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a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact Earphones Reviews

The a-Jays series gives up a rich, deep bass response and will help you to discover your music all over again.
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 4.3 stars from 6 customers

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Good, buy not quite there.
Bought the Jays to replace a set of Sennheiser earphones (the Sennheisers had been trodden on, breaking the left earphone).
The fit, comfort and quality appear, up to now, on par with the Sennheisers, but not the sound quality.
The Jays are advertised towards a good bass, but unfortunately are no match for my now sadly, squashed Senns.
Similar in price too. For sound, it's Sennheiser all the way for me.
Shame, as the Jays looked and felt promising .
I think the price is more down to all the plastic packaging it comes in. Ditch the fancy box, and up the sound quality.
Then it'll be JOB DONE!
it depends on what you plan to use it for. if you want to use it for fun and games (nothing more than what you would use your icotuh for), and you have the money, then go ahead. BUT- if you want to use it as more of an actual computer: it definitely is not comparable to what the PC market has defined as a tablet computer. for one thing, it only has a max of 64 GB of flash memory, which doesn't mean anything if you wanted to use it as a regular business laptop type thing. (64 GB of flash memory is nothing compared to the amount of storage a normal tablet pc has). if it had a normal amount of storage, i think if someone were really determined, they could make it work as a regular computer for them. it has the capabilities of a laptop, like it has a full keyboard and stuff. the problem is that since the keyboard is on the screen, it's really hard to type on unless you buy the case (which seems to have been specifically made so that you could type more easily on the ipad). and the other big problem is that it only works with iwork, which is apple's version of office. and iwork isn't compatible with office (like it doesn't use .doc/.xls/.ppt), which severely limits its usability. basically the ipad is just icandy (haha)
Oh ... My ..... God !!!
What a clear and ''strong'' sound they produce.I have the option to choose between 5 different sized rubber sleeves,in order to fit them perfectly in my ears. The swivel carry case which they came with, is ideal for taking them on a trip.As the other guys have already said, the cables are flat and so they don't tangle together.Great stuff MobileFun.Keep it rolling...Greatings from Greece..
Alien good
Those are just excellent. They handle high volume, the lows and highs are just to good. I also had a-jays1, from the second i put those on, i felt the difference. A-jays1 were great, but those are from different universe. I highly recommend those.
Pleased with
Pleased with product, sound is good and it does do what it says on the box? That is when I finally opened the box? Very hard to open??
Perfect in a word
As I take my bike to work and normally go the off road route I needed a pair of headphones that wouldnt slip out and deliver a great sound. a-Jays are perfect for this, give an amazing sound and perfectly fit in my ear as they come with 5 different sized rubber sleeves.
They also come with a great little swivel carry case and a few other bits i dont use.
The best thing about these are the flat cables as they do not tangle together. I think I've got over 7 different pairs of headphones/in-ear headphones that are in an impossible knot

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