather interior for the price see how long the plastic catch will last
Very good product good value for the money
Great product! Excellent service!
Really love my wallet! I can fit all my cards and also paper money. The case is secure and I feel safe knowing that my cards are protected.
Very pleased, and strong.
My Opinion
It is not as big as I thought it was going to be but otherwise it is fine. I got it a lot faster than I was led to believe.
Great product looks good
This is a great product looked good on line and looks great when I received. Prompt delivery and quality product suitable for what I wanted.
Bye, Bye Bulky Wallet
The only way to improve this item is to make it accommodate more receipts etc.
Excellent buy
Find the case useful when shopping, no need to carry a full wallet.
Armoured wallet case
Good item would be better if it had a compartment to keep coins in
Nice compact and lightweight
This is a nice compact and lightweight case. Too early to tell how it will last the test of time but seems sturdy enough
Need better opening instructions.
The wallet is effective as described but difficult to open. There are no o instructions advising how to open the wallet ado it took some time to open . In case you purchase one be advised that you need to press the catch in order to open it
Otherwise I am very pleased with the purchase
Excellent product at the price
Like the look and feel of the case and accordion layout makes it easy to find credit cards etc.Convenient size ideal for pocket or handbag. Keeps credit and debit cards safe.
Works exactly as advertised
Light, far more compact than a wallet, quite capacious. You need to label them if you've got more than one, otherwise it's too easy to walk out with the wrong one of a morning. Not good for carrying lots of cash, but the odd couple of notes slot in OK.
Good idea too small as a wallet ideal for holidays.
This is a great idea just too small to use as a wallet. Ideal as a holiday wallet when you only carry a couple of cards.
A bit bulky in the pocket maybe better in a handbag.
Happy Customer
Having bought this item for security reason to keep “Cards “ separate from being in my wallet very satisfied with this item not to big and bulky just right size.
Would recommend to be purchased .
Compact blocking armour card case
Felt a little strange at first going from a wallet to this card case but is well made, sturdy, sleek, very compact, nice catch, so far so good.
Just the job
Always concerned about my cards being read while in my pocket so I have been using the RFID envelopes over cards, but it was such a fiddle getting the card back in. This RFID wallet is a pleasure to use, and so easy to get cards in and out. I have 14 cards and some cash in the wallet so I am well pleased. Only time will tell how it wears while being used
Exactly what I thought I would be getting delivered on time
I was always damaging my bank cards when I kept them in my wallet not only has this now been prevented but also feel more comfortable
As this is a ideal size to fit in pocket and added protection against fraud
A nice neat little credit card wallet, no idea as to how good it’s RFID properties are, but it does the job of keeping all my cards in one place.
Compact and useful.
Useful to have. Compact and small enough to manage. Overall have seen better RFID products.
Mobile delivery times are poor whereas now a days next day delivery is usual for smaller products
Good value
A great little card safe good value for money and declutters my wallet
Excellent security protection
Items arrived promptly as usual for Mobile Fun. Item seems very sturdy and will keep contactless cards safe and secure.
Just a nice size and fits nice in the pocket
This is the best thing I’ve ever brought I can keep all my cards in it and a few notes in it and it not a big bulge in your pocket I love it
Strong, compact and convenient
Does exactly what it says - Strong, compact and convenient
Great little accessory
A great little accessory. Does just what it says on the box. Have bought a few now to give to family as stocking fillers at Christmas.Using it has also freed up space in my wallet.Order one now!
A superb bit of kit
This wallet is ideal if you are carrying credit cards in crowded areas including train tickets. Putting your cards in this makes it virtually full proof against someone stealing your identity and worse still using the card for illegal buying.
Pleased with this value for money purchase..
Turned out to be a bit bigger than I thought but have been looking for a smaller way of carrying my cards and a bit of cash. 3 cards, £40 and a couple of coins and you're away. Would hold more cards without the cash. Case seems quite tough. Enjoying it
Handy item, good design
Great product, loved it, goes everyqhere with me. Love this site, innovative ideas at an affordable price
Fantastic product
Does what it says, very happy with it, I recommend to anyone, it does protect your cards, not only from liquid but also protect it from scratches
Compact and sleek
The case is an ideal size and so compact. You can see all your cards at a glance and when you take it out of your handbag you feel smart and efficient. It is also a huge bonus to know your cards are protected. A win win!
Very solid
I purchased two of these well one but got one free
And to be honest it was ideal for the protection I needed for my credit cards and a few £££££notes
So grab one if you have a contactless card keeps it safe
Great product
This product was ideal for the purpose. It holds approx 10 cards, which is plenty in terms of credit cards. I would buy a bigger one if available, to hold all my non security sensitive cards, driving licence etc, as I still need to carry a wallet for those. However, that is asking a lot. My overall impression of the product quality and usefulness is very good.
Just what i needed ;) And an added bonus of buy one get one free.
Quality Wallet would def recommend this Item
does exactly what it describes
easy to use catch can sometimes fail but am using it all the time both for site work where it gets bashed around to shopping- which we both hate!
Just what I wanted
Plenty of room for cards, and cash.
Very poor product
It started to fall apart after 5 days.
I have returned it
Looks good and like it's made to last.
Lightweight and looks good. Inside looks it will last and it will keep 12 cards easy to access although you could fit more it might get fiddly to remove the one you want.
Very Good Value
Great value for money but only just started using it so cannot comment on the longevity but for the price you can’t complain.
Just the job,
Really delighted with the wallet, cards fit into it really snugly and you know that they are protected. Gives you complete peace of mind. Would definitely recommend this item to my friends and family, it is well worth it to know that the cards are safe.
seems secure not yet tested against a attempt to read cards .
item,s ordered during two for one offer customer service and delivery to the usual high standard item small enough for pocket or handbag only problem is cto remember to take with you.
Handy sized wallet that holds important cards securely.
I was a bit concerned that this would be too small, but when I looked in my old wallet I realised that it was full of old receipts, and cards I don't really use.
Once I'd dumped the rubbish, the new wallet held everything I need to carry round with me in a way that I could easily, and quickly, find whatever I was looking for.
I only have 2 complaints, first, cash has to be folded up to fit in, and secondly, just after I ordered it, there was a buy one get one free offer.
Great service, fine product.
Ordered two of these on a buy one get one free deal, one for me and one for my wife. The delivery time was excellent with the products arriving just two days after they were ordered using standard delivery. The products themselves look well made and robust. They have had little use as yet but I am confident they will offer the safety and secure storage of my store and credit cards.
Card protection on the move
There are smaller & equally protective devices on the market but for the price these do the job well.
Great idea
I really like this new style wallet. Always used a leather equivalent with loads of unused rubbish in it.
Now small, compact and carrying essential cards and bank notes.
Great value buy.
Small Price to Pay for Peace of Mind
This Wallet case is ideal for your cards and paper, or now plastic, money! It's the perfect size for pocketing, is strong enough to take being dropped or knocked about and as my title suggests, is a small price to pay for giving you the peace of mind that your cards can't be read whilst in your possession.
you can hear it fall
Great item keeps your cards safe from the hackers easy to carry in your pocket and unlike a leather wallet if it falls out of your pocket you can hear it fall. Also when you use it to get your card it fans out so you can find the one you need easy.
Great value, great service.
Brilliant security idea, large enough for 10 credit cards / passes & some notes,
but not too big for your pocket. Do not hesitate to buy, it's a great deal (bogof).
Love this wallet and it protects my cards!!!
Love this wallet and it protects my cards as well, holds quite a few cards,.notes, have to be neatly folded and is smaller than my previous leather one, which offered me no protection at all.
Plus with by one get one free deal seemed a no brainer, now my wife is protected too!
Good buy
A very useful item and a size that makes it such a good buy
It's okay but.....
It's okay but, while it holds cards well, putting even small amounts of paper money will be quite difficult. A double fold will be necessary for it to fit, this reduces the physical quantity possible. It may not be enough. To get any cash out you'll have to take it all out, select some notes, then fold it again to put it back. Not a very smooth action.
Very pleased with card holder
Very pleased with card holder - good quality
Quality items and Quality Service
I ordered 2 of these items. I gave one to a friend. They are quality items and many of our friends have commented on these. I am very pleased with this product and also your service with quick delivery.
A basic item at a basic price
Good but separation pockets are a little shaky
The accordion case is very good, but if fractionally bigger they would take £10/£20 notes better, but overall a good case and very easy to carry in your pocket for your credit cards.
Nice item and well made for the price.
Excellent piece of kit
Very good overall quality
Armoured wallet
Although of a decent quality I did not feel it to be suitable unless all you carry are the odd couple of cards. Storage for bank notes was terrible
Safe and secure.
In these days of cyber crime and electronic fraud this product gives peace of mind knowing your personal information cannot be cloned. All of your cards plus notes and even some small change. Brilliant.
Very good. Very strong built and very nice.
Very good and nice built. Very strong.
Currency Notes
I like the RFID protection, which was the main reason for my purchase but the wallet folder compartments lack enough depth to take bank notes without having to fold them over several times to fit.
Armored wallet case
So far so good, seems quite sturdy. However it's not really big enough to store many U.K. Bank notes in.
Worth buying.
Had both contactless cards scanned, this wallet gives me the security I need.
Good solid wallet
Excellent value for money. Holds all my cards and fits into my pocket neatly. Much more efficient than a conventional wallet.
Interesting product.
Holds lots of cards plus notes.
Horrible colour
Could it have been thinner?
you can hear them.
Not only do they protect you against identity theft and keep your cards in order, if you mistakenly put your wallet in your back pocket, [ silly people ] and it falls out you may not notice but, if you drop your armoured wallet case, you will hear it. The clue is in the name. I have already recommended this wallet to my brothers and neighbour.
Brilliant idea, just the right size for 10 cards and passes and a few notes, also looks good. The BOGOF offer couldn't be resisted, one for me and one for the wife, she loves hers too. Quick delivery, great service. Do not hesitate to buy
Acardion RFID wallet case
Nice piece of kit, just thought it might have accommodated more credit cards
Rugged little metal wallet
Received on time and well packaged,
Well constructed and perfect for my needs,
Tested it with London underground oyster card inside and no matter how hard I tried or what angle I placed the wallet on the card reader the barrier would not open till I took card out of wallet .
Highly recommend this wallet and the two for one was a big bonus.
Credit cards -protected
Great for credit cards and smaller than a conventional wallet however okay for a few notes but would be difficult to fit many new plastic notes as they flick out.
Overall a good purchase and provides protection for credit cards plus I got the bogof promotion.
Great little accessory
This is a great little accessory for keeping your cards securely and handy.In addition to the blocking for increased security it is great if you have a number of cards cluttering up your wallet or notecase.My wallet is now half the size it was since I moved my cards into this great little case.
Great product and service but .....
Well made sturdy item but compared to others I have owned I found it rather tight even with only 4 cards and several paper coupons which fitted easily into my previous holder along with 6 cards. Perhaps it will slacken off with use. I would recommend to a friend/colleague but with the above reservations.
Great idea
What a great idea. Device has 4 pockets enough for 2 cards in each and 30 quid in tenner. Perfect size for pockets and hand bags ideal for men and women. I used to go through 1 wallet every 6 or so months. With this protected device no more wallets and defiantly value for money. Yes I give it 10 out of 10 lightweight and handy pocket size well done to mobile fun.
Works okay; very good value
Works okay, clasp seems quite robust, opens with spring action, accommodates up to 10 cards in the concertina type pockets, though you can't cram much more in or it won't close. Haven't been using it for long so don't know how resilient it will prove, but amazing value for money at two for a tenner. If your initials are MW so much the better, as that's stamped on the cover.
Just in case
One of those products that you never quite know if it works or not but worth giving it a try! :)
Very good piece of gear
Basically, I liked it. I suppose there has got to be a limit to the number of cards you store in it. Not like a wallet, if you absent mindedly drop a wallet, it will probably not be noticed however if you dropped this wallet, it would make enough noise to make sure you don't lose it.
Wallet case
Did everything that it said it would, however you can't really put your paper money in it without screwing it up or folding it four times. Sounds ok, however it makes you look like Fagin when you come to get it out without throwing it everywhere.
Stylish security
Very impressed with this product as we would be travelling soon and wanted to keep our cards safe, I bought ne for myself and my husband

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